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Can you do the sentence ask with Kaminari? "Stay the night, please..." (Tysm for taking the time the answer my request!)

This starter is really cute, and you’re welcome with your request

It was pouring rain outside. Because your place was the closest you guys decided to run to your place. You two were soaking wet. You decided to let Kaminari to wash up and wear a change of clothes.

You had a crush on Kaminari for a year but you never thought he would would like you back so you kept your feels to yourself. “Aachoo!” oh great you think you caught a cold. “Hey s/o, are you ok?” Kaminari came from the other room while drying his hair.

“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m fine I probably just need to rest,” you decided to let Kaminari watch tv at your place while the storm goes by. You went to your room to rest but instead you got a high fever.

Soon the storm was no more so Kaminari decided to go say goodbye to you before leaving. “Hey, s/o I’m gonna go since the storm is gone,” you don’t know if it was the sickness talking or not but, before Kaminari stopped in you got really hot so you decided to unbuttoned the top buttons on your shirt.

Once you heard Kaminari was leaving you got up, very weakly you walked over to him. But you tripped on your rug and fell face first. But that didn’t stop you. “Stay the night, please…,” you had your arm stretched out towards Kaminari.

Kaminari then got completely worried for you. “S/o are you ok?!” he rushed over to you and bridal carried you to your bed. He walked out of your room and came back with a bowl of cold water and a rag.

You then fell back asleep but you felt the cold rag being place on your forehead. “Ah, s/o you’re so cute, even when you’re sick. If only you knew how I felt, sometimes it’s hard to control myself when you’re so cute,” Kaminari didn’t realize that you were half asleep so you heard everything.

You fell asleep with a soft smile on your face. When you woke up you saw Kaminari’s face on your bed. It seems like he was watching you all night. It warmed your heart on how he cared. Sure he’s a big jokester but he cares. “Hngg, s/o are you ok?” He woke up with sleepy eyes and he was rubbing his right eye.

You didn’t care if you were sick. You enveloped Kaminari with a big hug while smiling big. When you looked at him you told him how you feel. Kaminari was ecstatic with your confession and planted a small kiss on your cheek.

-Admin Jen💕✨


Oh yin-yang, I love yin-yang. AZ A FRIEND OF COURZE- *coUGH*

yeah he fights with himself a lot, but I usually help solve his disputez with himself. Both yin and yang are uzually quite nice to me, we usually juzt have converzationz, or occasionally play video gamez with each other from time to time. Even if he can be a tad annoying or zlightly mean at timez, he’s a great guy and I couldn’t have azked for a better friend! 

… yea.. friend… aACHOO

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Prompt : Emma brings back a stray kitten home, and they discover that Regina is 'deadly' allergic to cats. Thank you!

Thanks for the prompt :) 

It started as a good idea. Emma saw the kitten and immediately felt that pang in her heart that she always does when faced with orphaned and abandoned animals. Normally, she takes them straight to the shelter but today she takes the cat home. 

It’s a really cute cat to be fair and she’s hoping that the cuteness combined with her own puppy pout will win over Regina and her “no pets ever” stance. 

Emma doesn’t even get to argue the point. Regina comes down the stairs to greet her with a kiss and then…

“Aachoo!” Regina sneezes and wrinkles her nose in that way that Emma always finds adorable. She sneezes again before frowning, “What have you done?” 

“Don’t get mad,” Emma replies, “But I found her shivering outside of the florists and I couldn’t abandon her.” 

“I said no dogs.”

“She’s not a dog…she’s a cat,” Emma argues holding up the kitten. Regina leans in to look at it before sneezing again. She backs away shaking her head, “You need to get it out of my house.” 


“The sneezing Emma…” 

“Are you allergic to cats?” 

“Oh my god I’m going to die,” Regina mutters fearfully. 

Emma’s eyes widen as she wonders what the hell Regina is on about, “Huh?” 

“You said I’m allergic…that cat is going to kill me…”

“Okay…” Emma says slowly, “I’m guessing they don’t have antihistamines in the Enchanted Forest?” 


“I thought not,” Emma replies, “You’re not dying Regina.” 

“I sneeze every time that cat comes near me…I could have the plague for all you know…don’t laugh ARGH!” her rant is cut off by a scream as the kitten pads near her and Regina all but leaps onto her table as Emma continues to fall into a fit of near hysterical laughter. 

“I am dying and you’re laughing at me!” 

“You’ve sneezed three times!” 

“I could have cat flu!” 

“Cat flu?” 

“Well there’s bird flu and swine flu…”

“But no cat flu…I’m also fairly certain you don’t have the plague and you’re not dying. Hilariously adorable, yes. Dying, no. Can I keep the cat?” 

“Not if it keeps trying to kill me.” 

“Okay…what if I take you to the doctor for antihistamines so that you don’t “die of the cat plague”?” 

“Don’t mock me,” Regina huffs crossing her arms at her girlfriend. 

“Watch out Regina, she’s moved a step closer,” Emma jokes. 

Regina narrows her eyes at her, “That’s just mean…first you try to murder me with a cat and now you’re mocking me.” 

Emma wipes the tears from her eyes before moving to the table and pulling Regina onto her back in a makeshift piggyback before reassuring her, “Snow Cat isn’t going to kill you.” 

Regina groans, “Please tell me you’re not naming the lethal kitten Snow?” 

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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone before?

I think dat onez pretty obviouz. I’ve never had a partner and probably never will if this aACHOO condishawn keepz up. Which sorta suckz cauze I’m obviouzly pretty lonely. I honeztly don’t care about gender, appearance or all that ztuff, as long az they can love me and accept me for who I am (and manage to actually come near me) I’ll probably take them.