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I CARE 4 U - Aaliyah
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Choreographer Aakomon Jones Talks About Working With Aaliyah

Q: How did you first hook up with Aaliyah?

AJ: I first hooked up with Aaliyah around her last album. I was the assistant choreographer for “We Need A Resolution”, “More Than A Woman”, and “Rock the Boat”. Fatima was of course the lead choreographer.

Q: Where you excited to work with Aaliyah?

AJ: First and foremost I was a huge fan of Aaliyah’s. Watching the way Aaliyah and Fatima put their choreography together was always phenomenal. So to work with Fatima and Aaliyah was a dream.

Q: What was it like working with Aaliyah?

AJ: Aaliyah was a pleasure to work with. Aaliyah was ever the perfectionist. She always showed up on time ready and willing to learn routines even if we totally changed the direction of the choreography. For instance, when we were creating choreography for the “Rock The Boat” video we must have gone through 5 different instances of Asian, Indian, South American dance styles. Aaliyah never complained once. She was willing to change and explore with me and Fatima until we got everything right. Like I said, ever the perfectionist.

Q: Can you give us any off hand stories about Aaliyah?

AJ: Aaliyah always found time to enjoy herself while working. What I can tell you about are good times we had going out to lunch after a long day of routines and rehearsals.  Even though we were at times working 12 to 13 hour days Aaliyah and her crew found time to laugh. She was a real practical joker.  

Track list:

1. Big Lost - Diplo
2. Palm Hand - Mr. Carmack
3. Back & Forth - Aaliyah
4. D.E.E.P. - Outkast(Big Boi & Andre 3000)
5. Excuse Me Miss La La La (Prof. Moses Rmx) - Jay Z
6. Raggae Music Tun Up - Paul Elliott
7. Party Startah - DMNDZ X CVPELLV 
8. Capture Land - Chronixx
9. Lonelyfuckingsamurai - Mr Carmack
10. Just A Friend - Biz Markie
11. Lituation - Fabolous
12. 808 Baby - Dookee Productionz

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