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OMG yaas. I’m perfectly fine with the ship itself but it’s nearly impossible going into the #kataang tag or just looking up kataang without seeing a barbaric amount of hate and anti.

A lot of ZK shippers make Katara shallow enough to commit infidelity or whatever in order to be with Zuko. And I’m like wHAT?? How shallow and incompetent do you have to be in order to make a ship work??

Those ZK shippers who write plethora long commentaries to belittle on KA or MZ have no life. They could put that much effort into being proud about their ship and put it on thousands of pedestals like what went down with their ship week. (which was great btw, i’m just boycotting it)

Don’t hate the ship, hate the shippers

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And those ZK shippers who don’t hate: bless you and always wear a seatbelt


It’s summer time! Hit the beach and get sand bending! Vine by @edskudder.

Two years later and my series of benders is still ongoing lol. Here’s airbending and Aang, who always maintains his compassion and ideals despite the instabilities and harsh realities that surround him.

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