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‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’


Nekoma High ☆ Kozume Kenma ☆ || 音駒高校 - 孤爪研磨 ( insp. )

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I never made many friends. I’m not good with people, and I don’t want to interact with them. And yet, I’m very concerned about what others think of me. My nerves were always on edge, because I didn’t want to be noticed. My only buddy was Kuroo, who is my age and lives nearby. I don’t particularly like sports, but I’ve played volleyball for a long time..


I miss you.

daily-suicune  asked:

Do you like bubbles? :3 (Also, your blog is awesome :o Girafarig is one of my favourite Pokémon and Gyro is just too cute :D)

Gyro: That’s the right word, right? Butt-ribbon? Butt-tendril? How’d you get ‘em to wave around like that? Is it the wind? How do you control the wind if you’re not a Flying Type Pokemon? Can you hold things with your butt-ribbons? Can you-

Glythe: [offscreen] Stop disrespecting the Legendary, Gyro! Those are tails, and Legendaries have special powers.

Gyro: Oh, well it’s all pretty cool!

(Aah, thanks! <3 I love your Suicune, he’s a Very Good Boy! @daily-suicune)

I Got A Sister For My Seventh Birthday

I was an only child. The apple of my parents’ eyes, a princess who could do no wrong. So when my parents told me they had a surprise for my seventh birthday, I was ecstatic and lost sleep thinking about what it could be. A new Lego play set? The doll I’d seen at the toy store? A pony?! The possibilities were endless! When the morning of my birthday arrived, I leapt from my bed and charged full tilt downstairs, where my mother was sitting at the kitchen table with her morning cup of coffee. A quick scan of the room didn’t reveal anything out of the ordinary and immediately my stomach sank with disappointment. I clambered into the chair beside her and leaned forward across the table so that my face was in her’s.

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