Like a Record, Baby

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A/N: yikes… sorry its been so long. ive been pretty busy lately but i promise ill get the other requests out soon. this is probably a bit rusty but yaknow. i REALLY like this song and hearing nsp preform it was so cool. incoming dancy dance!

Edit: AAAYYYEE!!!! fixed the formattig thank god.  

You stood on your toes to wiggle behind the wall of people, pushing back against the wall with one hand cradling your drink to your chest and the other holding tight to Ethan’s, dragging him behind you. Finally breaking free of the crowd, you stumbled over the step up into the balcony. Ethan followed, almost knocking you over when he tripped.

“Careful.” You smile back at him and he laughs. Your grip on his hand loosens as you walk further down the balcony to one of the small round tables. Taking your seat, you set down your drink and lean forward with your elbows on the table. Ethan settles down across from you, flashing you a bright and excited smile.

“Oh this is gonna be so cool!” You’re practically bouncing in your seat, raising your voice over the chatter of the room. Ethan beams back at you, reaching over and taking your hand in his.

“I’m excited for them. They seem like pretty cool guys and you can tell how much work they’ve put into this.” Ethan leans against you with a smile. The two of you continue a light conversation until you’re cut off by the lights dimming and the crowd around you screaming. You clap as TWRP walks onto the stage, joking with the crowd and starting their songs.

They fly through their set and before you know it the cheering is overwhelmingly loud. The pit below you churns with excitement as Ninja Sex Party themselves step out. You laugh at their ridiculous costumes and banter, singing along and clapping. Ethan sways next to you, cheering with the crowd.

At one point, the both of you abandon your chairs to stand and dance in front of your table.

“All right. As most of you probably know,” From on stage, Dan leans against his microphone stand, swaying slightly. “A while back we released a cover album called Under the Covers.” He pauses to let the crowd cheer, light sparkling off the sequins of his costume. “This next song is gonna be on our /second/ cover album, just saying. But uh… when I was little I thought this song was, yaknow, about records…” The crowd cheers as they realise what’s about to happen. “Now I know… now I know it’s about fucking!”

You laugh as the music starts and he begins to sing. You dance through the first verse, shimmying to the chorus. As the second verse starts, you feel someone grab your wrist and you gasp. Ethan pulls you towards him, moving his hands to yours. He smiles up at you, moving your arms back and forth in a strange, uncoordinated dance. You laugh and pull him closer, stepping around the table to dance more openly.

Smile shining on his face, Ethan slides an arm around your waist, swinging the two of you around. As the chorus starts again, Ethan beams at you and sings along.

“All I know is that to me you look like you’re lots of fun!” His voice is rough from shouting but undeniably happy. He pushes you away slightly to sing again. “Open up your loving arms, watch out here I come!”

He pulls you back quickly before twirling you out again to spin you. You shriek in surprise but don’t hesitate to sing with him.

“You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record baby right round round round!” You lean in towards Ethan, smirking at him and wiggling around in a silly dance. You grab his hand and spin him, voice breaking with laughter as he stumbles over his own feet. You dance and laugh and the world around you feels bright and airy, happiness swelling in your chest.

As the song ends and the crowd erupts with cheers, Ethan tugs you back towards him, wrapping his arm back around you and leaning his forehead against yours. You’re both sweating a bit and panting from exertion, but it still feels right. You lean against Ethan, draping your arms over his hips and smiling at him.

“Wow…” He breathes out.

You laugh lightly, eyes closed and cheeks flushed.

“I love you.”

Your eyes shoot open to look at him and a giddy laugh escapes you. Instead of an answer, you lean forward and pull him in for a soft but sure kiss. When you pull away, Ethan’s eyes are so captivatingly bright and beautiful that not even the roar of the crowd can pull you away from him.