aah so adorable


‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’

I love reading @cynicwrites mob psycho drabbles, they always give me a warm feeling, they are amazing  ✿ ✿
I’m mentioning this person because I drew this inspired in one of their drabbles called Closest To The Heart, it’s aah so adorable ;–; ♥ ♥ 

there are so many things i love about campaign already lmao it’s a delight

  • tryst’s kimonos (all of them but specifically the look from the oneshots w/ the stormtrooper helmet and the combat boots and nothing else)
  • “bacta bacta” followed by someone giggling during the combat sequences
  • tamlin being either a precious child or a total menace depending on which uncle he’s been interacting with recently
    • “make brave and heroic decisions” is the tamlin equivelent of “dude hold my beer” as far as im concerned
  • whenever bacta tries to be a father figure to tamlin aah it’s so adorable
  • leenik sayin “i’ve got an idea” and everyone knowing exactly what he’s thinking
  • leenik in general actually he’s an absolute delight
    • (and so is his son tony vornskr)
  • lyn attempting to be the voice of reason amongst these maniacs
  • the entire margarita sequence in the first episode with bacta trying to do the laundry and tryst making obnoxious blender noises (a.k.a. the moment i knew i was gonna love this podcast)
  • the bounty hunter from myrkr that was in a clone wars reenactment group and geeked out over meeting bacta
  • tryst’s entire role in the rescue mission on the bargain hunter, i.e. looking awesome when nobody’s looking, and looking like a total idiot the second he finds bacta and leenik
  • using jorj car’das as an excuse to spend an entire episode roasting george lucas
    • “i bet he’s got ketchup stains on everything he owns, including his dog”
  • addition: the ENTIRETY of episode 17 holy shit
    • the code names (and everyone subsequently forgetting to use the code names)
    • tryst revealing he might not be able to read
    • leenik and lyn’s shopping spree
    • tryst and bacta being terrible actors the entire time (especially at the liquor store)
    • everyone cracking up the entire time because everything is so ridiculous

This isn’t exactly a ‘new’ dress (it’s a hand-me-down), but it was my first time wearing it last week and the fit was pretty good! :)