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The 2001 MTV Video Music Awards aired live on September 6, 2001, honoring the best music videos from June 10, 2000, to June 8, 2001. The show was hosted by Jamie Foxx at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. This was also the last awards show to be held prior to the September 11 attacks, which occurred five days later, and it featured the World Trade Center towers in Limp Bizkit’s winning rock video. The show also featured memorials for Aaliyah and Joey Ramone. Many of the night’s winners dedicated awards to the two fallen musicians over the course of the telecast. Janet Jackson introduced a tribute to Aaliyah. Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Ginuwine and big brother Rashad Haughton gave tribute to Aaliyah at the show. Missy Elliott sported a white and pink tribute jacket with an airbrushed picture of Aaliyah. Usher sported his own Aaliyah tribute shirt as well.

I Care 4 U

Hey my baby

Why you lookin’ so down?

Seems like you need a lovin’

Baby you need a girl like me


 Grabbing a cold beer from your fridge, you popped the top on the edge of the counter, walked back into the living room and handed the beer to Jai who was sitting on your couch devastated yet again.

“I really cared for this one Y/N” he told you as he took a swig of the beer.

“I know you did Jai.” You comforted as you sat beside him. You did not understand why he subjected himself to stupid, immature women. This was the third time this year that his ‘relationships’ ended badly. So here he was yet again sitting on your couch in the middle of the night pouring his heart out to you. You listen as you always did fighting the urge to lean in and kiss him. Why did he not see that you were the one that has always been there for him? Not those stupid young fashion models he dated. You were the one he called first when he had good news to share, you were the one that read scripts he received and offered advice on what role to take, and you were the one who was always there to support him in all his endeavors. Why could he not see how much you cared for him? You took a sip of your beer as you continued to listen to him as your eyes fell on his bulging bicep as he lifted his beer to his lips. It seriously looked like he was about to Hulk out and bust out of his tight shirt. You shook your head to dispel the image of Jai’s broad, hairy chest.

Hey my baby

Tell me why you cry

Here take my hand and (yeah)

Wipe those tears from your eyes

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I wish I had a friend who like took cute pictures of me and my baby just like living life. Like we know each other’s angles and lighting and just get pictures of everyday moments I’m tired of having to ask people to take pictures like I have 5 pictures of Aaliyah and I that aren’t selfies 🙄