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Last Updated: 28/09/2016

(smut) = Smut
* = Requested

Text AU’s:

Shawn Mendes


Nate Maloley

Sexually Frustrated  *

Dot Points:

Kissing Shawn Pt1  Pt2  *

Cuddles with Shawn  *

Lazy days with Shawn  *

Surprising Shawn on tour  *

Losing your virginity to Shawn  *


Shawn Mendes


Perfect *

My Fault *  Pt 1  Pt 2   (For Brie)

Saviour * 

Air *

Short *  (For Sara)

Stretch Marks *

Lessons  (smut)

Night walks are the Best walks *

Let me go down on you? * (smut)

Seemingly bad  * (For Alexandra)

Unrequited * 

Awful singer *

Ice skating date *

Anniversary Date * (smut)

Running Low *

Dance for me * (smut)

When I was your Man  (+ video)

Who would’ve thought? * (smut)

Safety net  *

We were friends before too  *

Multi-tasking at its finest  * (smut)

Thoughts on you

Wasted Time *

I’m so sorry *

Dad-out  * (For Bailey)


Already Gone  *

You remember my name?  *

Cameron Dallas

Nervous *  (For Sophie)

I thought they were my friends? * (Includes Mean!Johnson, Mean!Gilinsky and Mean!Madison Beer)

Love me for me *

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Nash, Hayes, Johnson and Gilinsky))

Something I’ve always wanted *

Nash Grier

Only Yours  (smut)

Boyfriends’ Brother * (Includes Hayes)

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Hayes, Johnson and Gilinsky))

 Family Barbecue *

Anything for you  *

Hayes Grier

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Nash, Johnson and Gilinsky))

Merry Christmas *

Didn’t think that was going to happen * (For Manal)

Aaron Carpenter

Caring * (For Emma)

Taylor Caniff

(none yet)

Matthew Espinosa

First Date

Bet he couldn’t do that * (smut)

Jack Gilinsky

Pregnant * (For Monica)

Sorry * (Includes Brother!Johnson and Jadison (Madison Beer and Gilinsky))

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Nash, Hayes and Johnson))

Facades are only distractions *

Jack Johnson

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Nash, Hayes and Gilinsky))

Caught * (smut)

I’ve wanted to do that for a while * (For April)

Sammy Wilk

Did I? *  (For Rachel)

Nate Maloley

Make me *


Sick Little Game (A Shawn Mendes Fanfic)






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How he knows you're in the mood: ( Magcon boys + Omaha preference )

NASH: you’re very touchy. Normally your not into PDA but if you’re in the mood your hands are always on his or you kiss him more often.

CAMERON: you get very quiet. You don’t speak much and when you do you drag your words out more than normal.

MATTHEW: you stare at him a lot. Sometimes he’ll find it creepy because he’ll look at you at least three times and you’ll still be staring directly at him.

TAYLOR: You are much more dirtier with your words. You become very perverted.

SHAWN: Shawn can never tell when you’re in the mood because he’s that cute little innocent boy so you always have to be straight forward with him.

CARTER: You normally text him wink faces until he gets the hint. It never takes him long.

AARON: You become nervous. You’ll act nervous around him.

HAYES: you’re more giggly. Everything is way more funny.

JACK G: You become a major tease. Either you’d pull your shirt down some, giving more of a view to your breast, or you’d give Jack a perfect view of your ass.

JACK J: You play with his hair. You always had a thing for his hair when you were in the mood, you never knew why but when you were in the mood your hands always found their way to his hands.

SAMMY: you’d just simple call him Daddy. Unless he was in front of a lot of people you’d just bite your lip constantly.

NATE: he’d never get the chance to know because you’d be in a hurry to get some action, you’d always find a way whether it was fragging him to the airport bathroom or making Jim stop what ever he was doing and find the most abandoned area at the moment.


fetus shawn appreciation

Magcon Preference #2 - Your reaction when he breaks up with you

Cameron: “So this is the end?” I asked with tears in my eyes. “I guess, y/n. I don’t want to hurt you anymore." But.. did he knew he dindn’t hurt me? He was the one that kept me here. "But, you’re not hurting me, Cam. The reason why I’m still here is you.." he looked at me. "But in some way, our relationship hurts me" he replied. "Its okay… I guess I wasn’t ready for you to leave this quickly.”

Aaron: I hadn’t seen Aaron in a month. Our relationship has been quite awkward lately, he has been acting so weird.. But he was coming home, he was going to be here finally and all I wanted to do was cuddle with him all day. But nothing was what I expected. He came home to talk with me, to tell those things I didn’t wanted to hear. And anything I could say was “Are you breaking up with me?" with tears on my eyes as he nodded. Everything was over now.

Carter: "Fuck y/n, this is hard for me too!!”the boy I loved the most was breaking up with me.. what a shit of night. “If it was hard, you wouldn’t be breaking up with me! What the hell, Carter?" I shouted at him while the tears started coming out. "I really don’t want to lose you, but it is the best for us!" he shouted. "Want to know something? You had me! But you lost me now”

Jack G: “We never have time to hang out, I can’t take you on dates, and I just can’t keep doing that to you. You deserve someone better" he said. And I knew he was going to say that, maybe that’s why it didn’t hurt at all. "I don’t want you to miss me anymore, I want you to be happy, y/n." And the thing is, I actually stopped missing him. "It’s okay, Jack. It never seemed like you missed me, and I guess because of it, I stopped missing you.”

Hayes: “Damn! I can’t keep going on with this relationship. I don’t love you anymore, y/n. And you know you deserve someone better than me." and the love of my life was breaking my heart. It was so hurtful. "I don’t want you to leave, you are all I want, Hayes." "But you’re not what I want anymore, y/n" I started crying. "You’re breaking my heart”.

Jacob: “What are you doing, Jacob?” I asked as I saw he was packing all his things “Are you leaving me?" he looked at me "I don’t want to be with you anymore, y/n. We are hurting each other.” - “But you’re not hurting me, Jacob." I said. "But our fights do hurt me, y/n. And this is for the best." no, it wasn’t for the best. "Please don’t leave me" I said whispering since I couldn’t talk. But he didn’t listen, he took his baggage and leaved. And I couldn’t do anything that burst into tears.

Jack J: Jack said I never supported him, that I never cared for him, and a lot of hurtful things. He even said that I didn’t loved him.. But, did he knew he was my everything? He just didn’t cared. "You know something? I loved you, through everything" I said as I had flashbacks. When one of his fans punched me, when all I got on twitter was hate. "And you didn’t even cared, Jack”.

Matt: “Just please, please don’t go…" I said in tears. "You know it isn’t easy for me, y/n. But I don’t want them to keep hurting you. It is a lot to deal with.” - “But we can get through it, Matt… Like the past months." the hate I got was hurtful, but having Matt with me was the cure for it. "I.. I can’t anymore" he said as he leaved me alone.

Nash: "We need to break up, y/n.” He said. “You.. You’re breaking up with me?" I just couldn’t believe it. I have been here through the ups and downs, through the hate I have got, through the distance, through everything. And I just couldn’t believe he was leaving me. "Is there another girl?" I asked trying not to cry "No, there’s not another girl. I just need to break up" he replied. "But why? I need to know why?!" I shouted as the tears started coming out.

Sam: "So, you’re breaking up with me for this girl?” I said with a little laugh. “I don’t find what is funny, but yeah. I mean, you’re amazing, y/n… but this girl damn, she’s so sexy, I couldn’t resist." he was an idiot. "Damn, Sam. You’re such an idiot. I knew all the boys were like this, horny stupid guys. But the sad thing is, I actually thought you were different.”

Shawn: “I’m gonna be real to you, y/n.” Shawn said as he took my hand. “You are an amazing girl, you’re so sweet and cute. I had so much fun with you, the times we ‘wrote’ songs together, we saw movies, we played. Everything was fine and fun with you." he took a deep breath. "I actually feel blessed, because for the past 2 years I had the most amazing girl by my side. But with all that is going on, we need to break up." he looked down. "The music, the tour, the fans.. Everything is too much and so far away from you. I want you to be happy with someone you can have right new to you, not miles away." he looked at me again. I had tears in my eyes. "All I ever did was love you, and you know that. But I respect your decision. If it is for the best, then I’m okay. And I hope everything goes well with you and your career." I hugged him and gave him our last kiss.

Taylor: "I can’t keep watching you flirting with a thousand girls, Taylor. You also need to give me my place.” another fight, again. “Y/n, they are just fans. But I can’t keep with the relationship. Fights everytime we see each other? Nope, I don’t want that." he said. "We know it isn’t just that. I know you’ve kissed other girls while we were dating." "Who told you?" he started laughing. "You know what? I don’t even care who told you. Thats how I am, and you knew it when we were friends.” - “Well, maybe you and I should stay as friends” - “Really?" he asked. "No, go fuck yourself, you loser. We are done as bf/gf and friends”


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