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First pic: The 2 interchangeable cover! HaruI’s one seems like drawn specially for Newtype’s store. Anyway, it’s glorious!

Second pic: A peek at the special 2-page illustration included, Minakata draws all of them wearing the outfit worn by their seiyuu for Kurogumi Party!


Fumiko Uchimura (Haruki’s VA): Ah-eh-aahh? Wait- what- bookstore yeah i have to go to the bookstore

ALRIGHT- @tattahsketches and I had a really intense discussion about Hetalia these past few days and of course that pirate au couldn’t stay untouched- She drew me this AMAZING piece of art you see right here with APH Scotland being mentally abused- as always- by your one and only, me xD I seriously cannot explain how much I freaking love this, this is everything! xD Not only she capture exactly the relationship but she is one of my favourite artists of all time SO HER ART GIVES ME LIFE IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW ♥ 

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U have autistic dennis headcanons???? What are they??

AHH I do!!! ok first like,  this post from @angrydennisreynolds​ is excellent and i love everything abt it!  As for my own personal headcanons?

I think he either isn’t diagnosed or was diagnosed really late, either way he never got any acknowledgment of it as a kid (not least because he was Barbaras Perfect Boy and she wouldn’t allow that)

I’ve vaguely mentioned this in some tags before but i really like the idea of a lot of his pickiness about clothing being because of sensory stuff like. Bad Fabric yk? but he would never admit that’s the reason, he would always say its because of style and/or class. (also yk all those lovely soft-looking slightly oversized henleys he wears!! comfY AF!!)

I really REALLY love the idea from that post i linked about make-up being his special interest!! I also think the way he categorises/rates/organises all his sex tapes could fall into special-interest territory? 

Also!! His psych profiles on the gang as a special interest!! I definitely think he’s the kind of guy whod try to relate by analysing people like that? By finding logical explanations for people’s behavior that he’d have trouble picking up on otherwise???

edit: I FORGOT!! Mac gently points out when he misses social cues and its not ever rly mentioned but he quietly rly appreciates it!! Like when they go to get the money back from the waitress in Charlie Gets Cancer and she slams the door but hes like ‘shes probly getting the money tho right..’ no dennis babe no


Tsukishima Kei (月島蛍) | Haikyuu!! S2 E07

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My Fenlin Tabris has a mini heart attack when he meets Morgan at the winter palace because if he's honest with himself he still has lingering feelings for her, but at the same time he is truly in love with Dorian. He also has a mini heart attack when he sees his and Morgan's son at skyhold, he avoids him at first and feels bad about it, but he feels like his past won't stop following him around when he's trying to move forward

D: omg that would give me a mini heart attack too, probably more than that. I wonder, did Kieran know at this point that Fenlin was his father? And since you said that he avoided him at first, did he approach him later and did they talk? Aahh, I also wonder what went through Morrigans head when they met.

My Delas Mahariel became very good friends with Morrigan during their journeys together, despite not liking her very much in the beginning. But performing the Dark Ritual™ with her was almost more than he could bear. The fact that he was in a way cheating on Zevran, the fact that he just didn’t like women in that way, the fact that Morrigan was his friend somehow made it even harder than it would have been if she had been a stranger, the fact that he felt like a coward for cheating death, and the fact that he had no idea what would become of the child. In a way I’d love him to meet Kieran one day, but on the other hand I’m not sure if he’d part ways and be even more broken afterwards than he is anyway.

“L-l-lemme lay this out for you all b-because you don’t seem to be getting it. All this ‘heartless’ talk? I-iii-it’s superstitious bullshit. You know wh-what ha-AAHH-ppens when someone ‘loses their heart’? They fucking die, and since Mmmo-OORR-ty here clearly isn’t dead, I think it’s safe to say there’s some logical, reasonable scientific explanation for this all–which also means there’s a scientific way to fix it, alright?

“Aa-and jesus, Jerry, would you stop flinching at the sight of your own son? As long as he has this collar on, h-he–he won’t attempt the scientific equivalent o-of sucking out your soul. He’s–he’s basically a dumb puppy with this thing on, so relax.”

~Rick and Morty from Dimension 997-QR

(Yay new AUs!)

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paintbrush? sunflower?

thanks for asking mystery person 🌼🌼🌼

paint brush: what is your muse? what inspires you?

I have a few? God, first and foremost, nothing like the creator of all things for inspiration. and then, the creation itself, I think and so on aahh

sunflower: what is something that never fails to make you smile?

oh boy, this is a nice question, I love it. I am personally a really really smiley person, so a lot of things make me smile haha. but one of the many things is talking to my friends on the group chat squad and staying up at 1am (it’s nice because the stars are brighter at that time imo)


jongkey / pg-15 / 1145 words

based on this lovely fanart by zialabellarts! :3 thank you so much for letting me write a thing based on your thing!  💕

edit: she also drew this awesome art to accompany the fic! :3

“Hyung, are your eyes okay now?”

Jonghyun swiped his thumb down his phone screen, finishing a scroll through his Twitter mentions before answering.

“Yeah, they’re fine now,” he answered absently. “Thanks, Kibu…”

He looked up and froze with shock, because there Kibum stood dressed in a skimpy female nurse’s outfit and pretty wig, all bare thighs, soft lipstick and seductive tilt of his hips.

“Ah, that’s too bad then,” Kibum said calmly, his voice a sultry purr. “I thought you would need a nurse or something… never mind then.”

Jonghyun swallowed hard and said hastily, before Kibum could change his mind: “Eungyu-ssi, I’m sorry! I suddenly feel really sick right now; can you please come take care of me?”

Kibum smirked. “Oh? Sick?” He sauntered over, hips swaying and skirt riding up smooth thighs as he walked. “Tell me more.”

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