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Young!Aaron Minyard

Aaron and Andrew were separated when they were children, when their mother Tilda put Andrew into the foster system. Through coincidence and then the perseverance of Nicky’s father, the two were reunited and lived with their mother until she died in a car accident staged by Andrew because she was abusing Aaron.

After Tilda’s death, Nicky came back from Germany to live with the twins in Columbia, where they finished school. When Andrew was offered a place on the Foxes’ team, Aaron went with him.

for the @tfcrarepairnet in light of recent hate against the net, lemme give yall some good kevaaron

  • kevin ‘my forehead can touch mountains’ day vs aaron ‘short ppl compensate for being short by being full of rage’ minyard, aka the Big Determined Survivor and the Tiny Fight Monster
    • kevin: how can you be so small. so short. so beefed, yet so small
    • aaron: kevin i can crush your head with my thighs
    • kevin, tearing up: god is so good
  • trans aaron minyard in general is a good and wholesome thing which i love and will cherish forever, so i give you:
  • aaron minyard who takes t and hasnt gotten his period in like a year but still keeps pads & tampons in his drawer Just In Case
  • they come in handy for the fox girls and some of the vixens bc he always has some on his person, but they mostly just sit in his bathroom for other people (ie, kevin) to find
  • example;
    • kevin, yelling from the bathroom: hey can i borrow a tampon?
    • aaron: why?
    • kevin: i wanna see if it works on bloody noses
  • aaron begrudgingly agrees but only if he gets a bloody nose via exy-related things
    • (it’s only so aaron can see him try shoving a tampon into his nose with their teammates watching)
  • speaking of, aaron is in no way, shape or form soft, but every once in a while he enjoys thinking he is
  • do not imagine how good they’d be to each other once they loosened up and were more comfortable in their relationship
  • do not imagine how soft they can be together on the occasions where they allow it to happen
  • especially do not imagine kevin and aaron, on an off day, playing video games with aaron in nothing but some boxers & kevin’s tshirt and kevin in nothing but a pair of sweats
    • they order takeout and aaron tries not to complain about how kevin orders a salad, but takes misc. food from aaron’s mountain of chinese food anyway

i love these two abuse survivors finding happiness in each other so much :’)


Robert and Aaron I boarding school au

I was a gentleman’s son and he was a Manchester lad. I wondered how he ended up here. I spent too much time wondering whilst he didn’t look my way. I was smart, wealthy and the girls seemed to like me. He wasn’t jealous but I wanted him to be. I pursued him, its not what I usually do. But I was alone and then I wasn’t.

(aaron/robert, ross, pete, victoria, adam, bob, eric)
mentions of parental abuse 

for @vckaarrob who has been waiting so patiently!

Aaron’s on the ice when it happens;

They’re on a power play, the Steelers taking stupid penalties, and Eric’s always on at them to take advantage, to play harder. Aaron’s exhausted, but Eric puts him on the ice anyway. Robert’s the best they have on the power play, and Aaron’s his winger. 

Aaron loves hockey, but sometimes he wishes he and Robert didn’t have the chemistry they do on the ice. 

They’re skating hard, right to the blue line, Aaron behind because he’s always playing catch up. They’re close to time, have to be, but they’re mid-play and Aaron sees what’s going to happen too late to do anything about it.

Robert has his eye on the goal, because it’s Aaron’s job to receive the puck and shoot, something they’ve done time and again and utilised to their advantage. Robert plays his part, slides the puck back right to Aaron’s stick, but before Aaron can shoot, Ross Barton plows into Robert. 

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53 was made for andreil let's be real

“Who crawls in the window for ice cream at 4 a.m.?” Haha YES. Hope you enjoy!

Neil had lived a lot of places, so many that he didn’t really try to differentiate between them all that often. Still, if there was one thing that made South Carolina stand out, it was that it was hot. Summer practices were in full swing and the team was already at the end of their collective rope. Nicky had taken to dramatically pleading for death and Kevin was snapping at people to such a degree that Neil was torn between punching him and smothering him in his sleep.

As such, when Matt offered him a night away from Kevin, Neil was quick to jump on board. Aaron and Nicky switched rooms and he and Matt watched movies and played video games for hours. As the night wore on, Neil realized how late it was and sent Andrew a quick text saying that he was going to crash in Matt’s room.

He slept for a few hours before hearing a thumping sound at the window. He jolted awake and walked carefully over, keeping one foot poised so that he could run if needed. When he opened the window though, all he saw was, “Nicky?”

“I’m retrieving you for ice cream detail, Andrew’s orders.”

Matt was apparently awake because he croaked out, “Who the fuck comes in the window at 4 a.m. for ice cream?”

Neil just raised an eyebrow. “You couldn’t knock on the door?”

“Oh…uh…that’s the other thing. We kinda…jammed our door shut from our side and need you to help get it open. Ice cream is the reward!”

Neil sighed and crawled out after Nicky, being careful to stay close to the building. Once in the room, he found Aaron and Kevin squabbling, while Andrew flipped through channels from one of the beanbag chairs. He rose when Neil crawled in the room and walked over to hand him his lockpicks.

Neil pushed Kevin and Aaron out of the way and messed with the door until he managed to pry it open. Once he did, Andrew left the room and pulled Neil after him, shutting the door despite the other’s protests.

Neil smirked. “Do I want to know what happened?”

Andrew flicked a glance at him. “No.”

They got in the car and Andrew lit a cigarette, handing it to Neil once he’d taken a drag. Neil settled in as they started moving and said, “We have to go somewhere that has frozen yogurt.”

Andrew practically rolled his eyes. “You’re so boring.”

Neil smiled and held his hand out palm up and his smile grew when Andrew took his hand. They found a 24 hour grocery store nearby and picked up pints for everyone. Andrew threatened to get Kevin lemon ice, but eventually got him the pistachio he knew he wanted.

Neil knew it was a little unconventional, but he felt a strong wave of domesticity walking through the aisles with Andrew and it was nice to get away together alone after being surrounded by the team for so long.

He was thrown out of his thoughts by Andrew nudging him lightly and saying, “Whatever you’re thinking, stop thinking it.”

Neil just huffed lightly and followed him to the car. The sound of the road relaxed him and he was asleep by the time they reached Palmetto.

He woke up curled in a beanbag, Andrew in the one next to him, and smiled at the sight of their hands curled together.

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"I can't stop thinking about you." + Robron. Thank you! <3

 a bit of an alternative universe drabble for you, anon. i hope you enjoy!

Robert wasn’t sure why he was so nervous to pick up the phone, and just ring Aaron. It’s something he’d done a thousand times before, calling his - well, friend? boyfriend? hot guy he met in a bar he’d been sleeping with for months now? He wasn’t so sure what to call him, not really.

The point was, he’d phoned Aaron so frequently, it was a normal part of his daily routine. But here was, sitting at his desk, looking at his phone as though it was going to bite back if he picked it up, his stomach in knots as he tried to convince himself to just call Aaron.

It wasn’t that hard, it was hardly a big deal.

But it was, it was a big deal. What Robert had planned to say, well, it was a big deal, and it had the potential to change everything.

He was terrified.

Still, the prospect of things continuing as they were were even worse, so Robert reached for his mobile, ignoring how his hands shook as he scrolled through his contacts, pressing call on Aaron’s number before he could talk himself out of it again.

Holding his phone to his ear, Robert did his best to try and steady his breathing as he waited for Aaron to answer, his panic getting worse the longer the phone rang, Aaron usually the type to answer quickly.

“Hi, it’s Aaron. I can’t get to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I’ll get back to you.”

Of course it was his voicemail. The most important conversation of Robert’s life, and he was about to have it with a machine.

There was a joke in there, somewhere.

“Hiya, it’s me - it’s Robert,” Robert began, smiling to himself as he looked at the couch in the corner of his office, remembering how they’d sat there the other night, eating takeaway from the new Thai place down the street, their dinner date turning to Aaron straddling his lap and making a whole lot of new memories on a couch that usually housed reams of paperwork, or a steady stream of boring clients. “I was hoping to get to say this to you face to face, but I guess maybe I won’t bottle it, if I’m talking to your voicemail.”

He could practically hear Aaron laughing at him, laughing at his ridiculousness as he spoke, Robert leaning back in his desk chair. “I love you,” he continued, straight to the point. “I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone, if I’m honest. You just - you make me feel like a stupid teenager, when I’m with you.”

It was true. When they were together, Robert felt like he was some idiot teenager in love, Aaron making him feel giddy, and lighthearted, and on top of the world, however cheesy all that sounded.

Eight months of being with Aaron, and Robert had turned from cynical sarcastic pain in the arse, to hopelessly in love, a soft, silly, hopeless romantic with his mind constantly on Aaron, and when he’d next see Aaron, when he’d next get to hold him close and kiss him, be with him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Robert admitted, his heart racing as he spoke, tried to find the words. He’d pictured this a thousand times over, rehearsed it in the mirror enough, but it was close to impossible to get it all out now, tell Aaron everything he felt in the short few minutes he had to speak to his voicemail. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about you. God knows I’ve tried, Aaron, but I just can’t get you out of my head.”

This was it.

This, this was the moment he’d been agonising over for weeks now, trying to figure out if asking it would push Aaron away for good.

“If you leave him, I’ll leave her, Aaron.” Robert said, glancing at the framed photograph on his desk, the woman he’d called his girlfriend, his partner for close to four years now, thinking of the kindly faced, dark haired man that Aaron shared a life with, the man he’d fallen in love with at twenty and been with ever since.

He’d leave Emily, for Aaron. Robert never thought he’d say those words aloud, never though he’d have convinced himself to do it, but as he sat, speaking to Aaron’s voicemail, his decision was made.

“I will, I’ll leave her for you, because I love you. It’s you that  I want to spend the rest of my life with, Aaron,” Robert trailed off, wishing he was really speaking to Aaron now, wishing he could gauge his reaction, see how Aaron felt about his proposal.

“Are you being serious?”

Robert nearly dropped his phone when he heard Aaron’s voice, the other man standing in the doorway of his office. “What are you doing here?” he asked, standing up and shoving his chair back unceremoniously.

Aaron held up a paper bag, the branding of the Thai food place around the corner catching Robert’s eyes. “I figured I’d bring you dinner,” he said. “Have a repeat of the other night.”

Robert nodded, nervous now. “Okay.”

Aaron set the takeaway bag down on Robert’s desk, closing the space between them. Robert’s stomach flipping uncomfortably as he noticed Aaron’s wedding ring, the metal band on his finger telling of the fact his boyfriend did belong to someone else.

A band not dissimilar to the one on Robert’s own left hand, the symbol of the commitment he’d made to Emily close to two years ago now.

“Did you mean it?” Aaron asked again, a hint of desperation in his voice.

“Yes.” Robert said, firm in his own words, confident in a way he’d never been before, when they’d both wondered if they could leave their marriages. “I can’t stop thinking about you, Aaron, even when I’m with her. I can’t live like this anymore, I want to be with you.”

Aaron let out a shaky laugh. “We’re both married, Robert,” he said, his gaze drawn to the well worn ring on his hand. He’d married Ryan close to four years ago, more settled than Robert, despite their age difference. “It’s going to be an absolute mess.”

“I know.”

“And you’re still willing to do it?” Aaron pushed, seemingly unwilling to touch Robert just yet, his hands hovering awkwardly between them.

Robert grinned, feeling fairly hopeful he had Aaron on board with the plan now, that maybe he’d agree to it, and they could start over, start a real life together - have more than stolen moments and late night takeaway dinners in Robert’s office. “I’m game if you are.”