Jeremy Lin’s Video Response to Stuyvesant HS 

Lin-sanity is still going strong! Back in March, Stuyvesant High School seniors put together a video requesting Jeremy Lin to speak at their high school graduation. The video went viral in hopes of getting to Jeremy. Jeremy tweeted that he could not come speak this year, but he promised a video response and a possible appearance at the high school. This video is Jeremy’s video response to Stuyvesant High. Enjoy!


AA Limelight Clip of the Week: Seeking Asian Female 

Seeking Asian Female is a documentary that explores the concept of Yellow Fever through the story of a caucasian elderly man named Steven who is on a mission to marry a “young Asian bride.” After several online searches and request letters to hundreds of Asian women, his quest leads him to a young Chinese woman named Sandy who agrees to marry Steven despite never meeting him. In essence, Sandy is a modern day picture bride. 

Throughout the film, director Debbie Lum, a Chinese-American woman herself, provides viewers with a raw look at the awkward, humorous, and often painful moments as the couple prepares for their wedding day, despite facing language and cultural barriers and knowing little about each other. Throughout the film, Lum unwillingly becomes a character in her own documentary as both Steven and Sandy ask for her assistance in not only translation but also moral guidance. 

Seeking Asian Female was recently selected as a finalist for The SXSW Documentary Feature category.  

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AA Limelight Clip of the Week: Honda’s “Foreign Language Couple”

This week’s clip of the week, as chosen by a member of our team, is a commercial that depicts a Chinese couple sizing up a new Honda. I don’t want to spoil everything, but it’s an amusing take at transnationalism and the way language moves across borders to affect the way we interact with one another within and across cultures. Check it out!

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AA Limelight’s Clip of the Week: Your Year and Happiness

This week’s Clip of the Week features Youtube sensation Jennifer Chung, whose  new music video is a fitting homage to 2011 with an optimistic outlook for the future. Personally, I really appreciate that the video features more than the slim model-esque women in most hip hop/pop vids, and challenges pressures put on girls across the U.S. to fit a certain image. Cheers to Jennifer Chung for a great 2011, and here’s to an even better 2012 for all of us. Also, watch for a sick set by Instant Noodles halfway through the video!


AA Limelight Clip of the Week: Home is Where the Hans Are Episode 1

By Karen Yu

This week’s Clip of the Week is the first episode of Wong Fu Production’s new mini-series, Home is Where the Hans Are. While it appears to have all the elements of romance, humor, and quality that we’ve come to expect from Wong Fu, they attack issues with greater depth in this new series.

The story is focused on a main character whose return to his parents is marked by the discovery of a Chinese stepfather, stepbrother, and stepsister. The first episode is laced with blunt portrayals of microaggressions and the contradictions surrounding how people perceive interracial relationships. I definitely did not expect this from Wong Fu, and the focus on Asian American advocacy recalls earlier works such as Yellow Fever. As Wong Fu said in the Youtube description of the episode, “Our goal with this series is to show a general audience who might not be used to seeing Asians as a typical TV family, that seeing our faces in these roles should not be strange.” Just for that, I’ve got to give them props.