aaron is such a qt

aarontveit: Happy Thanksgiving to all! Can’t say how thankful I am for my family and friends. And I am so grateful for everything I am blessed with in my life!! And I’m thankful for Pumpkin Pie #IMadeThis #yesimpostingafoodpichoworiginal
And I’m thankful for Dak and Zeke and Dez and J Witten. And for Tony Romo being pure class.
And I’m thankful for the 10-1 DALLAS COWBOYS!
#happythankgiving #WeDemBoyz #howboutthemcowboys #PumpkinPie

aarontveit: Sometimes you have to go weddings and be the guy who has to take pictures of his friends. And sometimes your other friends take a picture of you taking said picture. But all the time you hit that gangster lean to catch the moment
So this is that thing. #PWandCausa #MattandPW #whatisthehastag #yessir (x)