The Road to El Dorado - Miguel Cosplayer

Hey guys! Recently I attended Another Anime Convention, and on Sunday I was cosplaying as Miguel from The Road to El Dorado with my Tulio. We ran around with a convention map and asked people if they knew how to get to El Dorado. If anyone has any pictures, both of us are dying to see them!

We appreciate the love we got so much, despite the fact there were a few off things. (beards didn’t work exactly right, shirt not being tucked in, not Altivo!)

Thank you for making my weekend wonderful, and me sure to message me if you have any pictures! (or if you know how to get to El Dorado!)

oh excuse my bedhead but I wanted to show off that I actually got presents from people in the artist alley for my cosplays this con?! I mean there’s always people running around cons with stickers and stuff but I’ve never been given gifts from someone at an AA table before so these were really really great to get! Neelie can attest to how excited I was haha

the zombie print is from tumblr use gh0stbreath and the Mike Chilton pin is from tumblr user teaat2am!