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Library of Wan Shi Tong

My magnificent project since the summer is finally done!  A tribute to one of my favorite shows, and also an extremely late birthday present for my extremely patient husband, I can only hope he’ll love it :)  

I found a gif with this on it and I almost started crying. Countdown to the Comet was when Nicktoons ran every episode for three days. I remember watching this. I remember being eight years old and waiting for this. I remember the countdown ticking down to five minutes. I remember seeing Zuko and Iroh’s reunion for the first time and my mom trying to hide the fact that she was crying. This brought up so many emotions because it put me back at an almost exact time. I can’t tell you how much I want to watch this like this again. Not knowing how Aang will master the elements, learning along with Zuko about the White Lotus, being flabbergasted at who Bumi really was, hanging off the edge of my seat when you hear Jet’s voice on the ferry, not knowing that Pakku and Kanna were in love, wondering how Zuko got his scar, watching Katara take down Hama, realizing who Suki was at the same time as Sokka on the docks, watching Zuko’s redemption arc, meeting Toph, watching Katara’s power grow, learning about Kya and Lu Ten, not knowing what black snow means, hating book one Zuko. Rewatching this reminds me how many great moments and plot twists and cliff hangers I’ll never get to experience again. I want to fall in love with it again.

Harry Potter House Headcanon

I’m assuming that you have all seen my icon. It’s Harry Potter themed Atla crossover if you haven’t. And I decided to do a personal Harry Potter house analysis. I own no gifs shown below.

Let the Analysis begin!

Okay so for this analysis I’m going to analyze the characters from Atla and which hogwarts house they should be a part of.

  1) Aang - Hufflepuff

I believe Aang is a hufflepuff. He is very loyal and kind, which shows multiple times throughout the series. And Aang also is very hardworking. I’m mean I don’t know about you. But mastering all 4 elements at 12 years old in a limited amount of time seems like it takes a pretty extensive work ethic.

2) Sokka - Ravenclaw

Sokka was always one of the smartest people in the Gaang itself. Coming up with plans and strategies was not work of the idiotic. And his natural skepticism and sarcasm showed that not only was he intellectual, he was indeed very wise, Which is why I think he’s a ravenclaw.

3) Toph - Slytherin

Toph always was ambitious and greedy. One of the best examples I can think of this is the episode The Runaway. Toph was extremely greedy in this episode. And greed can lead to ambition, To which it did in Toph’ s case. She found new ways to rob people and did not feel bad about it. These are very Slytherin qualities.

4) Katara - Hufflepuff

Everyone knows Katara was extremely kind and loyal. No one could ever doubt it. And yes while she was brave and very smart, her kindness made her distinctive from other characters. I can even quote her compassion in The Painted Lady, by saying that she will never ever turn her back on people who need her.

5) Suki - Gryffindor

Suki was one of he bravest characters in the entire series. She was dedicated and she was willing ot sacrifice for what she believed in. The best example I can think of was when she was thrown into the boiling rock. She was willing to give up her freedom just for what she believed in.

7) Azula - Slytherin

I’m pretty sure I don’t really have to justify this one. Over the series, Azula was known for her malicious and persuasive actions. There are so many examples I’m not going to list them all.  She screams slytherin.

8) Zuko - Gryffindor

A lot of people think that Zuko should be slytherin. But I disagree. Yes, he was ambitious. But he was brave enough to not only face his father but actually disobey his father. If that doesn’t speak wonders then I’m not sure what does.

9) Ty Lee - Hufflepuff

Like Azula’s, I don’t think that this one needs a lot of explaining. Ty Lee was always very kind, and she was dedicated to help.She always was hard working in something that meant a lot to her. The best example is the circus.

10) Mai - Gryffindor

Mai initially never came off as a Gryffindor. But she showed her bravery when she faced Azula at the boiling rock. She was brave enough to tell Azula that she loved Zuko more than she feared her.

Please comment your thoughts. I hope you enojoyed.