aaliyah are you that somebody

So in order to work through writer’s block I’m making myself put my music on shuffle and write 10 drabbles for 10 songs. No skipping. This could go very badly tbh. But. This is the first one. The NSFW bit is under a cut. :)

1. Are You That Somebody - Aaliyah

Oh boy, see I’m trusting you with my heart, my soul

Zayn tugs at the edge of his beanie, pulling it further over his ears to ward against the early spring chill. Sneaking out was easier than he’d thought it would be and guilt still tugs at the edges of his stomach over it. He’s never openly defied his parents before. He hasn’t always been an easy kid, but he’s always toed the line before now.

Above his head the sodium bulb of the street lamp glows dull orange and plunges into darkness before flickering back to life. It’s dying, like everything else in this town. The slow cycling death seems an apt metaphor.

Two months ago Zayn’s main goal was to focus on his grades and get out. It’s something his parents have pushed him on forever and he hasn’t always been grateful for it, but his future is looming and uni is just around the corner. Escape from a dead end job and a grim day to day existence seems possible.

Two months ago Zayn met Liam Payne in a chip shop and his dedication to academic excellence started to unravel. He can’t help himself. All he wants is Liam’s hands on him, Liam’s voice in his ear, Liam’s attention wrapped around him like a blanket. He’s not failing or anything, but the dip in focus hasn’t gone unnoticed by his parents and he’s been barred from seeing Liam for the time being.

Hence, waiting under a dying street lamp around the corner in front of the sad little park he used to play in when he was younger. Nerves clench his stomach and Zayn stops himself from checking his phone. Liam will show. He’s never late.

Zayn hears Liam’s car before he sees it, motor knocking unhealthily under the hood. The fact that the poor thing is still driving around is a minor miracle, but Liam loves it like a child even though he really knows very little about cars. Liam pulls alongside Zayn in a rough idle and rolls down the window.

“Need a ride?” he asks with a quirked eyebrow and mischievous grin.

Zayn rolls his eyes and slides into the passenger seat. “You’re not cute,” he lies.

“I’m adorable,” Liam counters, pushing his full lower lip into a pout.

Zayn leans over and kisses him, nibbling lightly on his plush lower lip because it’s on display and he can’t help himself. Liam’s mouth is an invitation to sin and Zayn has spent far too many hours fixating on it. He forces himself to pull away rather than deepening the kiss because they’re still in the neighborhood and anyone could see them and rat Zayn out to his mom.

“Take me somewhere nice,” he demands imperiously.

Liam snorts. “Yeah, babe. Our options are wide open. You want the abandoned mill or the abandoned hospital? You know we’re not leaving the car anyway.”

“The mill,” Zayn replies quickly. The hospital gives him the creeps. It’s partially demolished and looks like the scene of a horror movie. Especially at night.

All they really need is a place to park behind that hides them from the road. Abandoned buildings just have fewer patrols than, say, a shopping center. The last thing Zayn needs is to be busted by the police and escorted home. He would be grounded till he’s forty.

Zayn rests his palm on Liam’s leg, hoping he’ll cover it with his own. He doesn’t, hands firmly at 10 and 2 like a proper old man. It’s kind of sweet how cautious he is, if mildly frustrating. Liam takes his eyes off the completely empty road for half a second to smile warmly over at Zayn.

“I missed you,” Liam murmurs.

“Me too,” Zayn confesses. “I hate not being able to see you.”

Liam pulls off the road into the lot surrounding the old mill. Gravel crunches under the tires as he slowly drives around to the back side. Broken, hollowed out windows glare down at them and Zayn suppresses a shiver. It’s not as creepy as the hospital, but it’s still pretty eery. The second Liam shifts the car into park, Zayn has his seatbelt off and is swinging over to straddle Liam’s lap.

“Hi,” Liam says with a grin, hands coming up to cradle Zayn’s hips.

“Hi,” Zayn replies somewhat breathlessly. 

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