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more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!


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"You're so small" + jimon? (I'm Love Your Writing!! It's so cute and such a good pick me up 💖💖)

“Oh my god,” Simon says, torn between laughing and cooing, “You’re so small.”

Jace, who is currently about five inches tall and sitting on the edge of Magnus’s kitchen counter, frown at him. “This is all your fault,” he says, voice high and squeaky.

“In my defense,” Simon says, “I did not know that was going to do that.”

“You’re an idiot,” Jace informs him. It sounds a lot less menacing coming from someone that’s shorter than the cup he’s sitting next to.

Simon sighs, “Look, I’m sorry I accidentally magicked you into a miniature version of yourself, okay? You’re just going to have to deal with it until Magnus comes home.”

Jace grumbles a little. Then he stands up, looks around, and folds his arms in clear annoyance. “Simon,” he says, sounding pained. “Would you mind maybe, like, picking me up?”

Simon tries not to find this horribly endearing. “Of course not. Where do you wanna go.”

“Anywhere but this wretches counter,” Jace mutters darkly.

Simon hums, picks him up, and sets Jace on his shoulder, ignoring his undignified squeak of protest. He walks them over to Magnus’s couch, and settles in, turning on a movie. Jace stays settled on his shoulder, although Simon can softly hear him whispering profanities. Simon smiles to himself, soft and private, and continuous watching the movie, Jace nestling himself into the space between Simon’s neck and shoulder.

(That’s how Magnus finds them later, fast asleep. He suppresses a laugh, takes a picture to send to Izzy, and then heads off to bed. He’ll deal with those idiots in the morning.)

Interesting news!! I made a 15min speed paint video of me drawing this, would anyone be interested in watching it if I uploaded it?? Let me know! 😱


First pic: The 2 interchangeable cover! HaruI’s one seems like drawn specially for Newtype’s store. Anyway, it’s glorious!

Second pic: A peek at the special 2-page illustration included, Minakata draws all of them wearing the outfit worn by their seiyuu for Kurogumi Party!


Fumiko Uchimura (Haruki’s VA): Ah-eh-aahh? Wait- what- bookstore yeah i have to go to the bookstore