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‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’

When a show has so much Gay Potential its even possible to ship the Dads.

This was not a prompt but I somehow got dragged into lowkey shipping Fp and Fred so I needed to doodle some young Fredsythe. Fredhead. What’s their shipname?????

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First thing I drew this year!! I absolutely adore Reed, Pookie and the other cuties. Thank you for bringing me such joy with these adorable characters💕💕

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Aah, I adore Pulcher so much already! I can think of so many cute, feelsy prompts. Like Prompto comforting the poor boy after those horrid nightmares and Iggy grounding him with that soothing voice of his like he does for Prompto. Maybe he slips into their bed more often the more comfortable he gets with his new dads, feeling safer without the fear that they'll get rid of him. It's really sweet and heartwarming that Pulcher's realized that he can trust them, feeling so warm and safe.

I hope this hits the spot!
The first night that Pulcher spent in their home, Ignis awoke to an odd sound. He had become well accustomed to the sounds of their apartment, even the odd muffle voices from below as someone desperate and in need came to call on Freya’s expertise in the middle of the night.

This, however, was a new sound. Muffled but with a high-pitched hitch now and then.

Ignis shifted and reached for Prompto’s shoulder. Even after a decade together, the blond’s favorite sleeping position was still plastered to Ignis’ side. “Prompto,” he whispered into the other’s ear. “Wake up.”

“Mmmm? Waz up?” Prompto mumbled, snuggling closer still. Ignis huffed as the move drove some of the air from his lungs. Not that he would ever complain.

“The…” Ignis stopped himself before he could say “the boy.” Adopting a child might not have been his idea, initially, but they had agreed to do this together. Prompto had talked to Pulcher incessantly, had barely even let him out of his arms all evening since they’d brought him home. Even Freya had fawned over the child. Ignis, however, was still holding himself at arms-length, and he knew it.

“I believe Pulcher is awake,” he said instead, kissing the top of Prompto’s head. “Unless I’m mistaken, I can hear him crying.”

That grabbed Prompto’s attention. The former gunner unsuccessfully attempted to stifle a yawn and pulled away from Ignis to sit up. Ignis retrieved his glasses from the bedside table as they both climbed out of bed.

Prompto was a step ahead of him, unsurprisingly, leading the way to Ignis’ old office-turned-second bedroom. Now the sound was unmistakable. Prompto knocked gently before opening the door.

“Hey, kiddo. What’s wrong?” Ignis heard him ask as went into the room. Ignis stayed in the doorway, leaning against the frame. He heard the mattress groan as Prompto sat on it, the rustling of blankets and clothes as he gathered the child into his arms, and the muffled cries as Pulcher buried his face in Prompto’s chest.

He heard it all, but the images his mind was supplying were of an older child. A boy with raven-wing hair crying out in the night and trying desperately to fight against his tears.

“Shhh,” Prompto cooed to Pulcher. “Hey, you’re safe now. Iggy and I won’t let anything hurt you ever again, I promise. Especially daemons. We eat daemons for breakfast, trust me.”

Try as he might, Ignis couldn’t seem to take the final step to enter the room. Rather, he stayed by the door. Listening. Offering his presence. It was all he could give for now.


It was a week later when a familiar noise woke Ignis. Pulcher had nightmares more nights than not, though Prompto was able to get him back to sleep with relative ease. As a result, however, Prompto himself hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since the boy had come to live with them. They had consulted with Freya about the possibilities of giving Pulcher something to help him sleep, but Prompto was afraid it wouldn’t stop the nightmares, but rather stop Pulcher from being able to awaken from them. It was a valid point.

Ignis extracted himself from his octopus-like lover as gently as he could. Prompto grumbled, but thankfully didn’t fully wake.

“Go back to sleep, love,” Ignis whispered anyway, kissing Prompto’s feather soft hair. The former gunner sighed and Ignis heard him nuzzle further into the pillows. Satisfied, Ignis took up his glasses and crept from the room.

He knocked on Pulcher’s door, as they always did, and gently pushed it opened. The muffled sound of sobs immediately grew louder and Ignis followed it to the bed, cautious of any toys left out on the floor. He might have guessed that there wouldn’t be any, however. Prompto had commented, a bit worriedly, at how careful Pulcher was to always put everything away.

“It’s just weird,” Prompto had murmured. “Kids are supposed to be messy. I just don’t get it.”

“Pulcher?” Ignis asked gently, mapping the edge of the bed with his fingers before sitting down.

“D-dad,” Pulcher whimpered and clambered into his lap. The name was still new and sent a shot of heat through Ignis’ chest. He wrapped his arms around the boy, rubbing his back gently.

“Do you want to tell me about it?” Ignis offered gently. Pulcher had described bits of his nightmares before, each time telling them a little bit more. They seemed to center around daemons and the death of his parents, which was hardly surprising.

“Y-you were gone,” Pulcher whimpered. Ignis’ hand paused in surprise before he resumed rubbing the boy’s back.

“What do you mean, gone?” Ignis asked.

“I dunno,” Pulcher said. He shifted in Ignis’ hold and he felt the boy dig his fists into his eyes. “You a-and Daddy and Grandma Fr-Freya. You were gone. And I was a-alone again!” Pulcher burst into fresh sobs.

For a moment all that Ignis could feel was shock. Pulcher hadn’t dreamed of daemons. There were no monsters to be banished. Instead, he’d dreamed of being abandoned. By them. Not for the first time, Ignis cursed his own cool attitude towards the boy when they had first brought him home. Maybe if he’d been warmer, more like Prompto, Pulcher would feel safer in their home.

Or perhaps it wouldn’t have made any difference at all.

“Pulcher,” Ignis said gently, “do you think it might help to sleep with your Daddy and I tonight?” If he was afraid of being abandoned then surely being closer to them would help. Pulcher froze at those words and Ignis did as well, suddenly wishing he’d woken Prompto after all. He had once thought himself rather good at comforting others, but Prompto was the natural when it came to true parenting.

“C-can I?” Pulcher asked. Ignis had to repress the urge to correct the boy’s grammar and nodded instead.

“If you think it will help, yes,” he said. He felt Pulcher nod quickly against his chest and Ignis nodded himself. The boy was far too light as Ignis picked him up and carried him back to the room he shared with Prompto. When he set Pulcher in the center of the bed he heard a scrambling against the blankets and then Prompto’s quiet sigh. Making a quick decision to leave his reflective shades on, Ignis climbed into bed and was hardly surprised to feel Prompto’s arms wrapped around the child.

For a moment he let himself indulge, his fingers running over Pulcher’s small frame and Prompto’s bear arms, mapping out how the two clung to one another. He only stopped when Prompto gave a sleepy whimper at the ticklish contact. Sighing, Ignis laid down as well and let his arm sling across Prompto’s waist, sandwiching Pulcher between them.

He listened as the boy’s hiccupping breaths slowed and evened out as he fell back asleep. Ignis, however, found he couldn’t sleep quiet so easily and laid awake for some time, listening to the mingled breaths of his lover and his child.


Three months since Pulcher had come to live with them and Ignis awoke at a soft whisper on the other side of the bed. Sometimes he still caught the soft sounds of Pulcher crying in his own room, but it was thankfully growing less often. For all of a week they had tried to let the boy self-sooth and cry himself out. Ignis had had to physically restrain Prompto twice during that experiment. By the end of the week, however, it was clear from the way Pulcher had retreated back into silence that he wasn’t self-soothing at all. He was simply afraid of making them angry, waking them up with every nightmare.

Sometimes, however, he did come to them. Apparently, this was one of those nights.

“Daddy?” Pulcher whispered again, hesitant. Ignis was glad he was facing away from Prompto’s side of the bed and slipped his glasses on before sitting up and turning towards the voice, even as he heard Prompto yawn.

“Another nightmare, darling?” Ignis asked, holding out his hand. Pulcher didn’t answer, though he might have nodded, and his tiny hand took Ignis’. Prompto gave an exaggerated indignant squawk as Pulcher climbed over him to settle between them.

“Do you wish to talk about it?” Ignis asked, even as he heard Prompto shift to wrap the boy up in his arms.

“Nu-uh,” Pulcher whispered. Ignis tilted his head up, knowing that Prompto was probably looking at him over Pulcher’s head. The nightmares Pulcher didn’t tell them about were the worst. They were also the ones that made Pulcher cry the least. Instead, they left him dry eyed and trembling all night, and nearly mute for most of the day afterwards.

If Pulcher was willing to tell them about death and daemons, darkness and losing everything, what was he afraid to tell them? It made Ignis’ blood run cold to think of it.

Prompto hummed softly and then began to sing gently.

“This is a lullaby, lullaby
For all the weary souls
Who have their eyes wide
Eyes wide-open at nightfall
When you can’t answer why
And no one hears your heart-cries
This is a lullaby, lullaby for you.”

Ignis pressed himself closer to the pair and ran his fingers through the boy’s hair as he joined in on the chorus.

“Sleep now, angel
Don’t be afraid
Dry your eyes, angel
It’s all gonna be okay
The darkness will become like morning light
And hope will still shine in a moonrise 
So sleep now, angel
Don’t be afraid of the dark.”

Pulcher, secure in Prompto’s arms, reached out to wrap his tiny fists in Ignis’ sleeping shirt. It was as if he was afraid they would disappear if he wasn’t touching them. Ignis lowered his hand to stroke is thumb gently over Pulcher’s forehead, trying to coax him to close his eyes, as Prompto continued to croon softly.

“This is a melody, melody
For all the sons and daughters
Who feel like hope is lost at sea
Slipping through fingers like water
Your life is like a precious stone
And your heart holds heaven’s song
This is a melody, melody to you

Sleep now, angel
Don’t be afraid
Dry your eyes, angel
It’s all gonna be okay
The darkness will become like morning light
And hope will still shine in a moonrise 
So sleep now, angel
Don’t be afraid of the dark.”

Ignis always sang the next part himself. He wasn’t sure how they had come to that arrangement, exactly, but it was how the song was sung, and Pulcher certainly didn’t complain.

“Hush, little baby, don’t you cry
Lift your eyes to the heavens
I am by your side

Hush, little baby, don’t you cry
Lift your eyes to the heavens
I am by your side.

Prompto pressed a kiss to Pulcher’s head and joined in once more, lacing the fingers of his free hand with Ignis’.

“Sleep now, angel
Don’t be afraid
Dry your eyes, angel
It’s all gonna be okay
The darkness will become like morning light
And hope will still shine in a moonrise 
So sleep now, angel

Don’t be afraid of the dark.”

The song is “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark by Veridia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lObymXa64Ak

Pulcher prompts are open!

I love reading @cynicwrites mob psycho drabbles, they always give me a warm feeling, they are amazing  ✿ ✿
I’m mentioning this person because I drew this inspired in one of their drabbles called Closest To The Heart, it’s aah so adorable ;–; ♥ ♥ 

Lmao I forgot to post this here but since this comic started out with a party and it was really shiny I was like “fudge a duck” so here you go.


aw yee looks nice!, I had really fun drawing the party tbh, I love pink backgrounds

sweet danger;

(victor nikiforov x reader)

You never liked mornings. They were dull, your body still felt tired no matter how many hours you slept and the outside world was much scarier than your warm and comfortable bed.

But today was different. You found Victor laying right next to you and you just couldn’t help that smile that crawled onto your lips. It was innocent and pure happiness that radiated from you.

Even while sleeping he still managed to look stunning and handsome. His hair was falling over his face, covering one of his eyes and his cheeks were slightly flushed red as if it was cold. But your attention caught something different; his lips.

His lips looked plump, they were already nicely shaped but when his face flushed onto the pillow it looked much cuter.

You almost shrieked at your thoughts, it was so embarrassing to even think something like that. Even though to Victor it felt natural, to tell you all these things; how much he likes your eyes all sparkling with happiness when you see his new skating program or when you fall asleep on his shoulder and your face gets all relaxed.

So now was your chance to actually look at him closely, without backing away from embarrassment.

Well, the embarrassment soon came back when you realized that both of you are not clothed enough, which was a consequence of your last night activities that still made your cheeks flush bright red.

“Mmm,” Victor mumbled from his sleep and your eyes quickly darted away from his face, pink hue already painted on your cheeks.

Victor’s eyelashes fluttered open and he sent you a lazy half smile with eyes still half-lidded and hair still all over the place. It was the details that almost took your breath away.

“Good morning, dear!” He singsonged, fingers running through his silky hair.

You hid your face in your blanket. ”M-Morning.”

You couldn’t even saw how his face beamed at your shyness and how his eyes softened when he caressed your locks to calm you down.

“Aah, you are so adorable.” He sighed. ”If you do that, I might not be able to restrain myself.”

“Restrain?” You curiously looked up to him and in a minute he had your chin in between his middle finger and thumb, which teased your plump lower lip. ”W-wha-!”

“You do recall the events of yesterdays night, don’t you?” He said, looking right into your eyes, not giving you time to look away from him. And honestly, you couldn’t tear your look away from him.

“I-I do recall them.” You quickly responded and could feel the heat rushing to your face.

Victor smiled, leaning closer. ”Well, it might be that I am still quite hungry for more.”

It felt so surreal. He was saying such a words, so close to your face; you could feel his breath on your lips, but his angelic face didn’t match those devilish words that came from his mouth.

You were still stunned by his words, so when he moved to an action you were perfectly unprepared. Still holding your face, he pulled your face closer and kissed your cheekbone, then softly traced down to your jawline where he teasingly bit your skin, but right after he nuzzled his nose into it.

“You are the only one who can satisfy my hunger.” He whispered into your skin before backing away, winking at you which you could only react by quickly covering yourself up with covers so he won’t be able to see your tomato-like face and unsteady breath.

You could only hear his bubbling laugher, ”Your reactions are so adorable!”

You thought the might be the actual danger to you. Because he made your heart beat so fast in such a small amount of time, it could actually kill you.

But it would be a nice death, that’s for sure.