DAY 3239

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 9/10,  2017                Thu/Fri 3:39 am  

It may now be of immense interest to all and sundry, that yours truly has now been declared the ‘official book launcher’ of the country !

Another event, another book ‘vimochan’ and another holding the book up for the media .. !

Divya Dutta, an artist of incredible talent - perhaps not given her due - but one that I have greatly admired, writes a book on her Mother and the occasion is filled with friends and anecdotes and affection .. Mother’s always invite that sentiment ..

It is a difficult task to write ; a very difficult task to write an entire book ; an extremely difficult task to write a memoir .. in the silence of ones solace when one recollects events and times of the subject, it can and does become a moment of great emotion ..

Babuji, my Father when he was writing his memoirs, would lock himself up in his study and the instructions were that he was not to be disturbed .. a painting was hung on the door which was an indication that none could enter the room ..

It requires courage to pen down thoughts of loved ones , particularly when they are no longer with you .. pulling out those memories of days spent and gone by, does linger for long even though time may have wiped them out with a wet cloth ..

The moral of autobiographical writing is that the reader should be under the impression all the time that the author is personally talking to him .. almost like the indicators for public speaking - speak as though you are talking to one person sitting in front of you, even though the number of people in the audience may be a million ..

…. and that be 39 years of the release of the film ‘Ganga ki Saugandh’ ; release date 10 th Feb 1978, or so Moses Ef informs me .. the encyclopedia of information .. 

Most of it shot in Rajasthan, Haridwar, Lachman Jhoola at the pristine flow of the Ganga .. the river that has been renowned for its special qualities, right from the time it emanates from the glacier, GoMukh .. its waters never erode, get bad even when kept for any amount of time .. there are nature’s certain chemicals that it carries and they act as these special qualities of the water that flows within ..

The region was clear and quiet and almost deserted when we worked there .. and now as I did mention my visit to the region, it is crowded and built up in concrete that has taken away its flavour ..

And Lachman Jhoola, the bridge across the river to travel to the other side .. and my horse ride on it .. an act that the Army horse brigade riders refused to perform .. !! We were .. yes .. MAD !!

And the cricket sessions during lunch breaks .. and the feeding of the ‘langoors’ after pack up .. so human like in their behaviour .. ignore one and the other would slap you with jealousy .. truly, one fellow did .. to me .. lucky he did not use his tail .. they are strongest elements in their bodies .. iron rod like but supple ..

We have lost Sultan bhai the director and producer of the film .. a most affable and considerate human .. always addressed me by the name in the film ..

JEEEEVAAA ! he would call out at any social gathering on seeing me ..

And for some reason he would always remark to me :

“Abraham Lincoln ke baad doosra lamba aadmi dekah hai jo akalmand hai !!”

I never asked him why he thought so ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

Desi dad logic:

Dad: *comes upstairs* who left out the strawberries?
Me: it was me
Dad: you shouldn’t do that it’ll go bad
Me: *goes downstairs two hours later*
Strawberries are still out, i assumed he’d he put them away bc he was eating food and was RIGHT THERE and he didnt

Last week:
Dad: *comes downstairs* who left the hall lights on?
Brother: it was me
Dad: ur wasting electricity
Me: *goes upstairs two hours later*
Hall lights are still on and he didnt turn them off even though he was right there PART TWO. Is this supposed to be some kind of lesson orrrr? If u havent done it then just let us know so we can go do it? Logic and communication??


*stares forever*