aah ok


AAh! Ok so I got tired of struggling to complete this since I had it 90% done yesterday but photoshop kept on crashing since I still need to get my computer fixed. So here have a series of images that make no sense so make of them what you will but at least I got to the kiss ^^

please do not remove my caption or repost my art.

rogue one: a character summary

jyn: hi hello I’m a protagonist oh where did I get the blaster? haha not important lol

cassian: i’m hot and everyone loves me

K-2SO: there’s a 99.9% chance I will punch you in the face if you tell me how to pilot my own ship again

chirrut: the force is with me i’m one with the- wait why the fuck did you blindfold me i’m blind asshole

baze: chirrut how many times do I have to tell you to leave the air conditioning on 72 degrees, jesus

bodhi: i didn’t really want this job but also the empire sucks so it happened

galen: have you seen my son, his name is nemo, i’m looking for my son

krennic: listen pal I just wanna do my fuckin job but no one will let me do my job, please just let me have credit for the death star i’m desperate

saw: how many stormtrooper parts do you think it’ll take before I become a transformer

vader: my grandson thinks he’s more emo than I am? my grandson is wrong

bonus grand moff tarkin: hello I’m here to steal your cake

okay but i dont think people understand just how much i love art and how much it honestly means to me when people like it
especially if those are people i admire and appreciate (cough george salazar cough (when he commented on my art i actually couldnt speak for like. 15 minutes.))
i put my fucking soul into everything i do
which is why it hurts so badly when i dont manage to do something well
and when people tell me they love what i do it just honestly makes me so emotional
art makes me feel good
i make beautiful stuff from scratch
and when people tell me im doing well (and even better: when people tell me they feel some sort of EMOTION) it just
means so much to me
cause i honestly put everything i can into it
i spend 5 or more hours on drawing sometimes, just to make it look as good as possible
ive cried and felt terrible because of my art before but it’s totally worth it
because in the end
even if one person likes it
it means i made an impact
and that what i care about means something to other people too