Our poetry celebration (co-hosted w/ Tumblr) knocked my socks off. The spectacular evening at Housing Works Bookstore featured poet laureate Philip Levine and 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry, Tracy K. Smith. In addition, beloved newcomers Karolina Manko and Saeed Jones, dazzled the crowd with their sharp verse.

Just started reading a book called "The Dog Stars" by Peter Heller,

and I landed in this immensely beautiful passage. I want to share it with you:

Sometimes back then, fishing with Jasper up the Sulphur, I hit my limit. I mean it felt my heart might just burst. Bursting is different than breaking. Like there is no way to contain how beautiful. Not it either, not just the beauty. Something about how I fit. This little bend of smooth stones, the leaning cliffs. The smell of spruce. The small cutthroat making quiet rings in the black water of a pool. And no need to thank even then. Just be. Just fish. Just walk up the creek, get dark, get cold, it is all a piece. Of me somehow.

Melissa part of the same circle. But different because we are entrusted with certain souls. Like I could hold her carefully in my cupped hands, like to bear her carefully carefully, the country I cannot, but her I can, and maybe all along it was she holding me.

I have just started but if you’d like to share in this experience: go get a copy!


Finished it one sitting. Damn. What a read. Read it through tears. Hemingway meets McCarthy. It’s perfect.

City on Fire: The Two Million Dollar Mystery

City on Fire: The Two Million Dollar Mystery

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  “It seemed impossible that he’d chosen to live here, at a latitude where spring was a semantic variation on winter, in a grid whose rigid geometry only a Greek or a builder of prisons could love, in a city that made its own gravy when it rained.”   ― Garth Risk Hallberg, City on Fire   If you haven’t heard of City on Fire, let me update you on how all the hype around this 900ish-page novel came…

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For a post-lunch treat, watch the trailer for #AnnTenna, the new graphic novel by Marisa Acocella Marchetto, out tomorrow!

This Borzoi was created by Warren Chappell. It is believed that he created at least dozen different versions of our beloved logo. This one is favorite of mine!

Chappell was devoted to book design and illustration and was closely associated with the firm of Alfred A. Knopf/Borzoi Books for which he designed many books. He also did illustrations for Random House, Harper & Row, and Doubleday. He was typography consultant to both the Book of the Month Club and American Type Founders.

If you want to learn more, check out www.typophile.com


Meanwhile, standing by: the stars;

a field where the moon shines;

cloud suddenly darken the field.

If nothingness were a rug, we’d buy it.

Houses go uncharted, week after week;

whole lifetimes happen on schedule,

a child arrives without incident,

grows up to be an astronaut I mean assassin.

Dan Chiasson tonight, April 10, at 7 PM

Where’s The Moon, There’s The Moon

Happy birthday to Alfred A. Knopf

The man responsible for publishing some of the finest literature was nothing short of a perfectionist, in every aspect of his life:

[The] outspoken aspect of his character sometimes found voice in letters of complaint to hotels, restaurants, and stores that failed to meet his high standards. These letters grew increasingly frequent and more severe as he aged. One striking example is the six-year-long war of words he waged against the Eastman Kodak Company over a roll of lost film.

All the Truth Is Out by Matt Bai

Bai turns a fresh eye on Gary Hart’s infamous fall from grace in 1987, and in so doing explores the pivotal moment when reporting became story-making and we turned away from serious public discourse, replacing it with sound bites and a rapacious appetite for all things personal. A read both compelling and graceful, Bai shows us just how much we have lost, not only in the brilliance of a public servant wasted but in the aftermath that is our political landscape today. –Melinda

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RG @fodorstravel: We’ve fallen in love with Jhumpa Lahiri’s memoir, IN OTHER WORDS, which she began writing after she moved to Rome to explore the Italian language. And so, today, we are looking at the city from the angle of her thoughts.
Follow along as we share our favorite photos of Rome along with our favorite quotes from IN OTHER WORDS.
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Last Tuesday at The New York Book Show,  Knopf, Doubleday, and Pantheon imprints won awards in various production and design categories.

For General Trade:

1st place Book in General Fiction: The Night Circus

 Judges said:  Gorgeous! Stunning! So beautiful! Thorough pack­age and well thought out from the case to the ends to the overall design, both inside and out. 

2nd place Book in General Fiction: 1Q84

Judges said: Design reflects content of book. See-through jacket and cover design are intriguing. Innovative, readable.

 Merit Award Book in Poetry:  The Hunger Moon

Judges said: Classic but still unique design.  Beautiful composition.

Borzois designed by Chip Kidd

Described as “the closest thing to a rock star” in graphic design today by USA Today, Chip Kidd is currently jacket designer, associate art director, and the head comic book geek at Knopf. Now added to his resume, speaker at TED2012’s Design Studio session. He also is also one of the nicest guy you will ever met.