aah he was so adorable

When a show has so much Gay Potential its even possible to ship the Dads.

This was not a prompt but I somehow got dragged into lowkey shipping Fp and Fred so I needed to doodle some young Fredsythe. Fredhead. What’s their shipname?????

1-800-sunflowerchild  asked:

Ohmygod! Im so hyped for bambam in the hp au! He would look so cute in their school uniform omgggg . (What am i saying tho all of got7 would look adorable in the outfit?!)

aah he would look so cute in his hogwarts robes!! I’m just seeing little images now of them all dressed in the uniform aw

sweet danger;

(victor nikiforov x reader)

You never liked mornings.They were dull,your body still felt tired no matter how many hours you slept and the outside world was much more scarier than your warm and comfortable bed.

But today was different.You found Victor laying right next to you and you just couldn’t help that smile that crawled onto your lips.It was innocent and pure happiness that radiated from you.

Even while sleeping he still managed to look stunning and handsome.His hair was falling over his face,covering one of his eyes and his cheeks were slightly flushed red as if it was cold.But your attention caught something different;his lips.

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