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Norman Reedus x Reader - You’re all I need (SMUT) (Request)

- Anon: Could you do Norman getting caught having a little sneaky him time in his trailer over the new make up artist that he’s crushing on bad
and she catches him saying her name (reader) from outside and storms in on him and he doesnt notice till hes finished that shes stood there
and she gets annoyed with him and wont let him explain himself and he gets frustrated and teary cuz he’s embarrassed and pins her to a wall and smut like hell 😍😍
pretty please I would just die 😶



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Lunatic Parade General Prologue Translation

General Prologue     Mukami Prologue  

。(*^▽^*)ゞ  Yoo sinners~! Today’s been a hell of a day lol. I got the general prologue translated here. (´−`) ンー Unlike Vandead, the Lunatic Parade prologue features a choice selection for the families. So here we just have a general prologue before that choice comes up. (੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾  I plan on doing the Mukami prologue some time. Here’s the beginning part of Lunatic Parade~! I hope you enjoy.

-Scene: Moonlit Sky-

*Alarm Clock Rings*

Yui: Aah… …!

(… …Mm… …It’s already this time… …?)

*Yui Shifts Around On The Bed*

Yui: … … … …

(Mmm. My head feels a bit dizzy for some reason… …I went to bed early yesterday, so it can’t be from lack of sleep)

(What could it be… …? Maybe a cold… …? I’ll take some medicine later)

(… …Anyway, now that I’m awake, I’ll go eat)

*Yui Gets Dressed; Paper Falls*

Yui: Hmm? Something fell… …

――There… …Eh… …What’s this?

A letter? Who could it be from… …?

What the… …

“――Your most valuable possession is in my hands.

If you want to get it back, come to the Bernstein castle. -Earl Walter.”

――My most valuable possession… …was taken? It says… …

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anonymous asked:

hello, can you please do a scenario of the rest of the guys teasing you because they see the hickey that tae gave you? please and thank you!!

Aah this is funny x) for sure! thanks for the request!


You stood in the kitchen of the BTS dorm, pouring yourself a cup of coffee. You hadn’t meant to sleep over. It just sort of… Happened. You and your boyfriend, Taehyung, ended up watching way more than just one movie. Except for the last few movies you two weren’t exactly watching them, you were a little bit more preoccupied with each others lips. You scratched your head and let out a small sigh. 

“Good morning! I didn’t know you were still here y/n-ah.” Jimin called to you as he entered the room. You smiled at him and gestured towards the coffee pot behind you.

“Coffee?” He nodded and you turned to grab a cup.  You almost dropped it when Jimin suddenly started cackling behind you. You turned and shot him a glare. “Yah, are you trying to give me a heart attack?!” His laughter echoed through the halls of the dorm and soon enough the rest of the members filed in. As soon as Tae entered the room you gave him and expression as if to say, ‘Help me.’. 

“Why are you laughing so loud? People were trying to sleep.” Yoongi grumbled, sleep still apparent in his face. Jimin attempted to catch his breath, pointing at your neck. Everyone’s gaze fell on you, inspecting it. Slowly, a smile spread across their faces. Your hand immediately reached up to your neck and found a tender spot, your face heating up. 

“Is that a hickey, y/n-ah?” Namjoon said with a sly smile. Tae just stared at you with his blank expression. 

“What were you two doing last night?” Jungkook added, wiggling his eyebrows at you. Yoongi only chuckled and hit Tae lightly on the arm, glancing at you suggestively. Jin was trying to hold in his laughter but was doing a very bad job at it.

“Is that why I heard weird noises last night, y/n-ah? I thought it was part of a romantic movie!” Jimin managed to say before laughing again.

“L-leave it alone already! We can do whatever we want.” you stuttered angrily. 

“I’ll say.” Jimin snickered and you whacked his arm.

“Babo! Be quiet!” 

Tae walked over to you nonchalantly and wrapped an arm around your waist. Clearly he didn’t mind this kind of attention from his hyungs because he pulled the collar of his shirt down slightly, revealing a hickey of his own.

“Hey, no one said I give them out for free.” he said, a proud grin plastered on his face. The room erupted with laughter and sexual comments, which made your cheeks even more red. If that was even possible. They poked and prodded you about it for the rest of the day just to make you upset. 

~ Admin Kae

giggleswan  asked:

You know how much I loved PWW :) So how about Emma and Killian celebrating her graduation from law school? Like maybe she graduates summa cum laude (or one of the cum laudes lol) It can be fluffy and smutty all in one :)


an ultimatum like “if you do that we’re not having sex for a month.” what did they do, who caves, etc. in the PWW verse pretty please *heart eyes*


I don’t know how many prompts you have received or planned or can do. But for PWW could there be another art scene. Maybe celebrating Killian being getting an exhibit at a museum. I have been reading all the other ones you have done and I seriously love them. So even if you don’t pick mine, I love all that you have done and will do!

Author’s note: So I combined three prompts in one fic. I hope that’s okay. I really like how it turned out. This is the next to last December prompt, I;ve got the last one all ready to go and will post it shortly. Enjoy!

Poem Without Words

December AU Project


“Look here, lass!”

Emma pulled away from Molly, rolling her eyes. “Killian, if you don’t stop that, you’re not getting sex for a month.” Molly snickered.

Killian, however, looked horrified, but quickly recovered. “Emma, love, you and I both know that’s an empty threat.”

“Wanna bet? Just keep clicking away with my camera, buddy.” She put on her sternest face, secretly knowing Killian was most likely right. Almost four years after they met and they were just as attracted to each other as they ever were. Still, this was her graduation party and she didn’t want to deal with a flash in her face.

Killian studied her for a full minute before putting the camera away. He’d gotten her the thing as a gift after her first graduation, to encourage her interest. It had come in quite handy on their cross country trip and on many of their vacations since. Emma, however, liked to keep their photos private, sharing only certain ones with friends and family. Still, it was her artistic outlet and he took an interest in it, just as she did in his.

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