A reminder to everyone: Theft at cons happens, you need to keep your valuables safe!

Never leave your earnings just laying around in a visible location! It only takes a moment’s lapse in attention (say, when you’re chatting with a customer) for someone to slip your wallet off of the corner of the table and in to their pocket. Same goes for cell phones, mobile gaming platforms, and loose cash/change. Be aware of how the crowd is able to move around your table and store your valuables out of reach! If you’re using a wire cube display you can keep the back side of one of the cubes open as a cubby to store your things safely out of the public eye.

Be PARTICULARLY careful with your change! Don’t just store it in your wallet, loose in your pocket, or (as I’ve seen many people doing at cons lately) in a pencil box. You should have a dedicated change box with a combination lock. These sorts of boxes are pretty conspicuous on their own, so it may be a good idea to decorate yours to match the rest of your booth. If you have to leave your table for an extended period you should consider using something to attach the box physically to the table while you’re gone. It may sound a little extreme, but having all of your earnings for a con stolen can be potentially life-ruining. Be safe!