aaron ending


here are the icons !! do i think floral motifs are over done???? yes but will i ever stop drawing them????????? never in my fcugkin life

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parti deux


everyone is complaining that tara shouldn’t have gotten her own episode. 

the ONE TIME a gay character has been the main focus of an episode, everyone complains about it.  (Denise’s episode was accompanied by two other main characters, and she died at the end, Aaron and Eric haven’t gotten their own episode, and Tara’s first on-screen girlfriend was killed before we could even get to know her) 

I get it. You want more Richonne. More Carl. More Sasha and Maggie. I do too!!

But a canon lesbian character just got a full episode to herself!! on the walking dead for the first time!! this is big for the lgbt+ part of the walking dead fandom. please stop complaining about it. show it some love because if this episode does poorly, who knows when they’re gonna center more episodes around lgbt+ characters!  even if you say “she shouldn’t have gotten her own episode because she’s not in the main cast” NONE of the gay characters on the show are in the ‘main cast’ and none of them will get the chance to be if we shoot them down when they get their own episodes. You all didn’t even complain this much when the Governor got a full episode. The Governor. 

friendly reminder that Andrew Joseph Minyard accepted being sexually abused over and over again for the chance at a home but he gave that up in an instant when his brother, a brother that he never knew, the twin that had been chosen instead of him, ran the danger of being so much as looked at by Drake, like don’t ever tell me Andrew Minyard doesn’t care about his brother just because they don’t talk much. Andrew loves Aaron till the ends of the earth and went there for him