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Good Girl (Smut)


Request: Can you do something like Keep It Down but with Aaliyah being in the room.

Word count: 3,512

I was lying between each of Shawn’s thighs on the couch, my back resting against his broad chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me.

We were cuddled up and tangled together under a warm blanket, watching some random movie on the TV that Aaliyah really wanted us to see with her. Aaliyah was lying under another blanket in the beanbag in front of us, resting her head on the edge of the grey sofa.

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First Heartbreak

Originally posted by usedpimpa

Requested by anonymous: An imagine about Aaliyah gets her heartbroken and Shawn’s being the big protective brother?? And it’s fluffy and cute! Thank you!! 😍💝 and im in the imagine too! LOLOLOL 😊

Note: don’t like, don’t read - it’s that simple :)


Ever since you began dating Shawn, Aaliyah had automatically taken a liking to you.

She was excited for there to be another girl around, besides her mother or her best friends. Aaliyah looked up to you as a big sister, almost - always asking you for advice.

Whether it be about clothes; school; friends; sports; boys - Aaliyah always wanted to talk to you about something. It actually got to the point where Shawn had accused you of stealing his sister, jokingly, of course.

Lately, though, there was one topic that girl could not stop talking about: boys.

According to her, his name was Ben and he was the most perfect thing to walk the earth. Aaliyah’s words - not yours.

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Dad Hat

Request: Older and married and finally find out she’s pregnant and cute + fluffy / “They didn’t just find out!  They already knew!”

a/n: hello all!! i have been up to my head in sociology homework this week, and most recently, celebrating the Patriots historic super bowl win!!!!! i hope you’re all having a lovely day/night/afternoon in whatever timezone you find yourself in!! and i’m also not ashamed that the first thing i thought of when writing soon-to-be dad shawn was him wearing a dad hat. so enjoy and tell me your thoughts 💜💜💜

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You didn’t know how you didn’t catch it sooner.  You had missed your last two periods, you’d been nauseous for the past few weeks throughout the day, and you’d been feeling more tired than lately.  They were the generic signs, and for some reason, they all went over your head.

           Normally, when you got nervous, you paced around your room.  And that’s exactly what you were doing now.  Shawn was in the studio for the day, so you were home alone to sit with your thoughts.  You knew when you would tell Shawn that he would be over the moon about you being pregnant.

           It would be your first child together, and you knew better than anyone else how much Shawn wanted to be a father.  It didn’t matter if you were having a boy or a girl, Shawn would be filled with love either way for your child.


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anonymous asked:

"Baby please wake up, you promised you wouldn't do this again. Baby please wake up."

“Baby please wake up, you promised you wouldn’t do this again. Baby please, wake up”

“Baby please wake up, you promised you wouldn’t do this again. Baby, please just open your eyes for me” I begged once again, as if he could actually hear it.

I wanted to scream at him, grab his shoulders and shake some life into him. Hell, if he wasn’t already fighting for his life, I would kill him myself for doing this to me.

To all of us.

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a/n: i literally don’t know what to call this. but gueSS WHO’S BACK!! also: send me all of the requests you have i am going to try to actually fulfill requests more often than i do and stuff!!! 

The Starbucks that had opened a few minutes from Shawn’s home was his new favorite spot, he had decided one day while drinking an iced green tea and jotting down some song lyrics. He had been in the coffee shop a few times before, but this was the first time he sat down and stayed for longer than it took to make his drink. And he noticed the barista who was at the register, and how her eyes would light up whenever she smiled, and how she always told the customers to “have a nice day!” even if they were talking on their phone the entire time. He was mesmerized by her, and suddenly felt like a stalker when he realized he had been staring at her.

Sharply looking down, he went back to song-writing, and quickly finished a verse of song, and his iced tea. Standing up, he threw out the empty cup and left the coffee shop.

“Wait!! Sir, wait!” A voice called after him, and Shawn turned around to see the barista chasing after him with a wallet. “You forgot this at your table, thought you might need it.” She smiled.

“Oh, thanks.” He smiled, pocketing the worn wallet. “Have a good day.”

“You, too.” She tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, and turned to enter the building.

Shawn sighed, there was no way he could get over this girl, and he didn’t even know her name.

A few days had gone by since Shawn had enough free time to head over to Starbucks, and he hoped the girl was working when he pulled into the parking lot with his sister. “So, is that girl you were talking about working?” Aaliyah asked, opening the door.

“Shut up!” Shawn shushed her, and they stepped into line.

They got to the front rather quickly, and Shawn took in a breath when he saw who was taking their order. “Hi! What’ll it be today? Iced green tea, right?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Um, yeah, and whatever she wants, too.” Shawn nodded to Aaliyah, who ordered a mocha frappichino and a chocolate chip cookie.

“Ooh, my favorite!” The barista laughed. “Total’s going to be ten dollars.” She smiled, and Shawn slid his card. “Don’t forget your wallet this time!” She joked, and Shawn smiled at her.

While they waited for their drinks, Aaliyah studied her brother. He was watching the girl take orders, and make conversation with customers. “You totally like her.”

“I don’t!” He said, grabbing his tea. He handed Aaliyah her coffee and they found a table, and sat down. “I mean, yeah, she’s cute. But she probably has a boyfriend or something, and I don’t even know her name!”

“So? Go ask her, make some good conversation.” Aaliyah smiled.

Shawn continued to go to the Starbucks while she was working, and had learned her name was Y/N. They talked for many, many hours, and had eventually exchanged numbers. One night, Shawn was driving home from a party when he saw the lights were on inside the Starbucks, and that Y/N was cleaning.

Shawn took a deep breath, and opened the door to the shop. “Sorry we’re clos- oh, it’s you. What’s up?” She asked, standing up from the table she was cleaning.

“Do you wanna go on a date? Maybe see a movie? Something?” Shawn asked.

Smiling, Y/N walked over to Shawn, and rose to her tip-toes. She pressed her lips against his, and smiled. “I’d love to.”

a/n: is it good

The Ice

Originally posted by thugshawn

Requested by anonymous: imagine where shawn gets a hockey injury?

Note: Shawn and hockey….two of my fave things that happen to go together quite nicely


It happened quickly.

Too quickly, actually. You barely had any time to register what even happened when the referee and coach yell timeout.

Shawn’s laying on the ice, body scrunched up against the side as his face shows complete and utter pain. Your heart pounds against your chest as your nerves feel like they’ve been set on fire. You knew there wasn’t much you could do for him while he was out on the ice and you weren’t allowed on; the only thing you can actually do, is pray that it’s nothing serious and he will be relieved of his pain.

You hear him yell for a second and see him pound at the ice with his gloved hand, as the medic team touches around under the mass padding.

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Keep Away

Requested: Shawn and Aaliyah being cute siblings / Y/n and Shawn are babysitting Aaliyah with the prompts “Where’s the first aid kit?” + “stop worrying so much”

a/n: so I kinda assumed the first one included y/n bc just writing about aaliyah and shawn would be a little odd…but anyway, I’m the biggest sibling stan with shawn and Aaliyah bc they are just so gosh darn cute together ugh

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According to you, spending anytime you could with Shawn was time well spent.  He was always busy jetting off from one country to the next, so spending any time with him was a real treat.  Whenever he was home for a period of time, you always spent it at his house.  Just because you were his girlfriend and don’t live with him, doesn’t mean that his family see him more than you.

           So to ease the stress of making sure he sees everyone he wants to while on a break, you make the ten-minute drive to his house whenever you could.  The day was nearing to an end, and you had spent the whole day at the Mendes residence. Normally, you wouldn’t want to overextend your stay, but Shawn’s parents were always happy to have you around and they were also going out with some friends that night.

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Infinite Loop - Endless: Frank Ocean by Leeroy Ruwizhi

After nostalgia, ULTRA in 2011, came Channel Orange with a year’s delay. An album that benchmarked rhythm and blues, even Chris Brown who falls short of the genre wanted to fight. What stood out were the black nouveau riche references, mentions of Ladera Heights being the peak.This was the mature stage in the life cycle of the elusive, but prodigious artist. Somewhat an account of lived and perceived experiences.

Endless starts off with a skit to ease the listener into gramophone and velvet loafers feels. The first track with Frank Ocean’s vocals is a cover of a cover. It’s Aaliyah covering the Isley Brothers. A loop of a loop. A copy of a copy. Endless, right? He digs deeper into an introspective abyss until he finds his childhood, as reflected on Alabama in which he recounts a teenage mom fighting a sister-in-law all laid over Sampha inspired piano pangs. It’s returning to the rudimentary life experiences that helped formulate his character.

 It’s going back to the earliest point in the life cycle of the artist. Some of the experiences reminded him of how socially, financially and sexually marginalised to the point he donned an invisibility cloak. The album comes off as a sonic rage against the loop he is stuck in, a static world which still maintains its hostility towards certain groups of people inhabiting it. For example, bisexuals. He is looking to break it through creating music. A quick cut to the visuals in which he is in a warehouse doing carpentry, it kind of resembles the amount of time he puts into his craft. Eventually he assembles a black spiral staircase, it’s like he hopes his music will take him out of the current frame of mind he is in, the clatter audible on ‘Mine’ The end of the staircase is cut off, inferring he has made it out of his confines, link an article of his new economic freedom here and how that transcendence is endless, a continual input of patience and workmanship that gets one out of whatever constraints they may be in, just to face new hurdling instances. 

There is some proclivity to assume the loop to be static, Comme Des Garçons legitimizes it’s dynamic state. It’s a showcase of vitality, a daring drive for continuity. Ultimately, a middle finger up self righteous pricks who campaign against homosexuality after going through a poor reproductive science article clawing it’s way through how the human race’s continuity is doomed for embracing alternative forms of love. At this point it’s lazy to deny Frank Ocean’s philosophical musings after insert Tumblr post one about spinning in a room it’s possible the self proclaimed deity is hinting at the dated concept of evolution, but from an artistic perspective. He had been struggling with writer’s block until a conversation with a childhood friend took him back to a certain memory and revitalized his pen. He undeniably proves there is growth where we look down on and rather choose not to engage certain bitter memories. You have to be some kind of immortal to pick scabs off healed wounds and let the bleeding paint an illustrious narrative of a young black bisexual man. More so in a world that is against Black people and queers. Could this growth, the search deep into ourselves be what’s endless? If not, enjoy and maybe relate to some of the pensive love stories of 2016.

Young Love

Note: I loved writing this one. I love protective older brother Shawn. 

Requested: Can you do one where aaliyah is dating your brother and you’re dating Shawn? idk it’s the only thing I could think of


“They’re thirteen, and fourteen,” Shawn says to you out of nowhere. “They shouldn’t be dating.”

You’re sitting in the passenger side of Shawn’s jeep as he drives you home to drop you off and pick up Aaliyah from your house. She started dating your little brother a couple weeks ago and it seems to be going well so far. You think it’s adorable, Shawn, however, is being a protective older brother. It only makes it worse that this is Aaliyah’s first real relationship.

You weren’t talking about your little siblings dating, but apparently it was on Shawn’s mind since he brought it up out of nowhere. “We weren’t too much older than they are when we started dating.” You reply to him. He’s really upset that they’re so young, but you were fifteen when you guys started dating.

“We were much older.” He responds.

“Like a year.” You correct.

“I don’t know, but it’s just different with them.” He says, not really being able to say why.

“Its because she’s your little sister. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that she’s growing up.” You tell him.

“I just don’t want them to get hurt, either of them.” Shawn says. He treats your little brother like his own brother. He doesn’t dislike your brother, but he’s just afraid of them hurting each other and breaking each other’s hearts.

“Shawn, you can’t protect them forever.” You tell him.

“I know, but I want to.” He’s so set on this. “I don’t think they should date. Not each other and not anyone. They shouldn’t date until they’re much older. Like at least twenty.” He says matter-of-factly.

“Shawn, we aren’t even twenty now. Should we not be dating?” You ask him. He has such double standards when it comes to you two, and when it comes to your siblings. It drives Aaliyah crazy, and you have to admit that it isn’t fair to them.

“No, I don’t know babe, I just really love them both and I’m scared of what will happen if this doesn’t work out. They’re so young. I just think they should wait to date.”

“They are young, but they’re figuring things out for themselves, and if this doesn’t work out, they’ll both learn from it, and we’ll both be here to pick up the pieces.” You reassure him.

“I don’t want to pick up the pieces,” He insists. “Because I don’t want there to be any pieces.”

“That’s out of your control, Shawn.” You tell him.

He’s silent for a moment, and then he finally says. “You’re right. I guess we just have to let them go, huh?”

“Yes, exactly.” You respond, glad he’s finally starting to understand.

A few moments later, you pull up in front of your house, and Shawn parks his jeep in the driveway. He follows you inside, where Aaliyah and your little brother are watching a movie in the living room. Once Shawn sees the two of them on the couch, all of his resolve from just minutes earlier to just let them go and figure it out on their own disappears. He says to your brother, “I love you, little man, but you better keep your hands and any other parts of your body off of my sister.”

Your brother, like the smartass fourteen year old he is, responds, “You don’t keep your hands or other body parts off my sister.”

Your jaw drops at the fact that your little brother said this. “(Y/b/n)!” You scold.

“What?” He asks, “Its true!”

“That may be true,” Shawn responds, “But we’re both eighteen and we’ve been dating for three years. Since you’re thirteen and fourteen and have been dating for all of two weeks, there will be none of that.” He says sternly. He’s worse than his dad is when it comes to being overprotective of Aaliyah. And he’s worse than your dad was with you too. “Aaliyah, we have to go.” He says to her.

Aaliyah, who is thoroughly irritated with Shawn and this entire interaction at this point says, “Can’t we at least finish the movie?”  

“Is it almost done?” He asks.

“Like twenty more minutes.” She responds.

Before Shawn has a chance to reply, you take his hand. “That’s fine. We’ll be in my room.” You say, pulling him upstairs.

“Keep all your body parts off my sister!” Your brother shouts up the stairs as you two leave.

“Shut up (Y/b/n)!” You yell at him.

Once in your room, you tell Shawn, “You’re overreacting way too much.”

“I don’t want them doing anything.” He replies.

“They’re kids, they aren’t doing anything.”

You try to get him to understand, but he only replies. “That’s what you think.”

“I know they’re not. I trust my brother and I trust your sister. You need to trust them too.” You tell him sternly, not backing down because you don’t want him to ruin their relationship. That isn’t either of your places, and he needs to stay out of it.

“I just worry,” He responds, and you can tell that he is genuinely stressed out about this.

You know he just cares and wants the best for them, but he needs to just let them go and let the relationship run its course. “Don’t worry so much. Its their relationship, and we both know that no matter how much you threaten or hover, they’re going to find a way to do what they want to do. Don’t push them or they might just do it a lot faster than they would have otherwise. Kids work like that.”

“Please don’t let that be true.” He groans.

“Then don’t push.”

“Done, I won’t push.” He answers immediately. He takes a seat on your bed, and pulls you down next to him, lightly kissing you. You pull away and jokingly say, “I distinctly remember my brother telling you to keep your body parts off of me.”

He rolls his eyes, “Okay, I deserved that. But that doesn’t mean I’ll listen.” Then he kisses you again, harder this time. And you just laugh.

awkwardlove18  asked:

Hey so I love your writing and have an idea for am imagine! So I'm from Texas and when we have playoff football games for school the girlfriends usually wear their boyfriends football jersey. (lol aka NOT me). So could you maybe do one where Shawn and y/n are dating and his hockey team goes to playoffs or whatever it's called and she wears his hockey shirt. :-)

This is actually the cutest thing ever omg

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You looked in the mirror as you tightened your ponytail and straightened out the jersey you were wearing.  Technically the jersey wasn’t yours, it was your boyfriends.  When Shawn was home, with his spare time between hanging out with family and friends, he was on a hockey team.  He was lucky enough that his team still wanted to keep him even though he was barely around.

Shawn wouldn’t play for the entire game because other people on the team have had more practice than him, but he would still make it in for half of the game because he was a good player.  And of course being from Canada only made his love, and your love, for hockey much stronger.

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