aaron howard


“That’s gonna dissolve in 2 hours!”
“No no no no. Come fix this.”
“2 hours! You deserve that”
“I got ice cream in here!”
“You deserve that. You’re a criminal!”

[image description: Aaron Davis sits on the bumper of his car, his left hand still webbed to the trunk door, his right wrapped around a tub of ice cream he’s been drinking from. Melted ice cream is left on his face]

While I have a million-and-one ideas for dad!Tony fanart, figured I should start the Spiderman fanart ball rolling with a tribute to the real hero of the movie. Hat tip to Aaron Davis and a moment of silence for his ruined ice cream… Geez Spidey, have a heart

Band Member Snaps

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*This can also contain record labels, former members, girlfriends, and different rock reporters!!!*

Against the Current
Chrissy Costanza - chrissycostanza

All Time Low
Alex Gaskarth - alexalltimelow
Jack Barakat - jbman
Rian Dawson - dawson.rian

Alternative Press
Alternative Press - altpress
Nick Major - Nick.major

As It Is
As It Is - asitis

Asking Alexandria
Ben Bruce - benbruce1
Cameron Liddle - camliddell
Danny Worsnop - snoptropolis
Denis Stoff - thatguystoff
James Cassells - skinswoodmetal
Sam Bettley - sambettley

Chris Fronz - chrisfronzak
Chris Linck - chrisattila

Blink 182
Travis Barker - travisbarker1
Mark Hoppus - mark.hoppus

Bring Me the Horizon
Oliver Sykes - sykojuice

The Cab
Alex DeLeon - Alexanderdeleon

Conquer Divide
Janel Divides - tastemyink

Cute Is What We Aim For
Shaant Hacikyan - shaantistaken

Fall Out Boy
Pete Wentz - peteweezy

Falling in Reverse
Ronnie Radke - ronnieradke13

Hey Monday
Cassadee Pope - casspopemusic

Hopeless Records
Hopeless Records - hopelessrecords

I See Stars
I See Stars - iseestarsmusic
Andy Oliver - dreambeachhh
Devin Oliver - devinoliversnap

Tyler Carter - tc4l

Lights Bokan - itslights

The Maine

Mayday Parade
Jake Bundrick - jakemaydayp

My Chemical Romance (Former Members)
Gerard Way - dannythestreet
Mikey Way - mwheezie

Neck Deep
Dani Abasi - necksdani

Of Mice and Men
Aaron Pauley - aaron_pauley
Alan ashby - alanashby
Austin Carlile - austinc88
Phil Manansala - filupmansalad
Valentino Arteaga - valentinosnaps

Panic! at the Disco
Brendon Urie - patdbrendon
Sarah Urie (Brendon’s Wife) - sarahuriesays
Dallon Weekes (Former Member) - dallonjweekes

Pierce the Veil
Pierce the Veil - ptvsnaps
Tony Perry - tonyperryptv
Vic Fuentes - piercethevic
Alysha Nett (Mike’s girlfriend) - alyshanett
Danielle Victoria (Vic’s girlfriend) - xomissdanielle
Erin Aschow (Tony’s girlfriend) - easchow

Hayley Williams - yelyahsnaps

Alex Babinski - alexbabinski

The Ready Set
Jordan Witzigreuter - readysetmusic

Real Friends
Real Friends - realfriendsil

Set It Off
Austin Kerr - austinsio
Cody Carson - codyccarson
Maxx Danziger - maxxsio
Set It Off - setitoffband

Sleeping with Sirens
Alex Howard - alexconditions
Gabe Barham - gabesws
Jack Fowler - jackfowlersws
Kellin Quinn - kelcoquinn
Nick Martin - nodirectionhome
Sleeping with Sirens - swsband

State Champs
Derek Discanio - dereksteez42069

Thirty Seconds to Mars
Jared Leto - jaredleto

Twenty One Pilots
Josh Dun - joshuadun

Waterparks - wtrprksdickpics

We are the in Crowd
Tay Jardine - dinosaurfart

The 1975
Matty Healy - yttamyttam

The Objective Individual’ is a musical horror-dramedy starring Patti LuPone as Ayn Rand, famed creator of Objectivism, and her struggles with her life as an individual, a woman, a writer, a philosopher, a capitalist, and a brunette. 

Mandy Patinkin will star as the ghost of Karl Marx, pestering Ayn with arguments against capitalism; with Aaron Lazar as the personification of Rand’s character in her first novel ‘The Fountainhead’, Howard Roark, who is oddly strutting about while shirtless; Glenn Close, as the ghost of Aristoteles, whom Ayn Rand mistakably summons from a bust and tries her best to impress; and Carol Channing, as the ghost Rand’s Great Babushka, who forces her to eat borscht and tells stories of when she was an entertainer/bublitchki peddler in the Crimean War. 

  • Btw Taylor was in the band before Hayley was lmao people acting like he wasn't an "original" member..check the AWKIF credits. He's credited with Hayley and Josh for writing Conspiracy aka Paramore's first song that they ever wrote. They legit used to practice in Taylor's living room. Don't even with me. Know your band.

43rd Annual Annie Awards Nominees.

Best Animated Feature

  • Anomalisa - Paramount Pictures
  • Inside Out - Pixar Animation Studios
  • Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Aardman Animations
  • The Good Dinosaur - Pixar Animation Studios
  • The Peanuts Movie - Blue Sky Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Animation

Best Animated Short Subject

  • Carface - National Film Board of Canada
  • DISSONANCE - frameboX
  • If I was God - National Film Board of Canada
  • On Ice - Google/Evil Eye Pictures
  • Sanjay’s Super Team - Pixar Animation Studios
  • World of Tomorrow - Don Hertzfeldt

Best Animated Feature-Independent

  • Boy and the World - Filme de Papel
  • Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet - Ventanarosa
  • The Boy and the Beast - Studio Chizu
  • When Marnie Was There - Studio Ghibli

Outstanding Achievement, Animated Effects in an Animated Production

  • Home - Greg Gladstone, Tim Hoff, Mark Newport, Jason Rickwald & Stephen Wood
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 - Chris Logan, Brian Casper, Gavin Baxter & William Eckroat
  • Inside Out - Amit Baadkar, Dave Hale, Vincent Serritella & Paul Mendoza
  • Minions - Frank Baradat, Antonin Seydoux, Milo Riccarand & Nicolas Brack
  • The Good Dinosaur - Jon Reisch, Stephen Marshall, Magnus Wrenninge, Michael Hall & Michael K. O'Brien
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - Brice Mallier, Paul Buckley, Brent Droog, Alex Whyte & Jonothan Freisler

Outstanding Achievement, Animated Effects in a Live Action Production

  • Jurassic World - Raul Essig, Roman Schmidt, Mark Chataway & Ryan Hopkins
  • Marvel’s Avengers : Age of Ultron – Michael Balog, Jim Van Allen, Florent Andorra & Georg Kaltenbrunner
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - Ronnie Menahem, Pavani Rao Boddapati, Francois Sugny, Leslie Chan, & Nicolas Petit
  • The Hobbit : The Battle of the Five Armies - Ronnie Menahem, Brian Goodwin, Jason Lazaroff, Paul Harris & James Ogle

Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation in a Feature Production

  • Home - Mark Donald
  • Inside Out - Allison Rutland
  • Inside Out - Travis Hathaway
  • Minions - Hichem Arfaoui
  • The Good Dinosaur - Mark C. Harris
  • The Good Dinosaur - K.C. Roeyer
  • The Peanut s Movie - BJ Crawford

Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation in a Live Action Production

  • Jurassic World – Indominus Rex - Glen McIntosh, Kevin Martel, Kyle Winkelman, Rodrick Fransham & Kaori Ogino
  • Marvel’s Avengers : Age of Ultron – The Hulk - Jakub Pistecky, Gang Trinh, Craig Penn, Mickael Coedel & Yair Gutierrez
  • Marvel’s Avengers : Age of Ultron – Ultron - Peter Tan, Boon Yik Lim, Sachio Nishiyama, Byounghee Cho & Roy Tan
  • The Hobbit : The Battle of the Five Armies - AZOG - Aaron Gilman, Howard Sly, Matthew Riordan, Kevin Kelm & Guillaume Francois
  • The Hobbit : The Battle of the Five Armies - SMAUG - David Clayton, Gios Johnston, Andreja Vuckovic, Guillaume Francois & Daniel Zettl
  • The Revenant – The Bear - Matthew Shumway, Adrian Millington, Blaine Toderian, Alexander Poei & Kevin Lan

Outstanding Achievement, Character Design in an Animated Feature Production

  • Hotel Transylvania 2 - Craig Kellman & Stephen DeStefano
  • Inside Out - Albert Lozano & Chris Sasaki
  • Minions - Eric Guillon
  • The Good Dinosaur - Matt Nolte

Outstanding Achievement, Directing in an Animated Feature Production

  • Anomalisa - Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson
  • Extaordinary Tales - Raul Garcia
  • Inside Out - Pete Docter
  • Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet - Roger Allers
  • Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Mark Burton & Richard Starzak
  • The Peanut s Movie - Steve Martino
  • When Marnie Was There - Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Outstanding Achievement, Music in an Animated Feature Production

  • Anomalisa - Carter Burwell
  • Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem - Kevin Riepl
  • Boy and the World - Ruben Feffer, Gustavo Kurlat & Emicida
  • Inside Out - Michael Giacchino
  • The Good Dinosaur - Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna

Outstanding Achievement, Production Design in an Animated Feature Production

  • Boy and the World - Alê Abreu
  • He Named Me Malala -  Jason Carpenter
  • Home - DreamWorks Animation - Emil Mitev
  • Inside Out - Pixar Animation Studios - Ralph Eggleston
  • Minions - Illumination Entertainment - Eric Guillon
  • Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Matt Perry & Gavin Lines
  • The Good Dinosaur - Harley Jessup, Sharon Calahan, Bryn Imagire, Noah Klocek & Huy Nguyen

Outstanding Achievement, Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production

  • Extraordinary Tales - Antonio Santamaria
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 - Mike Smukavic
  • Inside Out - Tony Rosenast
  • Inside Out - Domee Shi
  • Minions - Habib Louati
  • The Good Dinosaur - Bill Presing
  • The Good Dinosaur - Rosana Sullivan
  • The Good Dinosaur - J.P. Vine, Tony Rosenast & Enrico Casarosa

Outstanding Achievement, Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production

  • Anomalisa - Jennifer Jason Leigh Character: Lisa Hesselman
  • Inside Out - Amy Poehler Character: Joy
  • Inside Out - Phyllis Smith Character: Sadness
  • Minions - Pierre Coffin Character: The Minions
  • Minions - Jon Hamm Character: Herb Overkill
  • The Peanuts Movie - Alex Garfin Character: Linus
  • The Peanuts Movie - Hadley Belle Miller Character: Lucy
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - Tom Kenny Character: SpongeBob

Outstanding Achievement, Writing in an Animated Feature Production

  • Inside Out - Pete Docter, Meg LeFauve & Josh Cooley
  • Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Mark Burton & Richard Starzak
  • When Marnie Was There - Keiko Niwa, Masashi Ando & Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Outstanding Achievement, Editorial in an Animated Feature Production

  • Anomalisa - Garret Elkins
  • Inside Out - Kevin Nolting
  • Kahlil Gibran’s T he Prophet - Jennifer Dolce & Ernesto Matamoros
  • Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Sim Evan-Jones

My favourite band might win their first ever Grammy award tonight and I’m so happy and so proud and so excited I just want to scream from the rooftops tbh like I am just one big mess of emotions.

So unbelievably proud beyond words of Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor, Justin, Aaron, Jon and all the P-more team and everything they achieved with this album, and hoping beyond hope that they win this award. We all know it’s deserved, don’t sit there and tell me you don’t dance and sing like a goofball whenever you hear Ain’t It Fun because I’ll know you’re lying. 

I can not wait to travel roughly 4000 miles with a whole bunch of UK folks to celebrate this album at the Writing The Future show in Nashville! 

Paramore fans, get your game faces and your riot gear on and let’s go win us a Grammy!