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Sliding into bed at the end of a day like the one he’s had is pure, fucking bliss. The sheets are cold and soft around his legs, the mattress takes his weight like a dream and his pillow smells of Robert. It’s perfect.

Well. Almost.

“So she keeps going on and on about what Jimmy would say and how Jimmy would have done it,” Robert’s saying between vigorous brushes of his teeth. “As if she ever listens to a word he says when he’s actually there!”

Aaron allows himself a moment to roll his eyes to himself so hard he might sprain something, then sighs and turns over so he can see Robert in the bathroom doorway.

Robert’s in nothing but his underwear, toothbrush in hand. It might be doing something for Aaron if he didn’t have toothpaste down his chin, a smattering of it on his chest. As it is, he manages to hum supportively and has to fight to keep his eyes open.

“Jimmy’s the one who suggested it! Which she knows,” Robert shoves the brush back into his mouth, a brief reprieve. “She wouldn’t know a good deal if it smacked her on the arse,” he mumbles around it, very close to actually foaming at the mouth.

Aaron does shut his eyes then, because it’s disgusting. “Just get Jimmy to ring her,” he says.

“I’ve tried,” Robert says, voice fading as he goes back into the en suite. There’s a blast of water, gargle, spit. If he has a piss with the door open again Aaron is actually going to smother himself.

Even through closed eyelids he can tell when the room goes dark, Robert shutting the doors, shuffling around to his side of the bed.

He smells minty fresh when he climbs in behind Aaron, so Aaron turns over, rolls into Robert’s body for a cuddle.

“I just wish she’d listen to me,” Robert says, a big hand rubbing up Aaron’s back. “I know what I’m doing.”

Aaron hums again, feeling heavy. “Just do it anyway. She’s an idiot.”

He feels Robert nod, a gentle hand through his hair. “Thanks for letting me moan at you,” Robert says, voice a quiet murmur now they’re pressed together.

Aaron shrugs, tucking his face into Robert’s neck, tangling their legs together. “What are husbands for?”

He thinks Robert presses a kiss to his temple but he’s already sliding into sleep.

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Protective/Supportive Aaron

For @bartsugsy and @sapphicsugden as requested (Includes some paraphrasing.)

•6th February 2015 Remember that one minor incident when Aaron sent Robert away to get married and rid Wylie’s of any evidence that they were ever there and continued to keep that secret even after he found out Robert pushed Katie. Which is the only reason Robert’s gorgeous ass hasn’t been rotting away in a prison cell for the last two years. But no big deal. Just Aaron saving Robert on a daily basis.
•9th February 2015 Aaron’s new mantra where Robert and Katie’s death are concerned “It’s not his fault!” 
•10th February 2015 The slap heard round the world when mama bear Chas turns feral on her cub because Aaron dares to blame Katie for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Obviously it was Katie’s fault Robert burnt down her caravan.
•11th February 2015 Go ahead and tell Chrissie I’ve been boning her husband mum and WE ARE DONE!!! 
•9th April 2015 BTW Paddy. I totally text Katie and told her to meet me at Wylie’s that day. It was all totes my fault and you shouldn’t blame Robert for anything! EVER!!!
•12th May 2015 God Robert why are you such a human disastercase getting drunk off a single pint (👀👀👀) of whiskey? Let me help you back to the pub, get you a glass of water and kindly let you sneak in a little snog.
•13th May 2015 *Clears throat* Excuse me Chrissie, I might have been one of the people who broke into your house so I know for a fact Robert’s super sorry about it. Now can you please take your sad sack of a husband back? (Even if I still kind of sort of love him and want him to be mine.)
•25th June 2015 Cain my man! I know Robert might look really good with a bruised face but you still can’t beat the hell out of him like this. Here babes. Let me help you home and pretend it has nothing to do with my ongoing struggle over how much I still love you. K…K…cool.
•21st July 2015 Geez “Dad”! My boyfriend’s a total idiot who likes to run his mouth off but stop making up lies and saying he tried to bury you in a grain pit. While you’re at it stay away from me!  
•25th September 2015 (Also 22nd October 2015) Listen dude, I really hate you but I’m still going to cry over your bleeding body while I try to stop the life from leaving you and decide if I really want you to live or die.
•18th March 2016 *Chokes on beer* LIV! It’s super inappropriate to ask someone what it’s like getting shot and we defs don’t ask to see the scar. (Side eye…especially since I still haven’t seen it yet.)
•5th April 2016 So the thing is Robert, my little sister is a bit confused right now and she recorded you saying you bribed Ryan. Now we both know that was a really ridic move on your part but you’ve been super amazing and taken care of me a lot and I really don’t want anything to happen to you for protecting me so I’ll try to do the same for you.
•10th May 2016 Hey now missy! I will tolerate a lot but I draw the line at comparing my boyfriends godlike face to that of a rodent. Show some respect. You know I missed out on some…..tea time…with him yesterday because of you.
• 6th June 2016 Okay I’ve been in jail enough times to know the rules so you need to let my guy go before I really start to lose it. And you Olivia Flaherty take a good look at everything Robert has done recently because guess what. THAT’S LOVE! ALL OF IT WAS BECAUSE HE LOVES ME!
•14 July 2016 *Staring at Robert dreamily* What’s that officer? I was busy mooning over him calling me his boyfriend. Oh yeah. He DEFINITELY bought me a super sweet expensive watch back in February.
•16 August 2016 Babe that purse doesn’t really go with your outfit AND NEITHER WILL HANDCUFFS IF YOU GET SENT DOWN FOR HELPING YOUR BROTHER. Please don’t risk your life and our future for that. I can’t lose you.
•17 August 2016 Fiiiiiiiiine……..I’ll help you take down Lachlan and the Whites (even though I dont really think it’s a good idea) but we have to be super careful or someone (namely us) could get hurt.
•31 August 2016 Lachlan: I’m gonna kill you. Aaron: Human shield activate. Robert: That was hot as hell! He is so getting laid tonight.
•17 October 2016 Hey there Lachlan! Let me show you what happens when vile little cretins such as yourself threaten my love and my life. First, you get your head shoved in this conveniently placed barrel of water. Then thrown in the boot of my car.
•08 November 2016 Diane, Robert was just trying to help Andy and do what he thought was best for your family. *mumbles under breath* Not that any of you would ever notice or appreciate the way he bends over backwards for you anyways.
• 11th November 2016 Here love. Let me rub your back and console you while you mourn your mother. Sorry your siblings couldn’t make it.
•1st December 2016 THE HE’S MINE BACK OFF LADY DEATH STARE!!! If looks could kill Rebecca would be long gone and this storyline would never have happened. (I’m counting it! Fight me!)
•5th January 2017 I’m sorry Chrissie, remind me again how it’s Robert’s fault Lachlan shot your dad? Pretty sure he picked that gun up all on his own. So stop ruining my birthday! 
•20th January 2017 Robert you really are a total flaming idiot if you don’t take this opportunity to run a mile because I’m not good for you. 
•21st February 2017 Robert Jacob Sugden you are amazing! You did everything in your power to give me the wedding of my dreams and more importantly than that you chose the pub where I was dared you to stand up and proudly announce to everyone who and what you are. 
•21st February 2017 Whoa there Diane how about we get you a drink and avoid talking about Jack. (Because he totally didn’t deserve someone as incredible as Robert. He should have loved him unconditionally and if he was here today I’d probably knock him on his ass for messing with this beautiful man’s head.) Although, babe you really should think about talking to Vic and Diane about it. It might help you to move on.
•6th April 2017 OMG babe! I’m so sorry I accidentally punched you’re perfect beautiful face. (This time I really didn’t mean it.) Here let me caress it softly and make it all better. There there now.
•12th April 2017 Listen Robert we both know you didn’t get that tummy by running on the regular. Save yourself and go home before you keel over and die. I’ll be fine. (Okay so it’s a stretch but I feel a tummy mention is just expected of me at this point.)


  • Aaron Minyard deserves the world and shame on you for not thinking so 
  • He was abused as a child
  • He was separated from his only brother, his twin, left on his own to fend for himself
  • He mother was his abuser
  • He lost his mother when said twin promised to kill her for abusing him. Don’t you dare tell me relief is the only thing Aaron felt at the loss of Tilda. You don’t know enough about abusive relationships if you think so.
  • He never felt safe as a child, how could he?
  • He took drugs to numb the world, a world that didn’t do him any favors. He became addicted to said drugs. He overcame that addiction, believe what you will, but he did so for Andrew and nothing you say will convince me otherwise. 
  • No, dust is not the same thing as the hard drugs he was doing. And yes. He stopped taking dust when Neil asked Andrew not to. When Neil. Asked. Andrew. Not Aaron. Andrew. And Andrew took it away from Aaron without any forewarning, and Aaron did - not - argue. 
  • Also. Their agreement. Neither of them would date till after graduation. Aaron would stick with Andrew until then. Andrew would protect Aaron until then. Those were the terms, yes?
  • And when Aaron met Kaitlyn, he tried not to see her, for Andrew’s sake.
  • But then he fell in love.
  • How dare you call that problematic behavior.
  • You cannot use Kaitlyn and Aaron’s relationship as a reason to hate Aaron when you adore Andrew for doing the same thing with Neil. 
  • He’s referred to as the “Normal” twin. Why. For what reason should Aaron not have the same right to act out the way Andrew did? They have similar pasts, no matter how much you’d like to ignore Aaron’s.
  • A doctor. 
  • Listen to me. 
  • A doctor. 
  • How dare you not only not love Aaron, but actively hate him when he is less problematic than Andrew. 

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When it inevitably becomes public knowledge about Rhona and Pierce, I’d kill for (which means we won’t get it) a scene like this. (discussion about rape warning here)

Rhona can feel eyes on her everywhere, and she hates it. This is why she kept it to herself, because now everyone she knows is looking at her like a victim. And it makes her want to claw her skin off. It’s the same feeling she had when she went to the police station in the first place and she can’t cope with it. Wants to drown with it.

“Hi.” Rhona looks up and sees Aaron, and more surprisingly, he’s actually talking to her. Not staring and whispering and pointing. Or like others, who are probably laughing about her in conversations she doesn’t hear. “I’m not going to ask how you are,” he says.

“Good,” Rhona says. Then she remembers Aaron’s past, and it clearly shows on her face. The flicker of recognition, that he‘s been a victim of this a long time ago.

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Way back in eighty-seven, the new U.S. convention
A Founding Father known as HAMILTON!
He was a bastard or-
phan, called his mom a whore.
He grew up into Alex HAMILTON!
At debating he’s got superpowers—
Gave a speech for like six hours—
Boom! The anti-Feds are doomed!
Shout out to @michaelblume.
And all you fans of “Hamilton.”

But who the F is this,
He has a nemesis.
And Aaron Burr was actively campaigning.
It’s 1800 so Burr still talks less although
Now there’s supporters who all in that vein sing!
Then! It’s all down to the House of Congress.
Will they hear out our Adonis?
Yes! Of evils picked the less.
And Jefferson confessed,
He won it thanking HAMILTON!

One tiny problem soon would arise.
Donald, a businessman of wealth and small hands,
He ran for the office, God could say why.
And so then he somehow wins
NC and Michigan
And not to mention every swing state!


Which brings us to today.
Inauguration day.
No one can stop it now but HAMILTON!
All the electors say
They’re in the Donald’s sway.
But read Fed 68 by HAMILTON!

(And, well, yes, I do remember
They all voted last December—
Fair. But this song came from where? Chronology, who cares!)
Attend the tale of HAMILTON!

Aaron + Kevin // Late Night Practice
  • Aaron knows that Katelyn has late night cheerleading practice at the courts that finishes around 9pm

  • He was supposed to stay at hers that night and watch movies and study together cause nerds

  • He just hitches a lift with Neil, Kevin and Andrew to the court

  • when he gets inside there is only a note with Katelyn explaining that she has a girls night tonight with her team mates and that they’ll do it another night

  • he knows that he’ll either have to walk back to the dorms or wait until the other three are done for the night; so he just thinks that he can wait until their done

  • Kevin isn’t taking this shit, Aaron needs to pick up his pace, they haven’t lost a game yet and last week was a close call

  • Kevin literally grabs Aaron’s workout clothes and chucks them at him

  • after 5 minutes of Kevin and Aaron arguing Aaron just puts on the clothes to shut Kevin up

  • why Aaron actually participates in this session is unknown but it gets intense

  • Kevin is screaming at Aaron to side step with his left leg and then put his right foot in front and not behind

  • But Aaron just WONT, he trips every single time he tries

  • Kevin is still screaming at him while Andrew swiftly blocks Neil’s attempts of scoring

  • Aaron scoops up the ball and aims straight for Kevin

  • but c’mon its Kevin and he dodges the ball but only missing him by inches above his helmet

  • this literally just starts more and more arguing between the two

  • cause they’re not drunk?? why are they not,, BBbbuT

  • Kevin decides to make Aaron defend against him to get him to pay attention and work harder

  • this does not end up such a great idea

  • Kevin is running from half court towards Andrew in the goal

  • but Aaron the sneaky shit does the sidestep that he “couldn’t do” and SLAMS into Kevin

  • knocking him onto the floor boards and scooping the ball out of his racket mockingly

  • Kevin looses his shit

  • taking back at half court Kevin starts again running towards Andrew maneuvering so Aaron couldn’t sidestep into him

  • flinging the ball straight for the goals

  • Andrew standing completely still letting the ball easily into the net

  • after the third try Aaron maneuvers with Kevin so that Kevin can either try to score from where he is or get pushed into the side of the court

  • that didn’t end well for Kevin’s shoulder and Aaron’s back

  • but no way are either of them letting one another win cause competitive

  • Kevin knowing that he will be sore tomorrow is not ending this now

  • not when he has Aaron so actively involved

  • the scent of sweat is so thick filling the atmosphere between both Aaron and Kevin a mixture of heat and ferocity

  • going to mid court for the last time tonight

  • Kevin pounces around the court, with Aaron right beside him awaiting to tackle

  • just as Kevin takes his final step to go to score

  • Aaron, smol Aaron, rams his shoulder right into Kevin’s ribs and fucks him up knocking Kevin straight down and taking the ball and aiming straight for the goal

  • for the first time all night Andrew blocks the net

  • Kevin just laying on the court absolutely dumbfounded that Aaron actually participated

  • not thinking twice about his injuries he just tells everyone to go clean up

  • Neil already was,, our lil Neil was witnessing this just unravel, Kevin was so invested with Aaron he completely forgot about Neil

  • Andrew takes Neil back into the locker rooms

  • Kevin walks to the showers surpassing Aaron and giving him a small fist bump

  • Aaron lifts his knuckles to meet Kevin’s

  • was this going to be the only late night practice Aaron participates in?

hotch + reid through the seasons

the boogeyman

anonymous asked:

do you have a list of everyone's snapchats from rt?

Oooh this is gonna be a killer but here goes (the bold ones are the most active ones):

Aaron: revaaronmarquis 

Barbara: bdunkelman 

Ben King: benzene 

Blaine: bgibbles 

Brandon: mrfarmahini 

Bruce: brucegreene4 

Funhaus: funhausteam 

Gavin: gavver 

Geoff: geofflramsey 

Griffon Ramsey: griffonramsey 

Joel Rubin: harmonygrits 

Ashley Jenkins: jinxavier 

Jon: jonrisiger 

Josh Ornelas: xerojager 

Miles: milesl24 

Rooster teeth: roostersnaps 

Spoole: spoole 

Trevor Collins: thetrevorc