aaliyah dana haughton

The Evolution of Aaliyah by Jerron Couture

  1. Rock The Boat
  2. We Need A Resolution
  3. More Than A Woman
  4. Try Again
  5. Are You That Somebody?
  6. Hot Like Fire
  7. One In A Million
  8. 4 Page Letter
  9. If Your Girl Only Knew
  10. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number
  11. Back And Forth

Aaliyah was quite the beauty. A remarkable performer, she embraced such a unique style of her own, an amazing voice, a captivating personality, a sweetheart, a genuine human being, such a skillful artist who had so many plans, so much in store for her, so young, certainly gone too soon.

She is influenced through most talented artist you see today. Her dancing was just incredible I must not forget to mention, it’s beautiful to know how many people still love and remember you, forever & always BABYGIRL
RIP Aaliyah.