Some stuff from the past few days. Got my fox and did how I do (a.k.a. AFK in Eazye’s lovely homestead)

Practiced for the Fashion show. Best I’ve ever done, I think the same goes for Dah. Lelou was kind enough to give her pointers which she passed over to me. Made me feel better about the stupid fracking single buttons. t onot

Also I am in love with lancing. I get to kill things? On a horse? scratch that a unicorn? and I get to ruinate everything? Uh, yea, we’re ranking this baby. Marv was nice enough to also let me borrow CP gear. /sob

I’m very glad I ego’d this dragonblade. I wanted to ego something that meant a lot to me. My original ego was a healing wand the guild I used to be in bought me and helped me ego since I was the main healer. For those of you who don’t know wand egos blow balls, and healing egos are the worst. I just sort of let it collect dust until I got this sword. I think Caseycutie knew me like three days and just sort of threw this at me. I ego’d it the other night and I have got to say it doesn’t disappoint.

Not because it’s a p cool ego, but because it reminds me of Casers and it’s like she’s keeping my little pixel body from being wrecked. ;; I love you Casey. <3<3<3<3