genuinely disgusted by the response to the election result and the gross elitism coming from the bachchas I used to call ‘my boys’, who saw me as the didi they could playfully annoy 

none of it is even disguised any more, it’s not even just disappointment at the AAP win, it’s just fucking rickshawala jokes 

I get it with some of them, they come from BJP families, etc but most of it is just a) thinking it’s edgy to be offensive and cynical b) being contrarian for the fuck of it and c) thinking they know better than everyone else, better than the aam aadmi

I guess it’s too much to expect them to even know the aam aadmi’s plight when the tinted windows of their BMWs protect them from having to see the real India 

Kejriwal and his family look too much like their driver bhaiyas and their families. They can’t imagine Chhottu running this city. 

mango people will never understand the aam aadmi 

Delhi: No city for women

Suggestions to the Delhi Government:

  • STOP using the term ‘EVE TEASING’ - it trivialises indecent, criminal actions by lecherous men.

Passing lewd remarks/singing cheap songs/pulling at clothes/making indecent physical contact/intimidating/stalking - is all loosely categorised as 'Eve Teasing’! 

Shouldn’t they be termed 'sexual offenders’???

  • Name them, shame them  - a public website that publishes names and addresses of those caught misbehaving with women. If in Government jobs, let them loose their jobs, if in school/college - let them be suspended.

photo credit: Dainik Jagran