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Way back in eighty-seven, the new U.S. convention
A Founding Father known as HAMILTON!
He was a bastard or-
phan, called his mom a whore.
He grew up into Alex HAMILTON!
At debating he’s got superpowers—
Gave a speech for like six hours—
Boom! The anti-Feds are doomed!
Shout out to @michaelblume.
And all you fans of “Hamilton.”

But who the F is this,
He has a nemesis.
And Aaron Burr was actively campaigning.
It’s 1800 so Burr still talks less although
Now there’s supporters who all in that vein sing!
Then! It’s all down to the House of Congress.
Will they hear out our Adonis?
Yes! Of evils picked the less.
And Jefferson confessed,
He won it thanking HAMILTON!

One tiny problem soon would arise.
Donald, a businessman of wealth and small hands,
He ran for the office, God could say why.
And so then he somehow wins
NC and Michigan
And not to mention every swing state!


Which brings us to today.
Inauguration day.
No one can stop it now but HAMILTON!
All the electors say
They’re in the Donald’s sway.
But read Fed 68 by HAMILTON!

(And, well, yes, I do remember
They all voted last December—
Fair. But this song came from where? Chronology, who cares!)
Attend the tale of HAMILTON!

anonymous asked:

What do you think was Robert's thought process during that pub convo when Aaron says he's gay when rob was thinking that he like Chrissie? And then just leading up to that first kiss?

ANON oh my god I don’t know that Rob’s immediate thought process was anything other than ’*brain explosions* *loud noises* *excitement* *???!!!!!!!*’ I don’t know that there were any coherent thoughts in that moment like

Aaron just sort of knocked the wind out of him a little and left

and I mean

I mean Aaron had just inadvertently, in the space of a few words, opened up an entire vault in Robert’s brain filled with ‘potential’ and urhdhdj let’s be honest, Robert’s brain probably played that sentence over and over again on a damn loop all the way up until Aaron started actively hitting on Rob lmao, when it became this very real and incredible temptation to actively resist. Which… you know… he really really couldn’t.


Little Reminder: Aaron & Privacy

Now that we’re posting ancient history today, it’s pretty exciting to look around at how much more active Aaron’s tag is after Grease: Live, and how many new people there are in our little fandom! We’re just a small blog, and I’m posting this untagged because it’s not my place to say what one should or shouldn’t post, but I thought (as an Anon recently reminded us - thanks, Anon!) that it could be a good juncture to reiterate things that might not be common knowledge for everybody, now that we have a few more people following us (thank you!): Aaron is a pretty private person, who doesn’t like photos from his personal life circulating around the internet, and is somewhat leery of stalkers (for good reason!). It has also been heavily implied that his management does keep tabs on social media about him, including his Tumblr tag (he’s gotta have learnt about his old man social media habits from somewhere…!).

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