aaron and megan

tfc characters as things i've heard at college
  • dan: "you know, when i applied to college i didn't realize i was selling my soul to the devil"
  • kevin: "i'm a athletic"
  • andrew: "i was like, who the FUCK touched me"
  • matt: "oh jesus fucking christ what am i doing?"
  • aaron: "megan, stop. no one likes you"
  • seth: "dude it's not even 9 in the morning shut the fuck up. please."
  • allison: "i had to blow dry my hair bc i walked outside and it froze"
  • nicky: *professor says something* "that was bullshit"
  • renee: "hey, god? end this"
  • neil: "do u think if i just pretend to drop dead right now or faint she'll move the test back?"
  • riko: "i have no life by the way"
  • jean: "i cried until i fell asleep last night"

Hey! The new issue of INVADER ZIM is out today and it’s got a hellish space donkey in it! It’s pretty much what my entire life has been building up to so I hope you enjoy the high point or my career and what marks the begin of my rapid decline from here on out. 

Issue 3 was written by Eric Trueheart, drawn by Aaron Alexovich, inked by Megan Lawton, colored by Rikki Simons and Jenny Goldberg while I sat back, played Arkham Knight and occasionally checked my email for updates on how the book was going and grunted.

Okay, I DID play a lot of Arkham Knight, did everything but every single Riddler challenge because I ain’t got time f’dat, but I also wrote a bunch of the intro with Gaz up to that touching, sisterly scene above.

EDIT: Had to edit this post because of some weird sentence fragments that were left over from sentences I rewrote, so the unedited version appeared to say that this issue was the NADIR or my career! That makes it sound so bad! Everyone did an amazing job and this issue is far from the lowest point in my career! THAT IS YET TO COME AND I HOPE YOU’RE AROUND TO SUFFER THROUGH IT!

Okay, this needs to be said. 
You don’t have to like a band member or celebrities girlfriend/boyfriend.
But Do Not send them hate. They don’t  deserve it whatsoever. Just because you don’t like them, isn’t an excuse to say shit to them. If the band member or celebrity is happy, you should be too.

Post Ep Ponderings July 7

Did Frank just try to Rickroll his way back into Megan’s heart? That had to be a Bernice idea. Amelia should take a crack at it!

Lawrence may be a good manipulator, but I don’t think this is the end of Tim. I half expected Chrissie to over hear the conversation somehow. Now I just think Tim is going to try and get to Chrissie on her own. In fact, I’m not sure why he hasn’t done that already. I mean, why go through that whole, possibly fake, attempted murder plot when he could’ve just tried to talk to Chrissie. It’s not like she’s in hiding or impossible to get to. He was at her event yesterday to steal the gun so why not just show up and try to talk to her instead? Would’ve had her on-side fast once she found out why his face looks the way it does.

Good progress today on the Arthur/Laurel/Emma front. Arthur finally said what I have been thinking for awhile. Nobody is listening to him. It’s not like he’s a liar, or prone to anything even like that, so why was everyone so quick to dismiss him? Not that he’s really said a whole lot, at least not recently. Poor kid’s probably been thinking that his dad would’ve listened. But I digress. I’m glad Laurel is finally figuring it out. I just worry if this will push Emma too far, and what she might do.

Poor tense Robron. I dare say part of the reason why Aaron is slowly becoming more annoyed is that he can tell that Robert isn’t being honest, more so with himself. The whole situation would be hard on Aaron anyway, and then to have it more in his face in someways because of others trying to get Rob to care or be a dad must just make things worse. It’s a vicious circle really. Vic feels bad for Rebecca and thinks Rob does want to be a father so she confronts him, always in front of Aaron so despite trying to keep it away from him, Aaron is always witness to these exchanges and the Robert is forced to play like he doesn’t care to Aaron and try to appease Vic at the same time. I think Vic should maybe try to talk to Robert about this stuff more privately (then she could really give him whatfor!) and Aaron and Rob need another talk. They just have to keep that shit up!

i know people hate these posts in their tags but i need more broadway/musical theatre stuff on my dash so if you know any good blogs that post the following feel free to reblog/message with suggestions. or if you reblog some of this stuff and feel like making a new friend you can follow me and i’ll most definitely follow back. bolded are my faves which i definitely want more of. everything else would just be nice to have but isn’t necessary.

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  • spring awakening
  • bonnie and clyde
  • the addams family
  • hairspray
  • hamilton
  • jeremy jordan
  • andy mientus
  • chris mccarrell
  • megan hilty
  • aaron tveit
  • krysta rodriguez

Hi. Kate, alcoholic. One of the things l’ve heard is that… your best day drinking is worse than your worst day sober. Yeah, it’s not true. lt’s not true. l mean, l had… l had some amazing times drinking and laughing…and just feeling like the most adorable …charming girl in the world. And l was adorable. l was. l mean, l would piss my pants and l was still cute. When l first tried getting sober, l figured that as long as l didn’t drink… everything else would just sort of magically work itself out. But it didn’t.

Smashed (2012), a film by James Ponsoldt.