A playlist for a mottled man and a monster.

(Also known as mine and Cas’ idiot OCs)

  1. Bonobo — “Black Sands”
  2. Lord Huron — “The Stranger”
  3. The 1975 — “Pressure”
  4. Radiohead — “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
  5. Gotye — “Heart’s a Mess”
  6. Foo Fighters — “Come Alive”
  7. Kings of Leon — “Revelry”
  8. Ásgeir — “Going Home” (Acoustic mix)
  9. Coldplay — “Spies”
  10. Kings of Leon — “Wait For Me”
  11. Thomas Newman — “Assault On the Senses”
  12. Lorde — “Glory and Gore”
  13. Coldplay — “Trouble”
  14. The Be Good Tanyas — “Waiting Around to Die”
  15. Gotye — “Out Here In the Cold”
  16. Grizzly Bear — “Foreground”
  17. Jeremy Soule — “Distant Horizons”
  18. Elizabeth Frazser & Howard Shore — “Lament for Gandalf”
  19. Hans Zimmer — “Earth”
  20. Bonobo — “Stay the Same”
  21. Knossos — “Basm 1”
  22. Knossos — “Basm 2 (Qamarat)”

Teeth (Leotie why did you let me make this stupid playlist, do you remember it? I gave it a proper cover and now it’s listed.)

A pep and pop shipping playlist for a drunkard of a boar, and a quiet-hearted man of an elf.

1. Not in Blood but in Bond - Hans Zimmer || 2. Cast No Shadow - Brown Bird || 3. Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore || 4. Rootless - Marina and The Diamonds || 5. Fallen - Imagine Dragons || 6. 1901 - Birdy || 7. Closer - Kings of Leon || 8. Just One Yesterday (feat. Foxes) - Fall Out Boy || 9. Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore || 10. Wolf Like Me - Lera Lynn || 11. Hearts a Mess - Gotye || 12. Tangled Web - Matt Hires || 13. Nightcall / Real Hero - Natalie McCool || 14. Lament - Balmorhea || 15. Where Are You Now - Mumford & Sons || 16. Sail - AWOLNATION 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars."
                 -Norman Vincent Peale

(A playlist about patience)

The XX - Stars
Colbie Caillat - Before I Let You Go
Jason Mraz - I Won’t Give Up
Bastille - Haunt (Demo)
Damien Rice - Delicate
Mumford & Sons - I Gave You All
Christina Perri - Human
A Great Big World - Say Something
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
A Great Big World - Already Home
Sara Bareilles - Brave
Mumford & Sons - Lover’s Eyes

*Aarthan/Aarhir belongs to algrenion

A playlist about unrequited love.

(Shipping playlist centric to boyfriend’s elf OC, Bregath)

  1. Baths — “Animals”
  2. Keane — “Somewhere Only We Know”
  3. The Script — “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”
  4. Ludo — “Manta Rays”
  5. Coldplay — “Warning Sign”
  6. Gotye — “Hearts a Mess”
  7. Rebecca Ferguson — “Shoulder to Shoulder”
  8. Lianne La Havas — “Elusive”
  9. Ellie Goulding — “I’ll Hold My Breath”
  10. Gregory and The Hawk — “Two Faced Twin”
  11. Regina Spektor — “Two Birds”
  12. Gotye — “Save Me”
  13. Yuna — “Lullabies”
  14. Gregory and The Hawk — “Sets”

anonymous asked:

Elves have a really distinct fighting style and bearing and grace, wouldn't that give Aarhir's human disguise away? Plus you said yourself Elves are lighter than humans, what if someone was to notice that?

asoiugiuo this is a good question o-oh

but it’s all pretty developed on really, i’ve thought a lot about Aarhir’s guise. He’s spent more of his life around human’s than he has his own people, so even though the whole elven grace comes naturally, he’s observed the race of men for a long enough time that he’s very much picked up on how they fight, how they walk and talk and behave and eat and move (everything, really) that he’s makes a huge effort to act the part

admittedly there are subtle little ways that he’ll accidentally drop hints, because while he’s well practiced in acting like humans do, the way he carries himself is difficult to control (in a piece of writing, Cas described it well in saying he has “Too much a glide and too little a stalk" when he walks, much too fluid to be human). So his bearing has room for improvement but he tries hard to fix it

his fighting style he had difficulty with as well. He had to abandon marksmanship where the bow was previously his primary weapon, daggers being the secondary he rarely uses anymore either, and even then he has to put a damper on his skills with a sword. Altogether, while he’s still entirely capable of fighting like an elf, he’s had to practice a more “brutish” way to go about it

the weight thing was actually the reason why i was asking around the other night!! i wanted to know if their weights were at least somewhat natural for the sake of his development ah
elves are lighter that’s for sure, i’m still just unsure how much lighter they are really (heavy enough to put a strain on a dwarf’s neck, from what we saw with Legolas balancing on their heads in The Hobbit). But i can’t imagine many occasions where someone would be trying to lift Aarhir up and double check like “weighs less than he looks must be an elf”
if they did he’d probably have a panic attack im negl bc that would be a pretty big hint

This was practice for prose writing featuring my character Aarhir, and Cas' character Faruq (whose name is Farnynn, in our LOTR AU). I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out, so I'm gonna throw it up here so it doesn't get lost or anything; I think there were a few tricks I used in here I should remember for future reference.

Anyway it’s really cheesy and romantic okie-dokey.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

The flame just barely licked the thick skin of his palm as it passed above the candle, offering a pleasant tingle and tickle to occupy his senses in the stillness of their quaint little lodging. There was a window. The moonlight spilling in from its corner helped Farnynn see in the dim; a bookshelf full of old clutter like dusty teacups and half-rotten books, the floors and walls laden with dark varnished wood, and the names of young lovers scratched into bed frames. 

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"How I love your dusky skin…"

"And how I love yours too… only just darker than the so called ‘common’ man. As though the sun kissed it once, but no more than once. You were simply too sweet for another."

"Oh, bite your tongue of silver. I know you too well to buy into your flirtations."

"And yet, you are charmed."

More drabble blabbity blah. Written even later into the night when I was even less coherent.

Bregath/Aarthan things back when both of them were still just tiny babies because god in heaven their tiny baby interactions are the sweetest things I’ve ever imagined in my entire life. It didn’t turn out well but I’m not going back to edit it and I fully intend to write more tiny baby interactions in future when I am better at writing (babies sneaking out to watch the stars at night, Aarthan singing at Bregath’s window, etc because they’re adorable).

Sweet splendid Bregath belongs to boyfriendu.

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I’m by no means a writer but occasionally I’ll get feelsy over OC’s and spew out some drabble. Since the internet has been out for a good long while and I’ve had art block though, I’ve been writing a lot lately to keep occupied. That combined with being in an Aarhir mood left me with a lot of really stupid bits of writing that I didn’t bother to proof read because I’m a gay baby and I do not care.

Was also very tired when I wrote them but whatever I guess.

Anyway, Farnynn/Aarhir junk as a result of Cas talking to me about how Farnynn might find out that Aarhir is an Elf and wanted for murder (go to hell with your painful things, Cas). Originally I thought he’d spill the whole story as soon as he’s questioned about it, but the more I think on it the more I think Aarhir would hold it back and try to run and idrk he’d want to keep his secrets. Meanwhile I’ll be writing what’s probably a stupidly OOC Fanny.

Ugh I’m rambling tonight [Monty Python screaming “get on with it” in the distance] anyway probably not canon I don’t even know anymore I’m flinging it up bye.

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anonymous asked:

If Aarhir's voice claim is Tom Hiddleston does that mean he has the Hiddles laugh? I GOT REALLY EXCITED AT THE IDEA DON'T MIND ME.

sadly for you im afraid not im so gomen

aarhir’s laugh is much more wheezy instead of the signature hiddleston “EHEHEHE” he’s kind of a dork

anonymous asked:

What was Aarhir like before his friend died? :o

this has been in my inbox for 2 days and i totally missed it omg im gomen

when he still went by the name of Aarthan he wasn’t much different — still rather quiet and pretty intelligent, but very much more confident and outgoing. He was a bit of a daredevil, always wanted to be brave and courageous like his idols and taking a lot of stupid wagers (think races over dangerously high cliff faces and bets to see who could hunt what the fastest)

he was quite popular among the other elf boys though his best friend was much more so, being significantly /more/ brave (stupid) and the funnier of the two, but he was also kinder considering the bestie was a bit of a bully at times

among elf girls he would like to join in group flirting (think three or four boys serenading to an elf girl outside her window until they get chased off by her father) but he would never court a lady by his lonesome, he’d be only just too shy to do that (not to mention he’s too busy running about the forest playfighting with his friends to even bother with girls)

he was basically just a big baby stu ngl

anonymous asked:

So does he have to pretend to be slower than he is, when fighting?

no no, Aarhir puts his speed to good use in a fight, but he puts his strength in more so to alter with his own balance of the two, to a certain degree — which basically offers slight changes in his movements at least. Less prancing like an elf, and more heavy footing. Holding his weapon less deftly and gripping the pommel harder to make every swing of the sword a little bit stiffer and less graceful

that sort of stuff kdhfkh