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Tweet, Tweet (Rogers/Wilson x reader)

Dinner time at the Avengers compound was never quiet; with the common sounds of arguing over who would get the last of any particular item and the occasional food fight when the argument was lost, the idea that this group would ever share a peaceful meal was all but dead; or so you thought.  Stopping at the dining room door to gather your determination to face another very late evening of shielding yourself from flying mashed potatoes, you took a long breath and pushed the door open, only to stop in complete shock at the lack of any kind of flying food item at all.

“Okay, something’s weird,” you muttered, looking around the table.  Your eyes shifted from one Avenger to another, until the moment of clarity came and you realized that every argument, every food fight, and every raised voice in the name of hunger had all been started by the same two troublemakers; you were ashamed that you hadn’t noticed the pattern sooner.  “Nat,” you called out to her quietly, “what are they doing?”

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ShyTenno’s Summary of: TennoCon 2016

- Some really neat stuff.
- Bad jokes.
- Weird as usual Con Q&A.
- $78,839 raised! :) (to be donated to Outward Bound Canada)

- I wasn’t there. :v

I don’t think I’ll need any words for these.

I lied. They talked about Desecrate being toggled.

Nova is getting a deluxe skin…

Someone mains Zenyatta at DE. I bet. :v This skin DOES have one neat and unique thing about it. 6 animated arms on one body. I know right. -mindblown-

The lil trailers aren’t up yet and I don’t feel like waiting. :c

I can still link to one thing. They partnered up with a YouTube channel called Mashed for a Warframe animated short. Basically 100 days of Warframe. From noob till… 99 days later. :v https://www.youtube.com/c/mashed

One of the trailers showed Titania’s idles. She floats. It’s the noble one. So. Ya know. Floating Rhino. Or heck, have Zephyr float! And do a lil spin.

First power. Currently called “Fairy Dust”: It’ll levitate the enemy, disarming and basically CC’s them. Allies will also become proc immuned.

Second is “Soul Swipe”: Upon stealing the enemy’s soul, you gain a buff. Each enemy will offer a different buff. Allies could pick it up too.

Third is “Lamp Lighter”: It’s another gravity like ability. It’ll also levitate the enemy. But they will begin to glow and your razor butterfly buddies will go to it and enemies will also be attracted. Which they will be damaged by you razor butterfly buddies.

Fourth is “Shrink”: You’ll become super tiny and will be able to fly around a normal map as archwing. Yeah. Your damage is also increased greatly, but as your butterfly buddies go down so will your dps (really hope I heard that right lol).

Passive: Better bullet jump and it’ll also buff your ally’s bullet jump.

Robotic companions? Like an aardvark. -infinitely shrugs- One person did ask about Zanuka-esque pets. Now that (spoiler?) Alad V is kinda sorta an ally.

War Within, hopefully!, some time before the end of July “if it all goes according to plan”.

I think that is it. I’ll make one post of the trailers used when they post’em. But you’ll definitely see it sooner elsewhere. Maybe.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Tenno! :)

PS: TennoCon 2017

refreshers  asked:

Last question sorry! You know how the show is really continuous, I still find it strange that they haven't aged at all if they've had hundreds of episodes!

doctors HATE him! cartoon aardvark discovers One Weird Trick to give himself eternal youth!! 

ihopetheirhandsclingtoyoursoul  asked:

Maggie, what is an 'ARC'? I've seen it around on lots of authors tumblrs/twitters, and I'm sure it's something painfully obvious that I will kick myself when I find out, but I always think it's better to ask if you truly don't know something. (Sure, I could ask Google, but I doubt Google would have an answer as witty as the one I'm sure you'll give.)

Dear ihopetheirhandsclingtoyoursoul,

Honestly, I’m glad that you came to me instead of Google. Because the sordid truth is that authors don’t want you to know what ARCs are.

ARCs — Aardvark Retrieval Contraptions — are one of the most highly guarded secrets in the publishing industry, circulated mostly between authors, agents, booksellers, editors, and sometimes bloggers with good punctuation. If you’re not familiar with aardvarks, you should know that they are a medium-sized burrowing mammal and are also the place that all ideas come from. They have litters of ideas constantly and, every eighteen months, they bud a new plot point. When you take that into consideration, it becomes perfectly clear why the industry wouldn’t want them to fall into just anyone’s hands. As such all retrieval devices for them are strictly regulated. What they don’t want you to know is that you can mostly make them at home with some copier paper and some of those big staples. Do you know the ones I mean? Not the ones that get stuck in the toes of your socks sometimes. The other ones.



anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm a big fan of your blog! I was wondering,What is your purrsonal opinion on most if not all of the bachelors and which is your favourite? I'm torn between Vishnal and his adorableness and Dylas with is shy sweet attitude. :3 answer when you can!

Vishnal – Vishnal is sweet and must be protected at all costs. He was the original bachelor I wanted to go for before even playing the game. However, as the game went on, I found him to be more of a best friend to my character than a romantic partner. I could never bring myself to marry him because he is more of my “child who must be protected” than “hubbie”.

Dylas – He’s the one who I married in my first playthrough. Dylas appealed to me because a) I’m a sucker for characters who like fish (I kid you not, in almost every RF game…), and b) I liked how he looked with Frey. Some people don’t like him because of how he treated Frey in the very beginning or how he did during his marriage event, but I see that as more of a sign of emotional/social discomfort with the situation and people/her specifically than him intentionally being mean.

Leon – Well, Leon is… Leon.  What more needs to be said? He’s a funny character, for sure, and never fails to make the situation interesting. I thought about going for him at first, but the longer I dated him, the more I felt like he was teasing just a bit too much. Idk. I started to get tired of his antics, I guess. He’s probably one of my least favorite bachelors, even though I do like his character a lot. I just don’t necessarily like him with Frey. But idk, my taste is weird.

Arthur – He’s smart, he’s spectacled, he shares a name with a nostalgia-inducing anthropomorphic aardvark. Arthur is one of those characters that I really thought little of before playing the game, but the further i I got, the more I started to think his character was quite enjoyable. He’s just so mellow (well, concerning most things). It’s kind of refreshing. I mostly just don’t like his fingers in his character portrait.

Kiel – Another one of those bachelors that I thought little of in the beginning. And, to be quite honest, he’s still one of my least favorite bachelors from a romantic-with-frey standpoint. He’s interesting enough, but I guess he’s just not my type.  :P  I don’t even mind that he looks young. And I still like him as a character. Just not with Frey, if that makes any sense.

Doug –