aaron haddad

Do you know just how sucky it is to go from the emotional high I was on after watching Civil War to logging onto Twitter and finding out that both Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett are gone from WWE.

I knew Wade was leaving, he made that clear earlier this year, but these random cuts by WWE just suck.

Damien captivated the WWE universe. Hell his fan base grew even when he wasn’t on tv for most of last year or this year.

Who else can boast that fact? Superstars worry that they will lose momentum when they are not on tv regularly and Sandow’s fans blew that concept out of the water.

Numerous times we had him as a trending topic on Twitter. We created Appreciation Days in his honor. Yet WWE refused to acknowledge these accomplishments and punished him for our loyalty.

But honestly, though I am sad that he lost his job, I can only rejoice knowing that with his skills he will not go without bookings for long.

Just as with Drew Galloway, Aaron Haddad will rise above this like a Phoenix and he will be a force to be reckoned with on the Indy circuit. He can write his own ticket.

I do not fear for his future at all. He is going to spread his wings and soar to new heights.