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rogue one: a character summary

jyn: hi hello I’m a protagonist oh where did I get the blaster? haha not important lol

cassian: i’m hot and everyone loves me

K-2SO: there’s a 99.9% chance I will punch you in the face if you tell me how to pilot my own ship again

chirrut: the force is with me i’m one with the- wait why the fuck did you blindfold me i’m blind asshole

baze: chirrut how many times do I have to tell you to leave the air conditioning on 72 degrees, jesus

bodhi: i didn’t really want this job but also the empire sucks so it happened

galen: have you seen my son, his name is nemo, i’m looking for my son

krennic: listen pal I just wanna do my fuckin job but no one will let me do my job, please just let me have credit for the death star i’m desperate

saw: how many stormtrooper parts do you think it’ll take before I become a transformer

vader: my grandson thinks he’s more emo than I am? my grandson is wrong

bonus grand moff tarkin: hello I’m here to steal your cake

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Neko, I wanted to tell you that I love you dead end-comic and I love Pacifist!Chara more than Goth and can I get reference for the pacifistic Chara?

aah that’s ok honn!! OMG I’m so honored u want to know about ma lil human ;//w//;


#for those who didn’t know, Paci!Chara is from my smol undertale comic ‘dead end’! feel free to read~! ;w;

EDIT(Additional info): aside from Papyrus, on special occassion a Frisk or Chara can sees them.

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Running Around The Apartment in Her Panties, Covering Her Chest, Because She Forgot Something

Waa~ Love you too ^^
By underwear you mean panties? Since she’s covering her chest I suppose that’s the reason ;3




“WOAH! Wow…  What are you doing here looking like this?”


“Hold up. Is this some type of invitation? Cause I accept it”


*Stares in awe and only shouts after you as you were leaving*
“You look very pretty!”

Rap Monster

“Whatever it is that you’re looking for - as long as it’s not me - it’s useless“


*When he sees you struggling to take something off of a high shelf with one hand*
“If they’re too difficult to hold in place I can help you”


“You’re naked! My innocence!”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

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“You think Sammy noticed the, uh, bruises?”

Castiel snorts lightly at Dean’s obvious attempt to evade using the more accurate term ‘hickeys’ to describe what is currently peppered along that little sliver of skin peeking out above his collar (as well as all around his nipples, down that soft swell between his navel and crotch and on the insides of his thighs).

“Probably,” Castiel admits in that entirely-too-truthful way of his. He seems unperturbed by this – as though still drunk on their confidence from the night before. Fleetingly, he brushes his shoulder against Dean’s, lets their fake rings clink against one another. “Do you mind?”

Sam himself is still deeply entrenched in conversation with their main witness, an old lady who lives in this gated community and who happened upon their current monster at least three times by now. Meaning Sam is too busy to notice the smile growing on Dean’s lips a couple feet away, as steady of a blossom as the color on his cheeks and down to where his hickeys are is already in full bloom.

As if coincidentally, Dean brushes his hand back against Cas’, and catches a few of his fingers with his own.

“Nah,” he replies, giddy almost, possibly just as drunk on their confidence from the night before as his fake husband is, when Castiel curls his fingers right back around his, warmed metal against warmed metal, and squeezes softly.

A new dawn (closed rp)

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What a beautiful morning! Time to greet the day! With that in mind Phoebe stepped out on deck. She was an early bird, a characteristic that never changed since her childhood. And she always loved to watch the sun rise, to see the colours of the sky change, to feel the first sunshines on her skin, to feel the cold morning breeze on her face.

The blue haired wasn’t the first one on the deck. Sailors started to pick up their duties and got to work. And in the middle of the view in front of her a figure caught her eye. A woman in a shining armos standing at the reiling, gazing over the ocean. Though it was obvious on first sight that she wasn’t feeling all too well. Her face was pale with a slight green shade, she looked like a ghost or an undead. With a bright smile she walked up to said woman. “Sailing doesn’t seem to be your prefered type of travel, I guess?” She chuckled and leaned against the reiling.The weather was rather warm, the ocean was calm and peaceful. That meant she wouldn’t be cold in her leather garment nor would she cook herself in it.

Phoebe didn’t mind journeys like that, though she was a little worried about upcoming storms. That would be troublesome. But her feeling told her that they woudl arrive in the haven of Rivon without any issues. She had the reputation to be extremely lucky though and her intuition rarely failed her over the years. After losing her parents in war the leader of an infamous thief guild took her in, who had recognized her aptitude.

The blue haired can’t really recall the reason why he did so, but the leader was like a father to her and she followed him and the others without a second question. Despite the fact that they occassionally stole goods, Phoebe did believe they did that they were on the good side. One could say she was a rogue. Others insulted her as a thief. Though the young girl didn’t give much thought to what other might call her.

“So, who are you? And where are you going?” She inquired further and threw another friendly smile at her.