aami insurance

I need to get this message out to all Australians. So my American friend and I came up with a ship name for Rhonda and Ketut after I made her watch all the videos. (She hardcore ships them now) and we decided it to be KETONDA. It's perfect for every Aussie's OTP.

There this car insurance ad here in Australia, and heres how it goes.

Theres an old man in a bath tub full of soapy, dirty water, then he gets out, hands a bar of soap to his grown ass son and goes “your turn son”. And the son reluctantly gets in the tub as the old man goes to the mirror, and in the mirror is his FUCKING OLD MOTHER ON THE FUCKING TOILET!!!

It’s all about how you save money with their insurance, so you don’t have to move back in with your parents.

It is both the most entertaining and horrifyingly disturbing ad I have ever seen!!!