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Requested by: anon
Request: Hi! Could I request a Spencer X reader where the reader has a service dog for a psychiatric service dog? And maybe she’s worried he won’t like her because of it?
Warnings: mentions of PTSD, implied past sexual assault, Depression, and Anxiety.

You and Spencer had been dating for almost five months now and you could honestly say this was the happiest you’d been since you were in high school. He treated you so well, always made sure you were okay, and loved you a lot. (But you swore you loved him more. You didn’t know why he always had to argue about it.) He’d told you all about this past - from his dad leaving to his drug addiction - and you’d told him all about yours. There was, however, one thing you’d kept from him, and you weren’t sure exactly how to tell him, but you knew you had to do it soon. This was an important part of you.
So, as soon as you spotted Reid, you walked over to him and smiled. He wrapped his arm around your waist, kissed your cheek, and asked you about your morning, just like always. However, instead of making plans to watch movies or go out to dinner, you invited him to your house and told him, “There’s someone you need to meet.” He spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who it was.
When you finally got home, you took a shower and changed into more comfortable clothes. You made dinner and picked out a movie and waited for Spencer to get there. He arrived at around 8:15 and you ate dinner. When you finished, he made his way over to the couch and waited patiently.
While he waited, you went to your room and got your dog, Sparky. Sparky had been with you since you were young. He was a psychiatric service dog, and your best friend. You hadn’t told Spencer about him because you didn’t know how he’d react. Not many people have service dogs for their mental illnesses, but your case was pretty severe, and Sparky made it a little less scary.
You carried the dog into the living room and set him down, watching as he walked over to Spencer and sniffed him before deciding he liked him and that Spencer should rub his tummy. You smiled nervously and took a seat beside your boyfriend. “So…this is Sparky - the one I wanted you to meet.” You mumbled, biting your lip lightly.
“He’s uh, my psychiatric service dog. When my anxiety or PTSD starts getting bad, he helps me out. I didn’t really know how to tell you…” You explained, keeping your gaze on your lap. “I kinda thought you’d think I was insanely sick in the head and wouldn’t like me anymore.”
When you said that, you felt Spencer grab your hand. You looked up and he smiled, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. “(Y/N), I don’t think there’s anything you could do that would take away my feelings for you. I think he’s pretty cute, actually.” He said, scratching Sparky’s belly and chuckling as the dog’s leg kicked. “You should’ve been more worried about him not liking me!” He joked.
You spent the rest of your night snuggled up to Spencer and Sparky, and you were so glad you finally told Spence. You could finally go to sleep with the two most important things in your life, and you hoped it would be like that for a really long time.


fun fact: originally, i was gonna name the dog Bob Ross bc that’s my dog’s name but I decided to name it Willie Nelson, but then I decided on Sparky bc no one names their fucking dog Willie Nelson other than me.

sorry this took so long! school has me super busy and super tired and so ready to die !!!!
anyway, i hope you like this, anon!

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