1 - First, some concepts for Aang’s genderbend hair. And you know what? It’s fricking difficult to do a pretty and cool style just with half of the head shaved, even more that I tried to avoid doing something similar to Aang’s granddaughters. But THAT’S why I wanted to do it!

I’m not sure which one choose, the long hair is beautiful and would be great to see it flowing with the wind, but the shorter styles are cute, I think that suits better with her character. I will probably do a short style for the first seasons, and them make it longer at the third. 

2 - Aangie hmmm…I’m not happy with the position, and maybe her head is a litlle bit too big . By the way, her clothes are based on the Air Acolytes from the comics. I really need to do some more drawings of Avatar rule 63. Kataang will be next :3