So the absolute best thing that happened to me at AAC was that I was walking to the bathroom when suddenly BAM the woman who directed a bunch of plays I was in in high school. We were both in absolute shock, thinking the other was in Los Angeles. I hadn’t seen her in 5 years so we sat aside and caught up and she asked a lot of really good respectful questions about my gender and I’m like grinning so hard even making this post. She was such an amazing influence on my life and I’m so so so so happy I saw her that was absolutely amazing

This bb Dave was such a cutie I couldn’t even. She was running around on Friday night and basically reverse-adopted me and asked to hang out, and did the same to me on Saturday and then I saw her again on Sunday and omg I just wanted to take her home. All the Homestucks I talked to were like “Yeah at first I was all ‘shit, a 10 year old, I can’t cuss’ but then I realized it’s a 10 year old that reads Homestuck so really what’s the harm?” Which is pretty accurate.

And the Terezi is the darling boohoogulu that I had such a lovely time hanging out with! AAC? More like ALL THESE CUTIES AND BABES I’M JUST GONNA BANG MY HEAD AGAINST A KEYBOARD FOREVER.