aaron c. page


I love this video, and look at Curt’s smile!!! omg!!! And Riker!! and everyone!!! and Dom!! and Aaron!!!!!

Met Aaron C. Page today. We had just taken the plane home from a day long trip to Copenhagen, and were just about to leave the airport, when I spotted him. I wasn’t completely sure, maybe it was just someone who looks like him, we have quite a few tall, blond, gorgeous guys in Denmark. I knew from Twitter that he was in Denmark but figured he’d be in Copenhagen, not the deepest darkest Jutland. Stopped my husband who was almost out the door, because I just had to know. Moved a little closer so I could hear if he spoke english. He did. So I went up to him and asked if he was Aaron C. Page.

And yes he was.

He looked quite surprised to be recognized, I don’t blame him, the season 2 eps haven’t been shown in Denmark at all so only the most rabid fans would know of him, there are few places in the world where he is less likely to be recognized. He was so sweet, signed his autograph for me with a little message (will post later), talked a little while and posed for a photo (see next post). And his dad (I guess) looked very proud that he had been recognized. Amazing experience and quite surreal, it was just one of the last places I’d ever expect to meet a Warbler.

Ignore my insanely wide smile. I look like a complete dork, but my husband only took one photo.

Random things we talked about (so I can remember later)
- He was very surprised at being recognized. I said I was a fan of the Warblers. I believe I used the word Warblette. (yikes)
- His dad (I guess) told that they were visiting relatives.
- Him being Ken. And buffing up for it.
- Told him I’d met Riker and gotten his autograph at Glee Live.
- Said I wish we get more Warblers in S3 and wished him luck on his further endeavors. He knows as much as we do about more Warblers on Glee (= nothing).
- was a completely embarrassing fangirl and my husband didn’t know me for a few minutes there (according to my husband). I didn’t think I was that bad. Tried not being too obnoxious. Didn’t touch him accept for on the photo (he held me harder than I dared to hold him). I didn’t squeal…until I got into the car…

Jake Sullivan [Aaron Page] 17/Junior

Almost the polar opposite to his older brother, Jake doesn’t like to excel in anything, because he’d rather keep his head down and avoid having to answer questions about his own past. The only subject that he feels comfortable is in Art, even if the art that he produces isn’t always as ‘normal’ as it should be.

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