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do any of your characters have official "image animals ? "

I have like, actual sports I picked out for them, but I’M WEAK, I LOVE ESPORT UNIFORMS, AND SO I GIVE YOU THIS COMPLETELY TANGENTIAL ART with a vague mention of their theme animals LMAO

In reality though, their motifs would stay the same in other sports like, for Zecilys, boxing & extreme sports, Peraleus, table tennis & esports lmao, Aaron, badminton. In canon Zecilys would stay a mongoose, Per’s would absolutely be a dog, Aaron’s would switch between a snake and a rabbit lmfao.

(Also I’m sorry for the delay in answering this anon LMAO…I had no idea what image animals were until this morning lmfao;;; I’m a terrible sports anime….)


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