So lucky. Seth made me a tutorial ages ago like back in 2007 on how to color under sketched in photoshop. I’ll probably do this more often.

Aaeght being dumb and mushy for her paladin. Can’t sing for crap but no one in that room cares.


Some stuff from the past few days. Got my fox and did how I do (a.k.a. AFK in Eazye’s lovely homestead)

Practiced for the Fashion show. Best I’ve ever done, I think the same goes for Dah. Lelou was kind enough to give her pointers which she passed over to me. Made me feel better about the stupid fracking single buttons. t onot

Also I am in love with lancing. I get to kill things? On a horse? scratch that a unicorn? and I get to ruinate everything? Uh, yea, we’re ranking this baby. Marv was nice enough to also let me borrow CP gear. /sob

I’m very glad I ego’d this dragonblade. I wanted to ego something that meant a lot to me. My original ego was a healing wand the guild I used to be in bought me and helped me ego since I was the main healer. For those of you who don’t know wand egos blow balls, and healing egos are the worst. I just sort of let it collect dust until I got this sword. I think Caseycutie knew me like three days and just sort of threw this at me. I ego’d it the other night and I have got to say it doesn’t disappoint.

Not because it’s a p cool ego, but because it reminds me of Casers and it’s like she’s keeping my little pixel body from being wrecked. ;; I love you Casey. <3<3<3<3