aaron jaeger


It’s finally here~

The cast list has been selected and we wanted to give you all a little surprise with this video. 

Voice Actors

Lani - Annalee (askfemlevivoice)

Levi - Cody (asklevivoice)

Eren Jaeger - Aaron (Khraka)

Armin Arlert - Adox (Adoxographist)

Mikasa Ackerman - Sahar (voltisubito)

Jean Kirschtein - Garrett (about22ferrets)

Marco Bodt - Chris (Themidnightpersona)

Connie Springer - James (jamesbrownjrva)

Sasha Braus - Kendra (brightwall)

Bertholdt Fubar - Tyler (redtechnotenor)

Reiner Braun - Christopher (bleachShippu5678)

Annie Leonhardt - Scarlet

Ymir - Natasha (heichou-relatable)

Christa Lenz - Shannon (shipping-is-magic)

Hanji Zoe - Alyssa (brewehKazune)

Erwin Smith - Chad (askerwinvoice)

Grisha Jaeger -  Andre (asimovsideburns)

Petra Ral - Aud (stoopidnaym)

Mike Zacharius - Nicholas (supremacyofdarcy)


Art Team -

Amy - (galacticvalkyrie)

Chim - (chimeradeimos)

sea change. (EREN & JEAN)

i. Three days after Reiner got out, the new cellie arrived.

At the sound of the buzzer the gate rolled back, and Jean looked up from where he’d been doing the crossword puzzle in an old reader’s digest. It was just before lights out on a Sunday, and it’d been raining for hours. There were no windows in the cells, but he could hear the wind; the roll of the thunder. The light that filtered through to the landing was murky grey and green like the ocean floor.

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