she laughs 
and it’s a wild sound 

hands flaking with dried blood only i can see 
the memory of her dragging a rabbit off the road 
to bury in the backyard after it was hit by a car 
the stink of death clinging to her 
a shroud caressing her neck until all her words are unholy 

i want to back away 
take one step, two steps back 
this is a dance we’ve been doing forever 
and sometimes i forget what it means to be siblings 

i want to say i don’t love you anymore 
i want to say i’m done, have washed my hands of you 
but all i can taste is sulfur and lies whenever such thoughts bubble up 
and spill through my throat 

i still love you. 
years upon years upon years of this dance 
this dance with too many steps and turns 
we forget the beginning nearly every time 
have to make up a new one until it’s not really the same dance at all 
we never know how to make up an ending 
so most days we just skip it 

sister, yesterday you were a yawning maw 
yearning for a taste of vulnerability 
today, you are a stone carved long ago 
waiting for the moss to grow faster and consume you 
leave you to ruins 

i can’t keep up 
and there are less poetic ways to say this 
but let me be a coward 
and let me say this in a way i don’t have to understand 

so that i don’t have to realize that i don’t really know at all what it means anymore 
to love you.

—  waltz // H.S.

anonymous asked:

I honestly think the "over exaggerating" provides a unique feel to the art you create. It's well made pieces that are very interesting to look at as to other artist who draw Hamilton and other stuff. I don't really think you should change anything, but that's just my opinion.

Thank you! I start to wonder if some of the anons just simply don’t like my style.

Like I can draw more of this if yall want me to:

But I really don’t find it fun to draw like this anymore