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for @polliniaa for the @aftgexchange! i chose to do the neil getting a tattoo prompt :) hope you like!

As a general rule, when Neil set his mind to something, he followed through.

When he decided to keep the foxes safe, and stay with Andrew, and keep being Neil Josten, he followed through. Sometimes it’s just reaching that decision that’s the hard part.

His most recent one was getting a tattoo.

He’d thought about it for a while, but seeing Kevin’s queen tattoo has kind of set the ball rolling. He’d been weighing pros and cons in his head, half of him worried it was too noticeable, and wouldn’t help him blend in, but the other half saying, that maybe he should just get something permanent, because he wanted to be permanent.

He reached his conclusion after a long, bad day. He;d already woken up from a terrible dream, in which his fathers face loomed over his own, constantly flickering into his own. But he made the mistake of glancing at the mirror as he was heading into the shower and froze.

Not only did his face seem to look even more like his father’s, but one look at the scars marring his torso made him feel disgusted. He hated the scars most of all because he didn’t get to choose them. He’d had no say in anything that’d happened to him or to his body.

Setting his jaw stubbornly, he decided he was going to change that. And right then and there, the tattoo plan was formed.

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Boyfriend! Youngjae

  • Youngjae had been your next door neighbor since the age of 12 when his family first move into the town.
  • you rarely see him at the playground nearby your house because he’s usually playing some games in his room.
  • although sometime you see him at the grocery store when his mom made him run some errands.
  • you guys were actually in the same class together and you strike up a conversation about how you should get to know each other more because you live next to each other.
  • he seemed shy at first, but the boy’s smile and happiness is like an infection because you always find yourself laughing with him because he’s so loud about it. 
  • you guys continue on to go to the same school in high school,but not the same class. however, he comes to your classroom during lunch break to eat his with you.
  • he drags up a chair next to your desk and put his lunchbox down. “today, omma made so much sausages. do you want some?”
  • you: “i’ll trade you with these radish kimchi”
  • you often hang out at his house because he wanted to show you a new game he found. you end up just watching him play for a bit until you got bored and just lay around on his bed while doing your thing. it was a comfortable silent that you guys enjoy. no need for talking as long as you guys are together it’s good enough. 
  • except sometime his mouse clicking and random scream can get pretty loud when he’s so into his gaming.
  • “AAH..AH OhHHH”
  • you: “ your mom is downstair she’s going to run up here from all your screaming”
  • turned his head over his shoulder a bit, but remained his vision on the computer screen, “WHAT?? WAIT WAIT IM ALMOST DONE JUST A BIT MORE”
  • you turn to your side to look at him from the bed and yelled back “I SAID LOWER YOUR VOICE. TAKE OFF YOUR HEADPHONE”
  • mom burst into the room “WHATS GOING ON”
  • you thought you guys wouldn’t get into the same college, but here you guys were. this time Youngjae have less time with you because he seems to be a bit more busy due to his singing classes and after school activities.
  • you see him hang out with 6 other guys around campus sometimes and you suspect they’re the same loud guys you hear in his house during the weekends. 
  • one day you texted him saying you guys should hang out together like the old days.
  • immediate text reply from him with a yes.
  • he was a lot more quiet than usual when you guys were together. you asked him why it seemed he was avoiding you, but he quickly denied that thought. 
  • “i-im not ignoring or avoiding you really it just that i been a bit busy with the classes..”
  • you: “Youngjae-ah you have free time with the boys and i see you with them all the time for the past week, but we haven’t get to see each other at all. i thought we were long time friends”
  • “…i know..that’s why.”
  • you: “thats why? what do you mean”
  • “ no it’s nothing”
  • you: “i thought we close enough to not keep things.”
  • a week after that hangout you rarely saw Youngjae at all, but you also didnt go out of your way to find him either. you were silently sulking.
  • Then, you woke up from constant thuds sound at your window. you woke up to check the time and it was 11pm. is someone seriously throwing stones at your window right now? you open the window and look down to see Youngjae and his 6 friends standing infront of your house. you were about to yell down what they’re doing, but one of the guy turn on music and youngjae started singing.
  • this boy…is serenading you..with the help of his friends.
  • after he finished, the others pulled out big white sheet of paper from behind them and held it up for you to see. you read it out loud “i like you”
  • Youngjae is staring at you in silence.
  • you: “did you seriously just did the most cheesiest thing ever”
  • he continued to stare at you and you thought he didn’t hear but before you repeat yourself, you witness his bright smile that you love to see since you were little again
  • apparently he and the boys been preparing Youngjae to confess to you and Jackson thought this was the way to a girl’s heart and you’re not surprise it was his idea. 
  • now the sunshine is always near you on campus and off campus. you teased him that now he’s like a little kid following you around, but he just blinked at you and said that he noticed a lot of guys were interested in you but you’re so oblivious so he’s putting his guard up. 
  • he also confessed that it was hard to stay away from you during the time he was preparing the confession so he wanted to hang out where you usually are on campus which explain why you always see him with the other boys because he actually been watching you from afar. 
  • he’s too shy to do PDA, but you do them to get him flustered: quick peck on his cheek, hug attack from the back, reaches out for his hands across the cafeteria table and put them against your cheeks.
  • his reactions to it are always loud, but he secretly enjoys them since he never told you to stop and smile so widely.
  • sometime you guys go on a picnic and just lay around under the tree enjoying the cool breeze.
  • you guys have couple phone charms and earmuffs.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy ending quotes [2/10]

↳ Tidus - “Don’t worry - the crystal knows the rest of the way. Besides, I’m always right here.”