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I was inspired by @justwritingscibbles answer to my ask.  This is my first Reader Insert so enjoy.

You entered your home and flopped down on the couch, face first wishing for Death to claim you. Today was just one of the worst days you’ve ever had (And that’s saying something). First, your schoolwork was piling up so high that you were sure you could drown in them. Then your manager from your part-time job is giving you a hard time. And to add icing on the cake, your parents had decided that your suffering wasn’t enough and started pressuring you about EVERYTHING.

You just wanted to crawl in a hole with WiFi and food and NEVER come out.


You lifted your head to see Chica, more specifically the Angel one that Lightiplier brought, was looking at you, sporting her usual goofy doggy grin. She nudged her head under your hand, asking for pets.

You gave a small smile for the first time today as you sat up and obliged to Chica’s request and gave her the pets. Chica snuggled close to you with her head on your lap and your smile widened just a bit.

“Thanks girl. I needed that.” You whispered. Leave it to Chica to make you feel better. Chica looked up at you with what looked like a questioning look. “It’s been that kind of day, Chica. I just hate life right now.” You groaned as you remembered all that transpired today. “I’m gonna need a moment, ‘kay Chica?”

You carefully lifted Chica’s head from your lap and once again lied down, face first on the couch. As Chica watched you contemplate your life decisions, she can tell that something was bothering you. But what can she do?

An idea popped into her head and she scampered off to find a certain, green haired angel that she was sure cheer Y/N up.

Chica found him in his room, cleaning. She bounded towards him, barking, walking around him, and nudging him out of his room.

“Whoa! Chica? What is it?” Angeliceye asked as he walked out his room. Chica bit his pants and began pulling him into the living room to see you still on the couch.

Now Angeliceye understood and did the only thing he could do. He rushed over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. He lifted you from the couch and gave you a tight hug.

“Aah! Angel! What are you doing?” You squeaked in surprised and looked up to see the Irish Angel, grinning down at you. There you were on the couch then suddenly was wrenched off and hugged out of nowhere.

“Hugging you, of course!” He answered as he nuzzled his face into your hair. “You looked like you needed it!”

You giggled and just snuggled closer to him. You can feel his aura already calming your stressed out as hell body. You were grateful for that. He can always make you feel better no matter what he does.


The two of you turned to see Chica looking up with a squeaky toy in her mouth.

“I think Chica wants to play.” You concluded. Angel released you from the hug and you petted her on the head.

“Let’s go then!” Angel and Chica ran out to the backyard with you following them with a shake of your head.

You settled on the porch, watching Angel and Chica played and ran around. Angel threw the squeaky toy and Chica ran after it. She felt a bit more relaxed now just watching the two play.

Chica trotted towards you with Angel at her heels and began nudging you off the porch. Angel grabbed your wrists and pulled you up to a stand. You were about to tell them you didn’t want to play when suddenly Angel picked you up, piggy-back style and started running, laughing, and yelling.

You tightened your grip around his neck and couldn’t help but laugh along with him. “A-Angel! Please put me down!”

“C’mon Y/N! You need to relax!”Angel encouraged as Chica chased you two. She was running and bouncing around as Angel and you laughed and ran around. She suddenly barrelled towards Angel’s legs and tripped him.

The two of you were on the floor, laughing. You felt everything just lifted from your shoulders.

Angel wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled into your hair. “How are you feeling now, love?”

“Better.” You answered, grinning. You snuggled closer to him which he responded by hugging you tighter until you feel a sudden weight join in. You two look up to see Chica whining and giving the two of you her big puppy dog eyes.

“You can join too, Chica!” Angel replied and the angelic golden retriever barked and snuggled close to the both of you.

Again this is my first Reader Insert. Please no judging T-T


such an angel !!! she’s so sweet n lovely, i’m so glad to have met her !!

[SolidS: Takamura Shiki (CV. Eguchi Takuya)] Tide -光の射す方へ- (To The Way The Light Shines)

as long as the signs you send lead the way, i’ll eternally be taken with you.

At the time I translated this (11/26/16), I have yet to hear this song in full, so forgive me for any nuances I may have missed!

Part of SolidS’ Kachoufugetsu series. Full translated lyrics under the cut!

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WIHOOO!! It’s christmastime and festive season. Which means I’m bringing some of my christmas light with a cute reindeer illustration and linneaxharry. Anyhow, I come bearing gifts in form of a follow forever. That means you’ll see some great blogs in here and i’m so happy to share some of the most amazing tumblr people. Btw, don’t hesitate to send me an ask if you wanna chat away! The more friends the merrier.

First of all I’d like to give an extra word to some special someones…

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Not many words can describe how much i adore you my finnish neighbour. This isn’t supposed to be a thanks giving follow forever but I have to say anyways that I am thankful to have met you. You’re great and I feel like I can tell you anything. Also I’ve literally grown up w/ you now for a couple years???? Sometimes I go through my /tagged/pinja and /tagged/dumhaz and cringe bc we were so fetus the first time we talked. Anyhow YOU’RE THE BEST AND I LOVE U. Even if I’m a narrie and you’re not it’ll be okay bc you’re my favorite larrie anyways.

@dandyhaz / Arpana
WHERE CAN I START??? Everyone here should know that I’m clearly your biggest fan and your snap story is waaaay better than Kylie Jenner’s. Sometimes I actually feel a bit creepy lying in my bed laughing at your snaps. Also keep on doing your art, you’re so so talented and I appreciate and arty friend who recognize my efforts to try to take nice instagram photos, lmao. Love you<3

And here goes all my very special blogs to follow, mutuals and non-mutuals, in no particular order (except from first letter lol). Most are 1D related and a few are not.
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