aaliyah haughton

The Evolution of Aaliyah by Jerron Couture

  1. Rock The Boat
  2. We Need A Resolution
  3. More Than A Woman
  4. Try Again
  5. Are You That Somebody?
  6. Hot Like Fire
  7. One In A Million
  8. 4 Page Letter
  9. If Your Girl Only Knew
  10. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number
  11. Back And Forth



I think that Aaliyah’s death will always leave a hole in urban music, and I think that people will always miss her, but I hope that the positive image that she represented will carry on, and that young people will still aspire to the greatness that she exuded. -Emil Wilbekin

She had a refreshing outlook for one so young, with true respect for her art and for her elders. She brought joy to my heart, and I felt blessed to encourage and support her professionally and personally as she strove for each new goal. -Gladys Knight

She would just do silly stuff. One time, she put these big fake teeth in her mouth, the kind you get at a joke shop, and she came into my room and started doing the scenes from Romeo Must Die. Her personality was very playful, but she was also equally caring and compassionate. -Missy Elliott

(Aaliyah) was like my seventh daughter. She had so much grace. That’s why I just thought her so special — that such a young person always approached her creativity with humility and her success with such grace. -Quincy Jones

She matured a lot in the last year. She really settled into her womanhood. Her parents gave her more freedom, and she took more control of her projects. She fell in love with Damon and that was it. She wanted to have a family, and we talked about how we couldn’t wait to kick back with our babies. -Kidada Jones

God definitely must’ve needed an extra angel. A real strong angel. -Sean Combs

I want people to remember me as a full on entertainer and a good person.

R.I.P. BabyGirl (16 January 1979 - 25 August 2001 ∞)