aaron got me that shirt

Your Child walks in on you two ~ Magcon Preference ( No Hayes )

I Rarely Do Written preference so I wanted to make one !


Nash : Me and Nash usually Have morning shower sex, Because the kids aren’t really early birds and they wouldn’t really suspect the shower I guess . “Oh my gosh That Feels So good “ I said grabbing on to his hair. My legs wrapped around his waste he had me against the shower wall . “Mommy Are You oh Tay ?” Our son Eric asked, Instantly Nash let me down, All I was thinking was thank god for this shower curtain . “Oh yeah sweetie I’m Okay, I’ll be out to get you breakfast “ I said peeking my head out the curtain . “tay Where Daddy ?” He asked His 3 year old voice to cute to handle . “Oh …… I’m not to sure sweetie “ i said not thinking of a good enough excuse . “ I thought you need help cause You Said It feel… Someting I don’t know I hungy “ he said scratching his head to remember . I chuckled “Oh No I’m fine sweetie How about you go and watch some tv While I get dressed okay ?” He nodded and left . Nash Finally let out a breath, “He is really adorable “ he spoke “yes and smart to “ i said putting my head back in the shower . “now where were we ?” he said trying to continue . “oh No My baby’s hungy “ I said getting out an putting on my robe . 

Cameron : Me and Cameron Mostly Have sex at Night Like around 1 in the morning, The kids are asleep and they are really heavy sleepers so they Don’r really hear anything, “Oh… MY God Cameron !” I said barely able to breath, His tongue going in and out, He knows how to works his mouth, Suddenly our bedroom door opened. I quickly grabbed the covers and pulled it over Cameron’s head and my naked body, “Mommy You okay ? Why you scremin ?” Our daughter Tiffany asked Jumping on Cameron’s side of  the bed, “Oh Sweetie I’m perfect I just had a night mare “ i said, nudging Cameron to roll off the bed, He did so very discreetly . “You sure ?” She said  moving closer, She grabbed her little hand and checked my forehead, “oh no mommy You sweating “ She said sitting on my lap causing the covers to Fall off of me “Mommy The Monster took your clothes “ She said gasping . “Hey sweetie what are you doing up ?” Cameron Pretended to come out of the bathroom, “DADDY !! Cover your eyes, monster took mommy’s clothes !” She said running to Cameron to cover his eyes for him . “Mommy Get your shirt !” she Said, she is very bossy sometimes “Okay” I got up and looked for my clothes, “That monster must really like your clothes, “ She said shaking her head . “Yes He does, He must really like your mommy Naked “ Cameron said still his eyes covered by Tiffany’s Hands , I Finished getting dressed and gave Cameron a Smack on the back of his head, “Oh tay I tiyed, Night night “ she said getting off the bed and walking out of the room but she stopped “Maybe I should stay here and protect mommy From the monster, and the monster won’t get me “ she said running back in bed. “Yes of course “ I said me and Cameron both chuckled. “we are definitely finishing Tomorrow “ He whispered in my ear .

Matt : 6 Year old son ,

“Matt are you sure ?, It’s hard for me to be quite “ I said, “Yes He has his ocean sound on, and we won’t make as much noise as we usually do. Pleas Y/n We Haven’t had sex in forever “ he begged . I caved in,15 Minutes into the intimate moment Matt Held on to my breast with his 2 large hands . thrusting into me “Oh Yes !! Faster “ I screamed . “Daddy ! Stop hurting mommy “ our son Alex jumped on the bed and started hitting his father, Matt got off of me and went to the floor to get his boxers and my shirt . “Oh no sweetie Daddy and me we’re just wrestling “ I said touching his head . Matt threw me his shirt I quickly put it on . “oh, Who won ?” He said “Well Bud your mom, Kind of exploded on me “ He said with a cheeky smile . “ I gave him a punch . “Oh good job Mommy !” He said giving me a kiss on my forehead . “alright lil man Let’s get you back in bed “ Matt Said picking him up and carrying him back to bed . “what a mood killer “ He said coming back to the room and plopping himself back on the bed, “yes, he is But he was protecting me “ I said “Yeah, he’s got some hard punches there “ Matt admitted . “He clearly get’s that from me “ I said “Yeah, you do scratch & and bite pretty hard “ He said cheeky smile

Aaron : 4 year old daughter,

“she’s in bed, Man Is she a fighter “ Aaron said sitting next to me on the couch,”Yeah she is “ i chuckled, Our daughter Ariana Hates going to bed . That’s one of the reason’s me and Aaron Haven’t had alone time lately . I Straddled his lap “Y/N What are you doing ?” he asked . “what you don’t like it?” I asked in between kisses on his neck . “ No I love it “ He said truly .  His hands roamed my body. He quickly pulled my shirt off for me leaving me in just my bra , He than took control, picked me up and laid me on the couch hovering over me He kissed all over my breast and my stomach . “I knew you weren’t going to bed ! “ Our Daughter shouted now standing in front of us . Aaron quickly got off of me, I grabbed my shirt and put it on . “honey, your supposed to be in bed “ I said . “well Daddy said that you guys were going to bed “ she said crossing her arms . “Well we are adults and we can stay up later, but you have to go to bed “ Aaron spoke . “okay why were you kissing ? in you bra mommy ?” She asked . “oh um I was just hot “ i said “okay I don’t want to be down here with you kissing anyway “she said running up stairs . “wow” me and Aaron both said “wanna continue ?” I asked, Aaron nodded his head, we went back to where we were .

Taylor : 10 year old boys .

Me and Taylor tend to get into more intimate moments all around the house, “Babe, What do you want for dinner ?” I asked My husband . “You would be great “ He said placing his hands on my waste pulling my back into his chest . “Taylor “ I said not wanting him to stop. He continued he lifted me up on the counter, he continued to kiss . He started unbuttoning my shirt I pulled onto his hair . “Eww Mom Dad “ Our son Shawn said dropping his backpack on the floor . “you two are disgusting, Get a room “ Our other son Ian said running upstairs . “good thing we weren’t as quick as usual “ Taylor said . “Wow, I didn’t know they were taking the bus home “ i said, “we should tell them they can come down now “ “Boys you can come down, How about we order pizza for dinner ?” Taylor said .  

Shawn : 4 year old twin girls .

Shawn was practicing his new song on his guitar he has been doing this for the past 4 hours I feel like he needs a break . I come up behind him and start massaging his tense shoulders “Y/N “ He said moans escaping  his mouth . “yes “ I whispered in his ear . “I can’t right now “ I didn’t let him finish I began giving kisses on neck still massaging . “You need a break you have been doing this all afternoon “ I said taking his guitar and putting it down . I straddled his lap and started grinding  and biting his neck . “Oh .. My Mommy “ Our twin girl Alyssa Said I quickly got off of Shawn . “mommy, You gonna hurt daddy why you biting him ?” our other twin daughter, Alexis Said “Oh no I wasn’t hurting him “ I walked closer to them “how about I make your girls something to eat and we can all watch a movie as a family “ i said . “okay “ they both said running to the kitchen . I turned to see Shawn smiling .

Jack J : 7 year old boy .

“Johnson ! “ I screamed at the sensation of him thrusting into me, “Mrs.Johnson you are beautiful “ He said rubbing the stray hairs off my forehead . “I scared “ Our little boy said standing in the door way, Not for long he ran and jumped on the bed . Jack quickly pulled out of me . “Oh no mommy you naked “ He said covering his eyes “ oh yeah I was hot let me get a shirt alright sweetie “ Jack passed me a shirt quickly . “alright bud you can look “ I said . “am I a Johnson too ?” He asked “yeah of course you are “ Jack said sitting on the bed in his boxers  . “cause you were saying each others name as Johnson, I wanna be one to “ me and jack gave each other a shocked look . “ Yes of course you are a Johnson” I said .  Now lets get to bed “ I said lifting up the covers so he can sleep next to me and jack . 

Jack G : 2 year old daughter .

“Oh shit Jack “ I said close to reaching my max . He was thrusting in to me fast . we haven’t been intimate in such a long time since we had Lauren, It was in the afternoon and we thought our daughter was down for a nap . “Oh shit “ Our daughter said in the door way . Jack quickly got off of me and put boxers on and threw me my clothes . “No don;t say that “ jack said “oh shit, oh shit , oh shit “ She said running around the house . I got dressed, Me and jack both tried chasing after her in just her diaper she took off her clothes . “Lauren Do Not say that Or we are going to take your uncle Johnson shirt “ I said threatening her with her favorite thing in the world . “oh no, no, don’t do that pwees mamma I sory “ she begged . “okay now lets go get you dressed “ Jack said taking her to her room .


Sorry I haven’t posted in forever but I really wanted to make each of these kind of different because it is the same thing happening over and over again .