aah jeez

Aah jeez, me explaining rules for the new recruits and teaching them to be good little reapers? Is this gonna give me overtime..? With ol man Spears and Sutcliff hanging over my back while training with my new ‘student’ we’re never gonna get anything done… she will be scared off on her first day…

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ur vibe are those feel good posts where its just really aesthetically pleasing and you cant help but wonder how much practice it took to make that

aah jeez thank you so much :’) this was super sweet!!

Aqours’s Gallery (October 2016) 
Caption: Costumes are the life of idols— We have to pursue quality until we reach perfection!!

Sorry, it’s just a bit more Maru-chan— hold still.
It’s rare that we have such a cute costume, doesn’t it make you feel like you definitely have to take the stage at your best condition?
It’s alright, just leave the ribbon here to me.
Though Ruby is the one in charge of costumes, if it’s me— The countless numbers of little demon cosplays up to this point— Ah, that’s not right, I mean official outfits when I reveal my true demonic nature♡ I have tons of experience from making all of them— so I’m actually rather good at this, you know?

Aah— But even so.
Jeez, since when did you—- did you grow so much!?
Even though it hasn’t even been a month since we took our measurements— Oi, this volumous bust— makes me so jealous♡
I mean, it’s utterly impossible!
No matter how many times you tell me you’re going through your growing phase—.
To put it plainly, I don’t think I ever had such a phase myself?
Really, God is just unfair.
I know.
I was just born an unlucky, ill-fated little demon.
Even if I was graced with God’s favor, it wouldn’t suit this slim and cute body!
It’s fine.
I have my own style— Eh?
No, as I thought, the width of the costume’s ribbon might not be enough— What should we do?
It’s already up to here, is that fine?
No, that won’t do, there must be no compromises!!
Now that we’re school idols, once we’re on stage, we cannot do anything less than to shine as the cutest idols in the world!
Just two more centimetres.
With that, the impression of the costume will definitely change— Yes, I’m going to pull it just a bit tighter, okay?
Just bear with it for a bit more.
I’ll unleash the wicked powers of my demonic self— and show the world a perfect school idol—.

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine October 2016 issue