aah! real monsters!

guysandtoons  asked:

What are your Top 10 Favorite cartoons?

For nostalgia:



Captain Planet



Pepper Ann

Aah real monsters

Hey Arnold

Ren and Stimpy

Newer toons that I like: Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, American Dad.


If you smile at this post…you are a 90’s kid.

If you said “whoa I remember this” in your head…you are a 90’s kid.

If you just turned to Teenick or Nickelodeon because of this to check what is on…you are a 90’s kid.

If you tried to find your old Gameboy…you are a 90’s kid.

If you follow me…I love you :D :) ;D

Gotta do a 90’s kid nostalgia post at least once a week :)


Oh my god im absolutely stunned by this cartoon!
Over the Garden Wall came out of nowhere.
That poetic/metaphoric story, those weird scenes. That opening song that quickly puts the correct mood for the whole series.
Also its the first time i see something actually creepy happening in a ‘children cartoon’ sinse Extreme Ghostbusters.
Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall are trully two unique “weird masterpieces” of current generation. I believe they were remembered as we remember Aah! Real Monsters! or Ghostbusters.