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the signs as dirty little secrets

aries: “I’m a peaceful person who happens to be filled with violent rage”

taurus: “I’m afraid no one will ever love me as uch as my dog Charlie does”

gemini: “I hate people who remind me of myself”

cancer: “I’m afraid to take the next step…”

leo: “I cheated on my SAT and I got a scholarship”

virgo: “I’m a virgin”

libra: “I want to go blind so I don’t have to see them together”

scorpio: “People think I’ve stopped lying… but I’ve just gotten better at it”

sagittarius: “I had gay sex at church camp. 3 times.”

capricorn: “I waste office supllies because I hate my boss”

aquarius: “I fake empathy to get people to like me”

pisces: “I pee in the sink”

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Do you have any suggestions of fics that are like Remus and Sirius raising harry? Cuz that would make my life

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a “Remus and Sirius raising Harry” fic rec since this post blew up, and I’ve been feeling REALLY BAD about having nothing to offer so I did some digging! I’ve seen some frankly alarming summaries on some of these rec lists, but I’m not your mum. go forth: 

  • Crossroads symbolize the joining of paths the making of decisions. In almost every culture it is a sacred place where rituals are held, offerings are left, and items are disposed of.  
  • Crossroads are sacred to Hecate, Triformis, and Diana. Hecates three ‘faces’ protect each of the different paths. Hecate sees past, present, and future. She rules all places where there are three or more crossroads. Altars are put at the crossroads to leave Hecate offerings and give devotion.  The crossroads are also thought to be protected by Hermes and Diana.    
  • Due to the hatred of witchcraft by the Christians, Witches and burglars alike were hung and buried at the crossroads. Making people believe they are haunted. It is also a place where people supposedly go to sell their soul to the devil.
  • Witches believe the crossroads to be a sacred place where rituals are done and dirt is collected. Spell remains are often buried at the crossroads. It is where interaction with spirits and other worldly forces are heightened. It is a place to contact and leave offerings for spirits. Samhain is celebrated at the crossroads.
  • In the Hoodoo religion, many of their rituals are done at the crossroads.This is also shown in European and African folklore. 
  •  In Africa almost every group has their own Deity that guards the crossroads.
  • Some cultures heal at the crossroads.
  • Faeries aare also found at the crossroads.

 May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

The Encounter - A Fatal Error fanfic

So I had an idea for a story! I apologize in advance.)


*You pet the dog. Petting capacity is at 50%.

Greater Dog’s tail wagged at incredible speed as Frisk rubbed his belly. It seemed like they couldn’t stop just yet, unless they wanted to hear his incessant whining. Not that that was a problem, of course. Frisk was more than happy to indulge the small dog.

Eventually, Greater Dog yipoed and placed his paw on their hands. It seemed like he wanted them to stop. Frisk complied, then the dog stood back up and hopped into his empty armor headfirst. His tail stuck out from the top as he left the area. Frisk giggled at how goofy it looked. They wiped off the snow from their shorts and started heading back to Snowdin.

As they walked, Frisk admired the sight of all the snowflakes falling from the sky. The trees swayed somehow in a nonexistant breeze, and the occasional passerby would greet them. Even monsters that didn’t recognize Frisk were so nice. Everything about this was just so…peaceful. They hoped it would only get better from here on out…


Frisk jumped, startled by the sudden sound. They looked down and saw no twigs underneath their feet, so why…?

Frisk curved their lips. …It’s probably just Sans. But…why doesn’t he just come out?

“Hello?” Frisk called out. “Is anyone there?”


Frisk squinted their (already tiny) eyes. They could make out some sort of figure, huddled up behind the trees further up ahead.

…But the twig was behind them. How could he have done that?

Frisk didn’t understand much about the Underground yet. Maybe, if they just walked up to him….he could explain?

Frisk took a deep breath, then began to approach who they believed to be the short, pun-loving skeleton. As they got closer, however…he obscured himself just a little more.

But why? Was he afraid of them?

…No, he couldn’t be… Frisk thought. He was the first person I met after I left the Ruins…


Frisk picked up speed. The figure reacted frantically to their approach, making a few shuffling noises in the snow. It wasn’t until Frisk entered the forest that they got a much better view.

…What they saw in front of them, they hadn’t expected at all.

It was Sans, or…it wasn’t? Frisk couldn’t tell. His jacket had been bleached of all color, and several specks of…something surrounded his body. They resembled glitches, and some of the pieces were even detached from his own body. It ended up looking like fragments of his body were missing, or simply floating around him.

But what bothered Frisk the most were his eyes and chest. His eye sockets had no lights in them, and were instead mismatched in shape and color. One was blue (and they swore they could see words inside of it), while the other was bright red and…half-melted. It was uncomfortable to look at those seemingly empty eyes…

…And on Sans’ chest, there was a wide, ghastly cut, extending diagonally across his belly to nearly the top of his shirt. The strange words in his eyes were unmistakably there as well, and his slippers were stained with what looked like blood.

Seeing the cut made Frisk a bit queasy. What could’ve happened to this poor skeleton?

“…Sans?” Frisk whispered, their voice quivering. The skeleton, who hadn’t seemed entirely focused on them before, lifted his head at the mention of the name.

“… yyyou… you aare…”

Frisk winced at the sound of his voice. It sounded so distorted, so broken that they could hardly understand it. And yet…they still could.

…This was all very strange.

“…Frisk,” they replied. “I’m Frisk. We met earlier…didn’t we?”

“…. Dddin’t we?” he mimicked. Frisk was a bit unnerved by that, but they didn’t want to just leave him like this.

“…You aren’t the same skeleton I met. Are you?”

‘Sans’ tilted his head, contemplating the question. Eventually, he shook his head.

“…I see.” Frisk scratched their head, then stared at him hesitantly.

“Then who are you?”

Frisk watched as he reached up for his scarf and clung to it tightly.

“. .. Nnoo one. Jusst passing throughh.”

It was the most coherent sentence they had heard from him so far. Frisk prepared themselves mentally to ask something else.

“…What happened to you?”

The skeleton’s head lowered a little. His grip tightened on the scarf.

“sssomething i lost important to me i lost him”


“nnot here gone why he’s nnot here”

“I-I don’t under-”

“bbbrotherr find him i can’t i can’t WHHERE IS HHE-”


He stopped. He turned his head towards Frisk, who looked a little bit afraid.

“Please, slow down. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

The skeleton shut his eyes and rubbed his arm. He suddenly felt something warm touching him. He opened one eye and saw it was Frisk, looking up at him with concern.

“Do you…wanna talk about it?”

He abruptly sat down in the snow, shaking his head vigorously. Frisk felt their heart clench at how miserable and lost the skeleton looked.

“…Okay. Can I sit with you, then?”

He shrugged. Frisk took it as a yes, or that he at least didn’t seem to mind. They sat down next to the skeleton and said nothing for a while.

Frisk and the strange skeleton just watched the snow fall.

After a while, Frisk turned their head towards the skeleton.

“…I should probably get going. I can’t stay here forever.”

They smiled, and patted his shoulder. Frisk didn’t know if he liked hugs.

“It was nice to meet you.” Frisk stood up and began to walk towards the end of the forest.

“…… .pppap…yrus……

Frisk paused midstep, then turned around.

”…What was that?“

He twiddled his fingers anxiously and grinned.

”.. . papyyrus. Myy brotherr.… “

Frisk’s mouth opened a little in surprise. ”…Papyrus? So wait…you ARE Sans?“

”…mmyyy papyrruss isss missing lost he’s not gone.. .“

Frisk shook her head. ”…I still don’t understand you. Where is he?“

He clenched his hands into fists. His grin slowly turned into a grimace. ”. …goonneee… . .“

They rubbed their head and looked down, realizing what Sans meant by that single word.

”…Oh. I’m really sorry…“

Frisk was about to say something else when they were cut off abruptly. They couldn’t speak or breath properly all of a sudden. They noticed that several red strings had appeared out of nowhere, and most were wrapped tightly around their body. Trembling, they looked over at the skeleton.

He was grinning again, but it seemed far more sinister than before. Frisk could see tears in his eyes.

“B E C A U S E O F Y O U .”

Xedra’s Notes:

Originally posted by cratermania


I really like your writing style, and your characterization of Fatal! And I really REALLY like how you wrote his dialogue! It was so spot on :’D