aaron bong

anonymous asked:

Reasons to watch and love next to normal?

oh my, where to start

well let’s make a list:

  • aaron tveit
  • alice ripley
  • adam chanler-berat
  • jennifer damiano
  • j. robert spencer
  • the set
  • the score
  • aaron’s pole dancing
  • all of the “heys”
  • “hi dad” *cries*
  • shirtless aaron
  • the apple bong
  • sprint jokes
  • the character of henry in general *heart eyes emoji*
  • aaron tviet

now go watch & fall in love with it

you’re welcome

dean and aaron hanging out and playing video games <3

dean and aaron hitting the bong on a saturday afternoon <33

dean and aaron getting the munchies and eating a whole pie together <333

dean and aaron sick from too much pie lying side by side rubbing each other’s bellies <3333

dean and aaron smoking another joint and having sloppy, giggly, super baked sex <33333