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more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!


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Hobiiii, hobiiii, hobiiiii i have a super fancy ass party to go but i don't have anything to you use, caaaan youuu heeeelp meeeee?

Hobi: Ahhh man anon 1 I’m sorry for being late but you can like choose from the dresses I made for the boys! And anon 2 yes I have made dresses for them I can show you..

Hobi: And for a bonus here’s me!

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Eddie loves herbology tbh. He’s very Longbottom in the sense that he just finds it so relaxing and he goes to the greenhouse when things get overwhelming. Richie loves potions because he loves the hands on approach (and he’s so good at it and he drags snape all day long but like he can’t do shit bc he’s the best student in the year). Ben and Mike love history of magic. Beverly loves divination. Stan loves care for magical creatures.

hey!!! guess what I’d die for these hogwart headcanons.

Eddie would literally be Longbottom, fainting in the greenhouse because of the mandrakes, being hooked on the chandelier by the pixies, or being the only one unable to control his broom during the flying lesson… “why is it always me…..”

Richie would be suprisingly good at everything (especially potions). He keeps speaking during the class but everytime Snape tries to embarass him by asking him something to verify if he was listening, Richie always tells him the good answer (and dabs) which annoys Snape terribly…
Also Stan would be so jealous like “how can he be this good!! it can’t be possible…” and tries to study 6 times more to get to his level… but never succeed

Richie making love potion for some girl, but Eddie inconveniently drinking it….

The Losers taking the hogwarts express together, eating magic candies and meeting in the train’s cars…
Beverly doing Oculus Reparo on Richie’s glasses…;.
The lessons being a horrible mess because of Richie speaking and screaming, Eddie fainting, Bill making stuff exploding (way too often… just like Finnigan)

look guys i’m sorry but i’m so hype for this au right now and??? we need a fic for it.

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"You're so small" + jimon? (I'm Love Your Writing!! It's so cute and such a good pick me up 💖💖)

“Oh my god,” Simon says, torn between laughing and cooing, “You’re so small.”

Jace, who is currently about five inches tall and sitting on the edge of Magnus’s kitchen counter, frown at him. “This is all your fault,” he says, voice high and squeaky.

“In my defense,” Simon says, “I did not know that was going to do that.”

“You’re an idiot,” Jace informs him. It sounds a lot less menacing coming from someone that’s shorter than the cup he’s sitting next to.

Simon sighs, “Look, I’m sorry I accidentally magicked you into a miniature version of yourself, okay? You’re just going to have to deal with it until Magnus comes home.”

Jace grumbles a little. Then he stands up, looks around, and folds his arms in clear annoyance. “Simon,” he says, sounding pained. “Would you mind maybe, like, picking me up?”

Simon tries not to find this horribly endearing. “Of course not. Where do you wanna go.”

“Anywhere but this wretches counter,” Jace mutters darkly.

Simon hums, picks him up, and sets Jace on his shoulder, ignoring his undignified squeak of protest. He walks them over to Magnus’s couch, and settles in, turning on a movie. Jace stays settled on his shoulder, although Simon can softly hear him whispering profanities. Simon smiles to himself, soft and private, and continuous watching the movie, Jace nestling himself into the space between Simon’s neck and shoulder.

(That’s how Magnus finds them later, fast asleep. He suppresses a laugh, takes a picture to send to Izzy, and then heads off to bed. He’ll deal with those idiots in the morning.)

I wish Terajima-sensei will somehow bring the graduated senpais to the storyline again in the future. Even for just a game (Inashiro or Yakushi prolly).

I’m dying to see Chris-senpai being proud all over again watching Eijun’s progress on the mound.