aang is always there for korra


I always loved aang’s reaction

no jealousy, no misplaced avatar superiority complex, no wtf I just spent the entire afternoon trying to move that stupid puddle and she picks it up in 0.534 seconds what is this

he’s just so impressed and happy for katara and all “oh my god my girlfriend is the greatest waterbender in the world look at her go she could punch me in the face and I’d thank her holy spirits

honestly what a snowball

The Signs as Uncle Iroh Quotes

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Aries - Are you so busy fighting you cannot see your own ship has set sail?

Taurus - Sick of tea? That’s like being sick of breathing!

Gemini - Destiny is a funny thing. You never know how things are going to work out. But if you keep an open mind and an open heart, I promise you will find your own destiny someday.

Cancer - Protection and power are overrated. I think you are very wise to choose happiness and love.

Leo - Be careful what you wish for. History is not always kind to its subjects.

Virgo - Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not.

Libra - It’s time for you to look inward and start asking yourself the big question: who are you and what do YOU want?

Scorpio - There’s nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity. I suggest you think about what it is that you want from your life, and why.

Sagittarius - Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.

Capricorn - A man needs his rest.

Aquarius - While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing.

Pisces - You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.

BS Bending in TLOK

Watching The Legend of Korra is so disappointing in a lot of different ways. So if you ignore the plot, you’d expect at least some good action scenes with the effort and consistency from the old show. Ehhhh. The bending in LOK is strikingly idiotic and a degradation of the gem from the old show. Maybe if I weren’t comparing it to The Last Airbender, I wouldn’t mind it. But the fact it is so blatantly off from its predecessor makes for another highlight of Korra that I can’t un-see. From how elements are manipulated to even more complex shit with specific kinds of ~special people bending~, Korra, if I can put this politely, fucks everything up.

Right from the start you can tell that Korra definitely dumbed down the movements of the characters. It’s odd because the martial arts expert from Avatar worked on Korra as well. However, he only worked on 22 episodes of Korra, compare that with his 61 episodes guided in The Last Airbender. It’s probably a mix of Kisu’s lack of involvement, and an overall decision from the writers that maybe it wasn’t as important? Which is sad, because it really disassociates the audience from the complex spirituality and intricacies of the world. Styles benders seem to have spent years mastering are lost, and replaced with a modern, boxing type “PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH!!!” Hollywood action situation. Here’s some pretty (MS PAINT) pictures to do the talking for me.

And a bonus:

If the simplification of normal bending hasn’t gotten to you, there’s still a lot more I have to sift through. There’s so much shit pointing to how bending’s complexity was reduced for coooool moments. I’m even going to make nice little subheaders.


So, in ATLA we see lavabending is a feat only the Avatars are capable of. Roku does it, Kyoshi does it. Avatar cool kids only. But then in Book Three, Bolin suddenly has the ability to lavabend at the tip of the hat. Which, by the way, is another thing stupidly prevalent throughout this series. Both Korra and Bolin in times of crisis suddenly have the ability to do things they couldn’t do, but really wished they could’ve. Hooow convenient.

So the discrepancy here is how Bolin can lavabend, and so can this random Earthbender guy, wouldn’t that mean all Earthbenders can? Metalbending makes sense, but lava is so hot it’s going to set stuff on fire. Technically, it counts as two elements, and has been confirmed as such by making it an Avatar-only thing in ATLA. But now these two random guys can just do this. Apparently it may even be easier than metalbending, which is also ridiculous. If lavabending is just bending the Earth to “go fast”, that’s a lot easier than metalbending because there’s more mass to bend. Just make it go zoom zoom and blamo everyone’s a lavabender.

Some people like to claim that because Bolin had an Earthbending dad and a Firebender mom, then that means he can control both elements to control lava. Which is dumb because then that would make him a fanfic-esque Dual Bender. And we really don’t need any of those. It’s never explained or justified, and is so different from the original show, it feels…sacrilegious. How dare you dishonor the lore. /s


What’s his name?

I don’t really care, because he’s dumb too. I feel like I don’t have to elaborate, though. It should be pretty obvious. ~Harmonic Converge~ (weird af plot device) gave him airbending, and because he studied it before and read a book by an Airbender Lady, he’s a master at it now. His powers are so innate, he worked so little to get to where he is. Hell, he didn’t work at all.

Unless you want me to believe that all his days in prison, he anticipated becoming an airbender and practiced all the moves beforehand. Granted, there are no official moves anymore. I’m sure he’s experienced in reckless punching. That’s all you need to bend, right?

If he can read a book and be great at airbending, why can’t Korra. Why didn’t Aang read THREE books to go defeat Ozai. Aang just should’ve read Earthbending for Dummies. Then he could bend the entire world off its axis. And This Bald Guy can jump off a cliff after quoting some “deep airbending lore” and he can FLY. Not even propelled by anything or even (AGAIN I REITERATE) moving his arms to BEND the currents around him. He’s not flying. He’s floating. And floating characters have always seemed like pretty bad animation, seriously. He looks like a late-stage yuri on ice character. Super out of place, and moving oddly across an undefined plane.


Mako does a couple things I’m not a big fan of. Ok, a lot of things. But in terms of bending, I have a few choice picks.

In Legend of Korra, lightning and its redirection has a lot less of an impact. Being electrocuted no longer hurts anyone unless the writers want us to feel bad for a character being hurt (usually Korra). But half of the time, it’s just there to look really COOL and not really do anything. This is proven by two things. Mako shoots lightning right on Amon at point blank, and Amon isn’t affected. The same is true for Mako. He HOLDS ON to the lightning and ISN’T AFFECTED AT ALL. Let me make another ATLA/LOK comparison.

Zuko: Tries to redirect lightning, gaurding his torso so hopefully it doesn’t hit him. In the end it does and he’s pretty much out of the fight.

Mako: Doesn’t even really care if he’s hit by the lightning at all. He holds on to it for a good few seconds, because it’s not like electrocution hurts or anything. Only after getting a REFRESHING SHOCK for a good bit does he decide to toss it back at the Robo Man.

Maybe this would make sense because Mako is supposed to be a cool, all-powerful Firebender. But then even that theory breaks down, because he can withstand the strongest forms of raw fuckin’ Bending Power from all elements, apparently.

He does another of these dumb moves when he’s being bloodbended by Amon. We see Amon being bloodbended, but he escapes the grip, and the audience assumes it’s because he’s a bloodbender. But then suddenly MAKO CAN DO IT TOO. What a great guy.

Also Amon’s fine from this shock as well. And this kind of encompasses everything I’ve touched on. There’s Amon bending without moving, Mako having unrealistic powers never touched on before, and powers that are nerfed to all hell just to add ~drama~ in replace of actual sense.

TL;DR: LOK’s bending is saturated action filler written in for wish fulfillment, sacrifices old techniques and inner consistency for cool looking moves and scenarios, and shows a disappointing lack of passion or misunderstanding of the source material

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: do you realize that the only reason that the korra universe is so technologically advanced is because aang was trapped in the iceberg of 100 years and the avatars always helped stop major conflicts but because he was gone the war was allowed to continue to the point that they could make new technological advancements like ships and air balloons and tanks and maybe even radios because war always leads to technological progression and it makes sense why every generation before aang was so technologically void because the avatars were there to stop them but not this time and the amount of work to think of this is just, mind boggling?! I love avatar so much

I’ve always wanted to finish my Korra series by doing the original crew. At long last, here they are!

My style has changed since Korra and so has my program of choice. With this set I experimented with the pencil tool for the first time and I like the look of it so much for the roughs that I ended up keeping it for the final lineart. In general these are a lot softer and rounder, which works with the feel of AtLA vs LoK anyway. :) Aahhh my love for Avatar is ever undying. I rewatched a lot of the series “for reference” when I did these and it was pretty easy to get caught up in the episode instead of referencing anything at all. :B

No shade but Toph and Zuko both said in the finale that Aang had not mastered earthbending or firebending so it always kind of bugs me when people say he mastered all the elements in the span of a year because that’s just not true.

It especially bothers me when they say that to tear down Korra.

anonymous asked:

I always thought that everyone reincarnates, the show never clearly states that, but given its Buddhist roots and the ending of The Avatar and the Firelord that seems to heavily imply that Toph is a reincarnation of Roku's Earthbending Master, that's what I always thought. Iroh's fate in Legend of Korra seemed to be a take on Buddhist liberation whereby once you achieve enlightenment you no longer reincarnate but become a spirit. Especially since spirits like the Painted Lady used to be human.

imply that Toph is a reincarnation of Roku’s Earthbending Master

Yeah, I think that was more about the overall theme of friendships, and more about the Roku/Sozin Aang/Sozin connection. Cool idea, but I don’t think that’s what the show was getting that. 

Cool idea though.

You are also very correct about Iroh. According to Bryke, people like Iroh and the Painted Lady achieved enlightenment and left their physical bodies behind, and entered the Spirit World prior to dying. 

So I’m sitting here, ranting with @inesathammar about my fic and how Zuko and Sokka would’ve been the greatest in laws and we’re like cackling over all of the jokes the two would share and somehow… this list of Zutara AU headcanons came up. 

It’s very rambly and long winded. But. Enjoy.

  • Zuko, Sokka, and Hakoda have an ongoing, three-way bromance. 
  • Zuko and Katara had a small, intimate wedding on Kyoshi Island with just their family and big, formal wedding a few months later in the Fire Nation
  • They have three steam babies: 
    • Kya is the first born. She comes along kind of by accident when Zuko is twenty-five and Katara is twenty-three. She looks very much like Zuko, but has wavy hair and tanner skin. She is a firebender and she kicks ass. 
      • She visits Grandpa Iroh in the Earth Kingdom all the time. This is how she meets her husband, an earthbender, and they marry at the Jasmine Dragon. 
      • When she is thirty-five, Zuko abdicates the throne, and she takes over as the greatest Fire Lord - after her father, of course. 
    • Next is Ezra (YES I STOLE THIS NAME, EMILY. I LOVE IT). He comes along a year after his sister. He’s a nonbender, but his parents love him all the same, and he takes up his father’s skill with dual swords. He also trains with Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki. Ty Lee teaches him a bit about chi blocking. Basically, he’s deadly when he wants to be. 
      • He’s very sweet-natured though. He looks a lot like his mother and as he grows up, there’s a lot of Sokka and Hakoda in his features. 
      • Eventually, he marries one of Aang’s daughters, an airbender (more on that later), and takes up a nomadic lifestyle with her. They have all kinds of air babies.
    • Finally, five or six years after Ezra, our beloved Z&K have another little unexpected surprise, a waterbender named Lee. They call him Blue sometimes. 
      • He’s another baby that looks a lot like Katara, which makes Zuko happy because he thinks his wife is very pretty. 
      • Lee doesn’t like the royal life all that much, so Zuko gives him the Blue Spirit mask and Lee becomes a vigilante. However, unlike Zuko, Lee can rest assured that his father won’t put a warrant out for his arrest. 
      • Zuko teaches him all kinds of things about stealth and Katara trains him in waterbending and bloodbending. 
      • Lee is gay and marries a young man from the Fire Nation army. 
  • Zuko and Katara take the family for frequent rides on Druk.
  • I can’t really decide who Aang marries. I don’t ship him with any of the known characters, but I imagine him marrying a nonbender from the Fire Nation and living happily in Republic City with his family. 
  • Aang has many journeys he must take, but he is sure to include all of his children. 
    • Bumi and Tenzin exist as they do in LOK because I like them so much. 
    • Aang’s daughter is named Aria. She is Tenzin’s twin and also an airbender. She meets Ezra during one of her father’s many visits to the Fire Nation and from that point on, the two are inseparable. 
    • Bumi never questions his worth.
  • As for Toph, she never marries, but she has Lin and Su and is quite the wonderful mother. She lives in the Fire Nation (the palace to be exact) until her late 20s, and then she moves to Republic City to help run things. 
  • Zuko gives Toph honorary Fire Nation citizenship so she will always have a place she can really call home.
  • Sokka and Suki get married really young, like 18 and 19, and have one daughter who is an earthbender. 
  • Sokka becomes a member of the white lotus and his daughter does as well when she grows up.
  • Iroh lives happily in Ba Sing Se, running his tea shop, but he always comes to the Fire Nation for the entire winter to visit his son and grandkids. 
  • Iroh also has an adopted cat that he named Lui, after Lu Ten.
  • Hakoda meets a woman from the Fire Nation and remarries and adopts her son as his own. That son takes over the Southern Water Tribe as chief when Hakoda is ready to retire. 
  • When Aang does die, Katara still teaches Korra everything she needs to know about waterbending.
  • Also, at some point, Zuko runs into Jin during a visit with Iroh. He’s very awkward and stammering, naturally. 
    • Katara helps out a bit. She introduces herself to Jin and then introduces Zuko. After a bit more awkward silence, Katara invites Jin over to Iroh’s shop for some tea and conversation. 


Why I have sympathy for the Kataang fandom.

Now, I’m a Zutara shipper through and through, but I’m going to give you my reasons as to why I have sympathy for a Kataanger. My condolences to you — from an outsider.

Honestly, I feel for the Kataang fandom. I honestly, truly do. If I had my otp, my ship destroyed with horrible writing, I’d probably be wrathful as well. I’ve been trying to put myself in a Kataanger’s shoes lately — trying to put myself in their frame of mind.

I’m trying to imagine a world where my otp ended up together in the end. Although instead of them being happy and truly in love, their marriage was broken. On the outside, Aang and Katara could have appeared to be the perfect couple, but you know on the inside they were hurting. They had to have been.

Aang and Katara had 3 children. THREE. Yet only one was really focused on — Tenzin. And for the sole reason being he was born an air bender.

Now, it’s clear in The Legend of Korra that his other children — Kya and Bumi — were pretty ignored by their father. Their father, the Avatar, who should have been an amazing father to all of his children despite them not being air benders, were completely and utterly neglected.

Imagine a world where your literal favorite couple weren’t actually your favorite anymore because they were written so terribly within The Legend of Korra. A world where Aang was a legitimate terrible father and husband. Kya states at one point that he was never home. Either never home or off with Tenzin or their “Airbending journeys”. Bumi is also a bitter old man™ due to being ignored (especially since he was a non-bender until the writers fucking with the spiritual aspect of the show and magically made him an airbender) (remember when he was in front of Aang’s statue wishing he could have made him proud?) (yeah).

They literally turned Aang from ultimate fav to abandoning father. They literally wrote him out to basically not care about his other children and it makes my heart ache for everyone involved.

It makes my heart ache thinking that they wrote it in a way that Katara basically was just letting this all happen. Now, we all know Katara — were with her through everything. Knowing Katara, we would pretty much know that she would not allow someone, especially Aang, to treat her children like that. She has always been strong willed and passionate about those for whom she cares about. Do you really, honestly think she would let Aang, allow anybody, to treat their children like that? It makes me sick. They got everything wrong.

I’m so sorry they didn’t give Katara basically any character development from the time the show ended, to the time she was an old woman. I’m sorry she was made into a trophy wife of the Avatar. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see any of her in any flashback in The Legend of Korra for god only knows why.

I’m sorry that we didn’t get to see any of her accomplishments throughout the rest of her life since the war. They were…what, exactly? We don’t know because she was given no characterization within TLOK. She was given no depth and we got 0% backstory on her and her accomplishments. We were all left to assume that all she was left doing was taking care of Aang’s children of whom he didn’t even treat correctly unless they were an airbender. And there’s nothing wrong with her taking care of her children, but there is something wrong when that’s all she was left doing when we know she was capable of so much more.

Honestly, what was Bryke thinking when writing their story in The Legend of Korra? They literally gave Kataang the worst ending possible and I can’t stress my apologies enough. They truly ruined your ship.

And that’s why I feel for you all. You all honestly deserved better. You deserved a better characterization of both Aang and Katara. They all deserved better. You all deserved better and I’m so sorry that your ship was reduced to such a tragedy.

And as a Zutara shipper, it was important to me to stress the fact that I don’t hate the ship Kataang, I just hate what it was reduced to.

Don’t hate Kataang, hate Bryke.

anonymous asked:

have you ever analyzed how the bending techniques of Aang & Korra (the avatar) changes when they enter the avatar state, which is said to give the present avatar the strength and knowledge of all their past lives? if you have or not, it would be an interesting analysis and gif-set to post on your account.

Yeah, I don’t think that would work, for a few reasons:

  1. Aang wasn’t in control of his Avatar State until Sozin’s Comet, so whenever he went into the Avatar State it wasn’t necessarily him being in control until the very last moment when he didn’t kill Ozai.
    1. That said, all that power usually manifested itself as aggressive force, which is why Aang was so afraid of it in Book 2. 
  2. Korra contrasts with Aang on this front for two reasons 
    1. She was always in control of her Avatar State, so that was always her bending (and also, you forgot that she wasn’t connected to her past lives after book 2, so yeah that’s all her).m
    2. Unlike Aang, she uses her Avatar State in short, brief bursts of power. 

Aang & Raava.

I always loved how peaceful and spiritual Aang was – even though the biggest spiritual changes would come under Korra’s tenure as avatar. But the idea of Aang and Raava together and how overwhelmingly pleased I imagine Aang would have been about meeting a spirit that is the embodiment of light and good inspired this piece.

theadamantdaughter  asked:

A rather long and probably confusing ask: Do you think Aang was /really/ in control of the Avatar State during the finale? I was just thinking about it, and for a number of reasons, I think he wasn't. 1) It happened by complete chance. Guru Patik (?? it's been so long i hope that's right) said he needed to master his emotions/chakras by letting go of earthly attachments BEFORE he could master the Avatar State. 2) During the scene, he seemed almost vengeful and angry, similar to how we saw 1/2

him in other episodes where the Avatar State came on out of rage (The Southern Air Temple, The Avatar State, The Desert). Other Avatars like Roku, Kyoshi, and Korra always wore an impassive expression during their feats in the Avatar State, demonstrating their control. 3) He only came out of it because the influence of his past lives would’ve resulted in the death of Ozai, something he so completely disagreed with. I’m curious about your opinion on this. Was he in control? Or was it instinct?

That’s a really good point. I watched the final episode a while ago with Bryke’s commentary to see what they said about how Aang mastered the Avatar State and I took notes, lol. And that’s exactly how they worded it. They said that there was an energy blockage around Aang’s scar, and that the rock was able to open the flow of energy by hitting the same spot as Azula’s lightning strike. This put him into the Avatar State, unable to control it. They also said that there was a psychological factor. They said that when the Avatar State took control of Aang, it represented the “vengeful and wrathful” Avatar Spirit taking over his human vessel. But that was not who Aang was. Then they said that in overcoming those “raw emotions” and rising above them, he was able to take control of the Avatar State on his own. Bryke said that more killing was not what the world needed and that Aang became a fully realized Avatar by choosing not to kill. Then this allowed him to bend energy. 

The reason it was so important to open the chakras and let go of attachment was never explained. The Avatar has to be selfless when the time is right. If Kyoshi had an attachment to her own moral purity the way Aang did, she would not have been able to stop Chin, and he would have done far worse than he did. Roku loved his friend, but because he was threatening the world with war, he needed to be able to put those feelings aside if necessary. That’s the Avatar’s duty. But he couldn’t at first. His personal attachment gave the world Sozin and his genocide. Being the Avatar means being able to put personal feelings aside. Aang didn’t really make a choice for the world. It was kind of the opposite. Bryke wrote it so that Aang’s attachment to his own personal feelings about killing let him master the Avatar State. And he was sure lucky that Lion Turtle showed when it did.

Then there is the description from the Sozin’s Comet novelization:

Finally, as Ozai closed in for the kill, Aang backs into the rock which puts enormous pressure on the wound, loosening the spirits again. In that moment, when he was literally backed into a corner with no other option, Aang accepted what he must do, and decided to put the Avatar before Aang. This sacrifice of personal desire and the acceptance of duty unlocked his final chakra, allowing the pure cosmic energy to flow into his body.

Here it describes what I’ve been saying. That Aang would have needed to accept the responsibility and sacrifice personal desires, and kill Ozai in order to unlock his final chakra. But that wasn’t what I saw on-screen? All I saw was Aang hitting the rock. Then he just instantly went into the Avatar State. Like a magic button was pushed. If they had actually showed Aang making a conscious decision to kill on his own, then that would have made more sense and they wouldn’t have even needed the rock jabbing scene. The author was probably given information while writing the novel maybe from Ehasz, to write something that was more thematically in line with what was originally supposed to happen. To give some kind of explanation instead of just “pointy rock”.


Like Three Musketeers

I really wanted to draw some Toph after all this Toph-feelings there’s been lately.

Some how I ended up drawing her with Sokka and Aang and just began to think how hard it must’ve been for her after they died. Sure, she still had Katara, Zuko, her daughters and other friends, but even while in the Gaang I always got the hunch that Toph, Sokka and Aang sort of formed a little trio of their own.

I think Toph must’ve felt really lonely after “her boys” were gone for good, even if she wouldn’t show it  so openly.