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I feel like there are some thing that need to be clarified as far as Zuko and Katara go in LOK. Most Zutarians know how Bryke feels about the ship. We know that they do not like it, and that it will NEVER be canon. We know better than to expect a Zutara “date night”, romance, wedding, or anything that even mildly directly hints at something more than platonic. Really what most of us want and expect within reason are: Zuko and Katara kicking ass together, Zuko and Katara having tea together, Zuko and Katara sharing a hug in greeting one another, and Zuko and Katara chatting about the old days and all their friends. That to me seems pretty reasonable and in no way dares to overthrow Kataang as canon. I’m really not sure why Bryke is so reluctant to let any of these scenarios play out.   

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“Aang. It is so good to see you again.” The white-haired princess said in a kind voice, bowing to the Avatar. She gave him a sweet smile then a gentle laugh. “Don’t be too shocked to see me as a human again. I can easily explain it all.” Despite the smile on her face and the happy attitude Yue put out, there was something in her eyes that suggested a different feeling. Heart break.