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I do want parents of trans kids to be watching and realize how easily that negativity can affect your kid, especially if your kid is trans. You see in the preview that it is heated and they haven’t fully accepted him yet. That can really take a toll on a trans kid or a transperson when your family doesn’t support you. I hope that also the older people watching the show, maybe parents, can watch this episode and realize how important and vital it is to support your kid no matter what.
—  Elliot Fletcher

…It’s hard to look back on the rough stuff. I mean… I’m transgender. I get it. When I see pictures before my transition, I see how sad I was. I just wanted to erase the first 16 years of my life…

But you can’t let go of that pain and sadness when you lock it in. This little girl you keep pushing away? She’s still here. And she needs to know that you love her. And that you’ve got her back…You can’t save yourself without saving her, and you can’t do that until you face the fact that you just…got a really raw deal.

…It sucks.

I know.


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elliot is a transgender male, please do not erase this!!

tw: mild nudity & drugs/smoking

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LENA FEELS THE PRESSURE OF PARENTING BY HERSELF ON AN ALL-NEW EPISODE OF ‘THE FOSTERS. As Stef works longer hours in her new position, Lena feels overwhelmed trying to keep up with the complicated lives of their five teenagers in addition to the pressures of her own job. Jude, fed up with being bullied at school, resorts to bullying tactics of his own. Callie heads to Los Angeles with Aaron (guest star Elliot Fletcher, “Shameless”) to visit his parents, who are struggling with Aaron being transgender.